OVO SMETS1 Pipit In Home Display (IHD) Guide

  • 11 September 2020
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OVO SMETS1 Pipit In Home Display (IHD) Guide

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i have done a smart meter health check on both meters electric is flashing wan light 5 times en pauses also han showing on meter and date time and month correct. on gas meter han solid on gas meter and date and time correct. why does it take 45 days to rectify this problem  i wish now i had never had smart meters installed as i have still got to read gas.


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45 days is roughly six weeks, which is needed to allow enough time to investigate deeper issues that can’t be resolved quickly - usually because of things like the issue being a technical one, or where a third party is involved for example. The exact list can vary, but it’s quite common for anything that gets escalated to take longer to resolve than things which can be resolved immediately over the phone or live chat. This is true with just about anywhere to be honest.

It sounds like someone is looking into your issue at the moment, but you didn’t mention whether the GAS light on your meter is flashing or not. Please could you show us some photos of your meters - especially with the display on the gas meter lit up and clearly visible. I can’t speed up the fixes, but it can help me to gather some clues.

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my gas meter is a smet one type it does not have a flashing light just  HAN in solid letters which means it is connected to the network

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Thanks @richard1966 - it’s really handy to have this info so we know what’s been ruled out!


Are you aware of your SMETS1 smart meter being upgraded to become ‘SMETS1+’, as blastoise mentioned earlier in this thread?


We are aware of some display devices (such as your Pipit) having some issues following this upgrade, in recent weeks. This might be related… My advice isn’t of much help for you in this case, but as you’ve mentioned a time frame for Support, it sounds like you’ve already raised this. So that’s a great step and means you don’t need to do any more leg work. It’s been enough already!