How do I get an In-Home Display (IHD) for my Smart meter?

Why have I not got a home display with my smart meter



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Why have I not got a home display with my smart meter

Hi @Arty,

I've edited your title slightly so other users that need this information can find it.

If you've not been provided with an IHD, the best thing to do is give us a ring on 0330 303 5063 and we can get one sent out to you. Alternatively you can drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter and we can get it done through there. Be sure to include your account number, full name and DoB.

Hope this helps,
We had a smart meter installed almost a month ago. The installer told us there was no more stock of the smart meter gadgets that allow you to monitor your usage but that one would be sent to us within a week. Has anyone experienced the same delay and if so, how long did you have to wait. Have spoken to Ovo but am still none the wiser. Have to admit, the indoor display gadget was the main reason we agreed to have a smart meter installed so feeling a bit miffed by this. Had the installer told us prior to switching I think we would have cancelled. Thank you
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Hi @BEVVY99 - I've moved your post onto this thread - you should find the info you need above.

I've just moved into our new build property that has smart meters, switched from the developers supplier to ovo, completed the switch but no usage is being shown on the portal.

Do I get a ovo IHD?

Do I need to reprogram the smart meters to communicate with Ovo..

Tried booking a smart meter engineer but nothing available in my area!
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Hi @djdavenick,

It sounds like you've got a smart meter that we can't connect to. We'd need to replace these meters with our own ones, and an IHD would be provided as part of this process.

If you're not able to find any appointments online, drop the team on Facebook a PM with your post code and they should be able to check engineer coverage for you.

Smart meter installed on the 20/06/2019 engineer very efficent and quick, but on compleation he then told me there where no handsets and I would have to wait a least a fortnight.
So I rang customer services the same day to be told they would get one sent to me straight away.
Of course it never turned up I had to speak to customer care about another issue like being locked out of my account and mention the fact i still didn,t have a hand device . I was told I would more than likely have to wait six weeks for one.

So my advice is to anyone having meters installed be sure to get the hand device before th engineer starts work.
Not very happy with OVO to date.
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There's limited stock available for the IHD's at the moment, @Allan 71. An agent shouldn't have advised that the device would be sent out that day - I'm sorry.

It's not unusual to install smart meters without an IHD, this can be added at a later date and the meters will work as normal.

Hi Eva
I wanted a new meter so I could monitor my usage. Not so much as not having to do my own readings..
I still think customers should be told before installing.
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That's fair enough, @Allan 71, we appreciate the feedback!

I'll pass this onto the Smart team to see if this is something that could be done in the future.

Don't forget, once your smart meter information has been updated on My OVO you'll be able to track smart usage there!
Eva it may be usual to how Ovo deal with there installs, (not fitting a ihd at time of installation) but it's not elsewhere, unless the customer refuses a display it should be fitted at time of install, and also the option of a demo. SMICOP.

Since moving last year i dont have an IHD for my property, How can i arramge getting one please x

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Hi @103059841 and welcome to the Forum.

So let me just check a couple of things:

  • Are you an OVO customer? Or have you migrated to OVO from one of the companies they bailed out when they collapsed (Spark Energy, Economy Energy etc)?
  • Which company installed the Smart Meters and when (approximately)?

I can advise a bit more once I have those answers, but please also fill out your Forum Profile because that’s where we look for basic background information.

You should also know that simply having an IHD delivered won’t solve the problem. It has to be paired with the Communications Hub for your property. That requires active conversation between you and an OVO Engineer because there are actions to be taken at both ends of the link. You can’t just press buttons at your end!

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Hi, I’ve moved your question to this topic as it should help answer how you can get a new IHD.


However, @Transparent make’s some great points. So, it might be useful to answer his questions for further advice.


All the best,

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I am a new ovo customer have an online request to submit meter reading before 28th June as the energy switch was on 23rd June. No IHD was provided at the install. The WAN light is flashing Red. It is SMETS1 secure meter.

I am part of V2G trial with solar PV so I export and import electricity with OVO. On pressing button 9, I get 95kwH imported and about 135 kwH exported as EV has not been used for the last 4-5 days since the install. Also since it has been quite sunny last few days PV have been averaging at 15-20kWh per day.

