OVO SMETS1 Pipit In Home Display (IHD) Guide

  • 11 September 2020
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OVO SMETS1 Pipit In Home Display (IHD) Guide
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Updated on 16/07/24 by Emmanuelle_OVO:


Your guide to the SMETS1 Pipit In Home Display (IHD)


How to tell if you’ve got a Pipit IHD

It’s important to understand what type of IHD you’ve got before trying to troubleshoot any issues.

If you’ve got a Secure Liberty SMETS1 meter installed by OVO you may have been issued the Pipit IHD (for earlier installs) or a Chameleon IHD (for more recent upgrades).

You can identify the Pipit IHD as it’s a black and white device with 'SECURE' written underneath the screen.


Missing usage data for one or both of your supplies


First, thing to check is that your device is correctly paired to your smart meters via the Home Area Network (HAN). You can do this by checking the symbol in the top-right hand corner of the screen:

If your device is showing the second symbol (crossed-out Wifi symbol) you may just need to move the IHD closer to your electricity meter to allow it to re-coonect.

For devices showing either of the bottom two options, we’d recommend contacting our Support Team who can help re-pair your device. You may also want to check that there’s no missing smart meter usage data on your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) as this would suggest the Wide Area Network (WAN) communication might be the issue, in which case we’d recommend carrying out a Smart Meter Health Check before contacting our Support Team with the results.

Navigating your Pipit menu options

The Home screen

When the IHD is turned on, it’ll display the Home screen. This default screen will be slightly different depending on whether you’re an electricity-only or dual fuel member. 

The ‘Estimated Bill’ figure on this screen doesn't necessarily match your monthly billing cycle. This figure can't be reset manually but will reset after a tariff change, so when you renew, or with a price change if you're on the Simpler Energy plan. Think of it as a ‘Total usage since last tariff change’ figure. 

If you’re looking to check your current monthly cost the best place to head is the ‘Billing’ page of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS). This will update daily if you have your smart meter set to send us a reading either daily or half hourly. If you would like to update the reading schedule of your meter to allow this, contact our Support Team to request this change.

Dual Fuel


Single Fuel


The main menu


Pressing the 'Menu' button from the Home screen will take you to the main menu with the following menu options:

  • Electricity/Dual/Gas - Press to the return to the Home screen data for either fuel
  • Message - This shows any messages we might send informing you of tariff updates.
  • History - Shows historical consumption data per hour, day, week, or month.
  • Tariff - Shows tariff details.
  • Account - This isn’t used for Pay Monthly members.
  • Settings - This allows you to personalise the IHD settings.



Viewing current cost or kWh usage data - Electricity only members


From the Home screen, if you press A/C, the display will cycle through current consumption figures in kWh, £/h, and CO2 output.

The circular dials show the current energy demand divided into three levels - low, medium and high.

For electricity-only members, the left-hand side of the screen will show the electricity dial and the right will show yesterday's consumption compared to today's.

Viewing current cost or kWh usage data - Dual Fuel Members

From the home screen, pressing the Dual Fuel button will change the display from showing dual fuel to electricity or gas only. In this case, the left side of the screen will show the energy demand dial while the right side will show yesterday's consumption compared to today's.



Viewing historic usage data



When you press the History button from the main menu, you’ll be shown historic usage data for either fuel (press Fuel Selection button to toggle between gas or electricity), in kWh, £/hour, or CO2 (press Unit Selection button to toggle between these options).

The historic usage data can be shown in four time periods  - Press the View button at the top right to view data by:

  • Hour - hourly data for the current day - includes a scroll button to navigate forwards and backwards through the graph
  • Day - daily data for the past week, including the current day
  • Week - weekly data for the past month, including the current week
  • Month - monthly data for the past year, including current month

Each screen will show the highest usage and the overall usage for that period.


Tariff details

Pressing the Tariff button from the main menu will show the currently loaded unit rate (standing charge not shown) for electricity or gas. The rates should be shown including VAT which you can to the prices on the ‘Plan’ page of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS). This page should shows the same rates excluding VAT (so 5% lower). If your unit prices and standing charges are different by more than 5% and it’s been over a week since your plan started, reach out to the Support Team - we might need to check that the IHD is paired and the correct tariff has been updated on your meters.


