The OVO SMETS1 Secure Smart Meter Health Check (SMHC)

  • 11 September 2020
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The OVO SMETS1 Secure Smart Meter Health Check (SMHC)
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Your guide to the SMETS1 Secure Smart Meter Health Check


If you think there might be communication issues with your OVO SMETS1 meters, we’d recommend checking out the advice given in the following topics first:  


Still having communication difficulties? A Smart Meter Health Check (SMHC) can help diagnose things. Carry out the checks below - Any unexpected results should be forwarded to our Support Team for further investigation. 


If your OVO SMETS2 smart meter is having communication issues, find the SMETS2 Smart Meter Health Check here



The SMETS1 smart meter health check


Are the Meter Serial Numbers (MSNs) correct?


We first need to make sure that the meter(s) we are dealing with are correct (mistakes can sometimes be made, meaning the wrong MSN is listed on your account).


Where can I find the serial number on a smart meter?



The MSN for an electricity smart meter can be found to the left of the keypad. It will begin with 14P, 15P, 16P, (depending on the year the meter was manufactured).



The MSN for a gas smart meter can be found directly below the keypad. It will begin with G4P and end with 1400, 1500, 1600, etc.


You can check these match the meter details shown on the ‘Meter Readings’ page on your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS).



Is there a Wide-Area Network (WAN) connection?


Check the electricity meter and confirm what the LED light labelled 'WAN' is doing. If the light is flashing, the meter is connected to the WAN. Please check how many times the light flashes between pauses.

One flash between pauses means very low signal, five means great signal. If the light is solid, there's no WAN.


Here’s some things to check, if your meter has no or poor WAN:

  1. How strong is the mobile phone signal next to your meter?
  2. Is there anything metallic in the way of the meter which could be moved?
  3. If the meter has something metallic blocking the signal - for instance a mirror or an ironing board - then moving this may solve the problem.
  4. Is your electricity meter in a metal box (e.g a metal meter cupboard)? 
  5. Is your electricity meter in a basement, or is it partially enclosed (e.g in a closed cupboard under the stairs)?



Is there a Home-Area Network (HAN) connection?


To check gas connectivity, we need to find out whether your gas smart meter is connected to the Home Area Network (HAN).


What is the word 'HAN' doing on the screen of the gas meter?

  • Check the digital screen on the gas smart meter. The word HAN will be in the bottom corner.
  • If the word HAN is solid, the gas meter is connected to the HAN so there is no gas meter connectivity issue.
  • If the word HAN is flashing, the gas meter is searching for the electricity meter but hasn't found it. We may ask the following questions to help us work out the issue::
  1. Do you have a Pipit In-Home Display (IHD) with a serial number beginning P16P? IHDs beginning with ‘P16P’ or higher act as a relay. They will also show "E+G" on the underneath of the device in the right hand corner. Plugging in the IHD half way between the meters should bring the gas back into communication.
  2. Has the meter been commissioned correctly? (See the next sub-header)
  3. What is the distance between your gas and electricity meter (please estimate)?
  4. Is your meter in a metal box (e.g meter cupboard)? Are there any thick walls between your meters, or are either of your meters in a basement?)
  5. How many floors are there between your gas and electricity meters, if any?
  6. Does any gas information appear on your IHD?



Are the meter(s) commissioned?


In order for either meter to be able to communicate with us, it needs a WAN connection and it needs to have been commissioned.

How do you know if the smart meter(s) have been commissioned?

  • Press '0' on the meter's keypad. (This applies for both the electricity and gas.)
  • If a meter has been commissioned correctly, the meter display will begin to cycle through various screens; starting with the date and time.
  • If a meter has not been commissioned, displayed on the screen will be 'COMMISSION - YES OR NO'. If you see this, reach out to our Support Team to arrange an engineer visit. 



Is the meter clocking your usage? 


To check if the meter is clocking usage:

  • Single rate electricity meter - you need to press 9 and provide the reading after IMP KWH 

  • Economy 7 meter - you need to press 6 and provide the readings after IMP R01 (night reading) & IMP R02 (day reading). If you want your total read, you should press 9

  • Gas meter - you need to press 9 and will see two readings, volume (m³) and kWh. You need the reading shown after "VOLUME".

If the meter is not clocking (reading is 0) and you’re using electricity or gas, or if the screens are blank and unresponsive with no communication, reach out to our Support Team to book in a meter exchange.


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