Any suggestions on how to get IHD delivered and configured for the install?

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Heads up, @sylm_2000 - check out the ‘best answer’ on this topic for info on how to get an IHD. 


Press 9 on the meter’s keypad to confirm your meter readings needed for the online account’s opening meter readings. After Imp kWh, and Exp kWh, it will be the reading!

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Updated on 04/01/23 by Emmanuelle_OVO


Sorry to hear you didn’t receive an In-Home Display when your smart meters were installed, sometimes this can be due to stock issues when the engineer visited.


If you make out Support Team aware that you’re missing this device (either since an installation or if you’ve just moved in) they can get one popped in the post for you as soon as possible. If your meters were installed by another supplier, you’d need to check that they’re currently compatible with OVO as we’ll need to be in communication with the meters to get the device paired. We can usually communicate with any S2 meters and Secure S1 meters. If you’ve got another type of S1 meter it’s worth checking whether the meter has been ‘enrolled and adopted’ allowing it to communicate with all suppliers - more in on this here.


If you haven’t already checked it out there’s also some really great usage data available on your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) - find out how to access this info on this great guide. Just one of the great benefits of going smart!


We have a great guide made by one of our top volunteers, why not check it out:



OVO member but not got a smart meter yet? - Book today!

Smart meter lost communication with us? Fill out this Online Form.

Interested but not yet an OVO member? - Check out our plans!


HOW DO YOU CONTACT THESE COWBOYS? No Contact us on the website, emails cant be replied to, no phone number given except for “Emergencies”, they are hiding behind thier websoite and giving No customer service.

They promised me an In House Display in the post after my meter was fitted. That was 4 months ago - nothing! Went to the help file where it tells me they will send an IHD if you’ve not had one - but no button to request one!

They’ve upped my standing order by £35 per month based on estimates because my smart meter is not working. They promised to send someone out a few days after fitting to connect it to the WAN - nothing.

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Good morning @Brian Davison ,

The contact details can all be found at the bottom of - make sure to click the contact option you’re after and it’ll be revealed. The design is done this way to make it look a bit cleaner, but a single click will unveil the one you’re after.

Very unfortunate page design - They have a line under the options the end “Additional help” that makes it look like the bottom of the page. (on a standard display).

Every one of the options on the right should include a link to “Still need help” after the other boxes, so you dont have to leave that part and go looking elsewhere.

The section on using your smart meter leads to a section on IHD, which should include “order a new IHD” and space to give a reason (Never supplied, failed in service (both free) or accidental damage (charge for replacement and delivery).

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Ah ok.

I’m only a forum volunteer myself, but I do chat with a few OVO staff all the time, such as @Tim_OVO . I’ll bring that up with him on Monday and I’ll see if I can play with this in the meantime. Thanks for bringing that up

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Hey @Blastoise186 I think I can answer this one on behalf of @Tim_OVO 


 @Brian Davison I popped your query here, as there’s already a thread with advice on how to request an IHD. 


There isn’t yet a feature available for members to request an IHD themselves, as there’s several steps for agents to follow which are only confirmed on internal systems.


If you contact the team via the above channels, then an agent will request a new device for you. 

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Huh? I didn’t know you were on duty today @Alice_OVO !

But thanks for the advice! :smile:

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Hey all,

We’ve got a smart meter installed however when we moved in it’s nowhere to be seen; I suspect the landlord walked off accidentally with it or it went missing when they renovated the property.

I’ve seen literature and instructions that we were given when we moved that does mention how to use the IHD as well.

Put simply, can I order/get a replacement IHD from OVO?

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Heya @TheEpicBlob !

Oh no! How cheeky of that landlord eh? Walking off with the IHD like that? XD

Not to worry, this is an easy one to sort out. If you let the Support Team know, they can pop a new one in the post for you. The instructions in the box will tell you how to get it paired with help from the team.

If needed, the Support Team can also unpair the existing IHD too and this will boot it off the HAN. Recommended if you don’t think you’ll ever get it back but you can always have it paired again later. I’d suggest leaving it paired if you think there’s even a tiny chance of recovery though. :)

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Prefect, many thanks for your help @Blastoise186!