The Account button


The Account button is solely used by engineers or prepayment customers. If you press it, it’ll ask you for a vend code which is only relevant for those making manual top-ups.


Pipit LEDs


The IHD has two LEDs (one for each fuel) which can light up in either green, orange or red.  The colour of the LEDs indicates your current usage in relation to your personally set target amount.

  • Green - under target (low usage)
  • Orange - approaching target (average usage)
  • Red - over target (high usage)

You can change your energy usage target amount by heading over to the setting menu option.



Settings menu



By pressing Settings from the main menu you’ll reach the Settings menu with the following functions:

  • Info - displays connection details of the device, including serial numbers, firmware version, and helpline numbers
  • Target - allows you to set a target for your daily energy usage
  • Sound - turns device sound on/off
  • LEDs - turns LED indicators on/off
  • Credit Alert - Set a meter balance alert (Only used by prepayment customers)
  • DST - turns daylight saving one-hour offset on/off - This should be set to ‘on’ during summer
  • Backlight - set the display backlight to turn off after one minute or stay on constantly
  • Network - manually disconnect or reconnect the IHD with the Home Area Network (when pairing/unpairing)
  • Contrast - adjust the screen's contrast level
  • Erase - erase all historical consumption data from the IHD's memory


Setting an energy usage target

The current target can be viewed by going to Menu > Settings > Target.  You can view the target in kWh, £/h, or CO2 by pressing the Unit button at the top right of the screen.

To change the target amount, press the number button for either electricity or gas and you’ll see the screen below.


You can use the displayed keypad to set a new target amount. When you press OK you’re newly updated targets will be confirmed on-screen. The new targets will affect the parameters for each colour of the LED lights (see above). The energy target amount will be shown on your current usage and historic usage screens too.


How do I connect the power cable to my Pipit IHD?


There’s socket on the back of the unit.  You should insert the power cable into the socket with symbol ‘B’ facing outwards.




How do I turn on the Pipit IHD?


When the device is connected to mains power it’s always on. After one minute of inactivity, the display will go to sleep but will immediately light up again if you press the touchscreen. If the unit is being powered by two AAA batteries then it’ll turn off after one minute of inactivity. It can be turned on again by using the battery switch on the left side of the device.




How can I activate the 'boost' function on Pipit IHDs paired to Liberty 110 smart meters?


The boost function is available to those who have a Liberty 110 meter. You can activate this either on the IHD or the meter up to 10 times a day and it’ll turn on anything attached to the 5th terminal for an hour. The energy used will be charged at your peak unit rate. 

You can activate the 'boost' function on your IHD by pressing Dual Fuel and then clicking on the Status button at the bottom of the screen on the electric side of the display. 


More In-Depth Pipit user Guide

A PDF of the Pipit IHD user guide can be found here.



OVO Chameleon/SMETS 2 IHD Guides




Still need some help getting to grips with your device? Add your question  below, our community will be happy to help! :blush:


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46 replies

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I’ve had a smart meter for a few years.   The daily target is now out of date - how do I change it please?  I can’t see an option in the menu.

I refer to the remote monitor by the way.

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What device have you go, @oldcelt? We have a user guide for the Chameleon IHD here, this may help. Or we have a troubleshooting page here


@Transparent @Steve587 @ITGeek123 Are you able to offer more help with this? :)

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If it’s been “a few years” @Eva_OVO then @oldcelt has most likely got a Pipet… about which I know very little.

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It’s a SECURE Liberty 100.

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Liberty is the range of Electric Smart Meters. Does the IHD (display) in your house also say Secure on it like this?


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It does look exactly like that. 

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OK, we’ve identified the IHD display.  Now can someone please answer the original question:-

How do I Reset the Daily Target on my IHD


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Hi @oldcelt,

Just go to Menu > Settings > Target

Hope this helps!

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 I must be getting senile - I looked at the menu but didn’t spot it. 
Thanks a million - I’ll check it out as soon as I get home. 

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Yes, that’s it.   Many thanks!  :wink:

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Ahh great to hear you’re sorted, @oldcelt :blush:

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my in home home disply pipit 500 is only showing electric display not gas can you help please

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Thanks @richard1966 

Is this the same fault that you posted about here three weeks ago?

