Why is my Smart meter In Home Display (IHD) not showing any electricity usage data?

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Ok I’ll try the ihd near but it’s only  about 2 meter away now.

Hi I have placed the ihd on top of the smart meter cannot get any closer turned it off back on only gas showing.

the In-Home Display connects to your smart meters via the communications hub attached to your electricity meter, so it sometimes helps to move your IHD closer to your electricity meter to help it re-gain connection. It’s best to leave the IHD in this new spot and try re-booting the device after 24 hours  (a classic turning off and on again move), sometimes this simple step will do the trick!”


This is TOSH!

Typical of some one who is reading what the computer in front of them is telling to say.

If your in home display is showing gas readings, then its NOT a communication problem. The Gas meter talks to the same hub as the electricity meter does. If the IHD can show gas meter readings then it is talking to the hub OK.




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There are also engineers on this forum who know a lot about this stuff, but I’m not able to summon them at will without a good reason.

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Nope it’s not changed still only gas displays 

the green lights flash though the middle one mesh? Is dimmer.

Well it’s been 48 hours the ihd sat on top of the meter it was turned off for an hour then back on still no electric use displaying?.

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As our community volunteer, @Blastoise186  has mentioned, this forum is the ideal place for OVO members to share knowledge and general advice.


Technical issues with In-Home Displays is an issue we see here mentioned quite a bit so we have put together this guide which might help to get things sorted:



Unfortunately if you’ve followed the advice given there and this issues still not resolved, we’re fairly limited in terms of taking further action. We’d therefore recommend any ongoing issues with your device are raised directly to our Support Team, who can investigate things on an account-specific level.


Sorry we can’t be more help here - Hoping the team can get to the bottom of things for you.

Well the ovo team sent a signal yesterday it’s been over 24 hours and it’s still not showing any electric usage been turned on and off when turn back on it says gas meter has been initialised what ever that means.

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Sounds like the Support Team have already taken some steps to try and get the signal back remotely, @adam carvell.


If your device is still not showing you all the usage data you’d expect following the re-boot, we’d recommend re-contacting the team to report this.


Hope you’re managing to use the ‘Usage’ pages of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) in the meantime. :slight_smile:

Contact them again yesterday they unpaired the ihd. Now it just displays the gas with no usage the electric is still missing how long before it pairs again? I’ve turned it on and off but no different.

Hi there,

I have been reading through the forums on smart meters to see if anyone else has a similar issue and to see what the guidance/advice is. I have looked at the various Smart meter tutorials and health checks too.

Here goes….

There are 2 issues….

1st being Electric is not showing on my IHD - disappeared about 3 weeks ago.

  • I have the IHD6-CAD-PPMID - also known as the IHD6 smart meter 
  • All lights on the comms hub (minus the MESH) are flashing every 5 seconds.
  • The Han and signal bar is showing on the meter therefore indicating its commissioned.
  • The meter is “clocking usage”.
  • Serial number of the meter is correct as per the OVO app
  • I know I can go into the app to see what my usage is but why have a smart meter plugged in and using electricity if its not showing what it should?


  1. Why is my electricity not showing?
  2. How can this be resolved quickly?

2nd issue being having to send manual meter readings to OVO for Gas.

So, the gas is showing on the IHD6 but have to send OVO a manual meter reading every month and this has been the story right from the beginning when the smart meter was fitted - not sure its showing correctly either as days when usage is higher its showing less and vice versa.

  • Serial number of the meter is correct as per the OVO app
  • Contacted OVO after the smart meter was fitted to let them know and they said they would send an engineer out giving 1 month as a timescale but they never did



  1. Why am I still having to provide manual meter readings?
  2. How can this be resolved quickly?

I have attached photos of the meters and the IHD6 below too.

Thanking you in advance.


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Hey there @au175 !

You probably already discovered one of my guides, but the name’s Blastoise186 and I’m one of the forum volunteers who totally destroys the foru… ahem I mean… Helps out here. And definitely doesn’t tear the place apart! Yeah, totally doesn’t do that… Or do I…?

My first thoughts are that this could be an easy fix, or it could be horrible. But I don’t see a reason to jump straight to a Meter Exchange at all, at least not without trying the remote fixes first.

For the gas meter, I’d suggest asking the Support Team to reconfigure the Read Schedule again - it’s quite likely there isn’t one set up on the gas meter right now and this could be preventing the readings from coming in. I notice there’s also a message on your gas meter right now. Please could you use the menus to view that message and tell me what it says? It may help with diagnostics.

As for the electric meter? I’m kinda tempted to suggest asking for that meter to be re-commissioned as it might fix the issue. There are also other remote fixes that can be used which target both the electric meter and your In-Home Display. There’s a high chance that at least one of them will get the show back on the road for you. One of the other possible fixes is to have the Comms Hub rebooted but that takes a while because only DCC can do that.

A meter exchange is only a last resort and shouldn’t be the default fix.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Blastoise186 

Thank you for your prompt reply 👍🏽
I will check that message tomorrow and report back before progressing further.

Is it simple to read the message? Just don’t want to press something that I shouldn’t and end up creating another problem 🫣

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You can't break it easily!

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Sorry to hear that you’re having some issue with your IHD and gas smart meter communications, @au175.


Just to check, have you noticed any issues with your electricity readings when logging in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS)?


If there’s readings being received here, I suspect it might be more a Home-Area Network (HAN) issue. Worth checking out the advice in the guide below.



In relation to your gas meter, you mention raising this to the Support Team already. Have they recommended you carry out a smart meter health check?


Electricity readings appear on my app, . Gas readings do not appear on the app. It just says sorry this usage data is currently not available. Every month I have to send gas readings to Ovo, it’s been like that since day 1 over 12 months ago. 

strange thing is that gas readings appear on the smart meter and electricity readings don’t. I’ve tried moving the smart meter to within 1 metre of the meter and still no luck. 

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In that case it sounds like there could be a connection issue between your gas meter and the comms hub (which is attached to your electricity meter), @au175.


Are the meters far apart? This and other checks form part of the smart meter health check, which we’d recommend carrying out and contacting our Support Team with the results.



They’ll be able to advise on any possible solutions to get that gas meter in communication. They may be able to carry out some remote process to get your electricity usage data showing on your IHD again too.


Let us know if you need any further help getting things sorted.