Or did that resolve itself and you are now referring to something different?

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no, it is the same fault it has not been fixed I am fed up of it I think my ihd is not working correctly and it needs sorting or I need a new one

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Thanks for clarifying @richard1966 .

Are you aware that in writing to the Forum you are contacting fellow customers? We can help to diagnose problems and offer advice. But we’re not OVO and we can’t “sort out” your on-site meter technology.

I would strongly suggest that you don’t try to get a replacement IHD sent to you. This would not work without first being paired with your Communications Hub. That requires engineers at OVO to agree with you a time-slot within which you will be required to press a sequence of buttons.

It’s pretty unlikely that your IHD is actually faulty. The more probable cause is that there is a communication issue which requires a command to be sent to your site.

Have you made contact directly with Customer Services to report the fault?

Have you checked to see if your IHD is displaying the symbol that shows it has detected the Home Network?


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Have you checked to see if your IHD is displaying the symbol that shows it has detected the Home Network?



Don’t forget this is a ‘Pipet 500’ IHD. I’ve moved this thread into a guide I made about this IHD type. 







However you can still see the same icon top left that @Transparent has mentioned ^^^


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yes it is connected to the network and is displaying electric graph not gas one. thank you for trying i wont bother i will put it in the cupboardaway and not bother with it any more .i am unwell with cancer and thought could be sorted thanks anyway

SMETS1 Pipit In Home Display days/dates out of sync between gas and electric displays.

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Hi there @BKH !

I’m not quite sure what you mean there I’m afraid. Could you show us some photos of the problem and I’ll see if I can help.


Userlevel 7

Welcome to the OVO online community, @BKH.


Sounds like you’re having some issues using your Pipit In-Home Display. I’ve moved your comment over to our guide to this device, as there’s some great advice in using this IHD here. Check out the guide above and let us know if this helps solve the issue. 


If not we’re on hand to help out here - as @Blastoise186 a photo or more details of what you’re struggling with will really help us get to the bottom of things. :thumbsup:

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smet 1gas meter stopped sending readings after technical issues on online site.i have checked everything and it ok .help please i have cancer  and arthritis and find it had t read  can someone help please

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Good morning @richard1966 . Welcome to the OVO Forum. :)

My name is Blastoise186 and I’m one of the forum volunteers on here. I don’t work for OVO myself so I can’t access your account, but I can help with some advice.

I suspect your S1 meter might potentially be in the process of being upgraded to SMETS1+ right now and under migration to DCC, which can take a few weeks to complete. It will reconnect once that’s all done. As you’ve mentioned health concerns, I have options that can help you out as well.

It sounds as if you definitely qualify for the Priority Services Register, which is a free service that OVO offers to anyone who needs it. Among other things, one of the features is that you can have a meter reader come out and read your meter on your behalf every month if it ever fails to submit readings. This is a completely free service via PSR and the meter reader would ensure that the reading gets sent back to OVO and logged to your account.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, you can get started very quickly. There’s application forms you can fill out online or by post on that link above (or via the OVO Energy app!), or you can contact the Support Team by phone or live chat and they’ll help you to register. It only takes a few minutes and it will almost certainly benefit you.

I hope this helps, we’ll be here if you have any other questions. :)

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my pipit 500 ihd is only displaying electric usage and not gas i have good wif signal

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Hi there @richard1966 ,

It seems like you’re still having the same issues that you’ve mentioned before. Did you ever manage to get the Support Team to take a look? If you haven’t, then I would definitely recommend it as they might need to investigate what’s going on.

I’ll let @Tim_OVO know that you stopped by as well, just in case.


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Yep good shout, Blastoise. @richard1966 I’d recommend looking at the topic guide at the top (I moved your comment here) and also this topic , which lets you check the communication of your meters:



It’s worth making sure there’s no communication issues with the gas meter in general. Once confirmed, the Support Team should have all they need to work out what the issue is. Click here and if you choose ‘Online chat’, you’ll probably need to wait less then a minute to get through to someone. 


Keen to hear what the issue was as well!