How do I contact OVO Customer Services if I need some help?

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Hi @pierrerreip @Emmanuelle_OVO 


I have the same problem, I think someone is messing with our accounts. is there a solution to it?..I did message them on FB and Twitter about this


Yes - but the system won’t accept my registration (I’m an ex-SSE customer) - so I can’t do anything that way either. Grrrr


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Thanks for confirming, @Katie B B B. It sounds like our Support team need to communicate with you clearly on why we aren’t adding the credit, or give you a clear time frame on when. My advice would be to chase up your complaint via a web chat today here. I’m sorry we can’t offer more support. 


Every time I have tried that avenue I get ……….

Sorry we are exceptionally busy at the moment. The team you need to speak to currently aren’t able to take your message. We are still here for you. Please contact us by telephone on 0330 303 5063.

As I said I get nowhere via chat or phone :(

@Tim_OVO -

If your query is urgent, we have a Whats App chat service. Please save the following number as a contact and Whats App us on 03301759695 where you can chat with us around your day between 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 1pm Saturday


I also get on WhatsApp ……. Great, thanks. As soon as an agent becomes available they will send you a message to continue the conversation.

Then nothing.

This is ridiculous!



I was just looking through my messages and on the 18th April. I did manage to talk to someone via WhatsApp.

This was their reply

I will complete a defect form for our Back Office to have this sorted out for you. I need to make them aware that there's still credit missing on the meter. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.


Thank you how long will this take please


This will take about 24 to 48 hours. I don't think this form was completed 2 weeks ago because this would have already been sorted out.



I have just spoken to someone on WhatsApp again he said ………. 

Think because of the bank holiday it will take a bit longer as it is not 8 working days yet , I can see the email that was sent and the reply though so they are working on it

The reply was on the 25th , its only 6 working days today excluding the holiday and obviously the weekend

So they should contact you on the 8th


I sent the complaint on 21st April. I received a reply saying they aim to reply in no later than 8 working days.


It will be 8 working days from the 25th as that email was not a reply from complaints


He said he could not see the previous conversation I had on the 18th April on WhatsApp, which I sent above.


So fingers crossed.


Thank you for your help



I was advised i had an escalated complaint and would hear from someone within 2-24 hours (I have this in writing)  Here we are 72 hours later…………………...

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Hey @Silviu2490 


Sorry about the problems you’ve been having on the website.


Is this problem still ongoing? If it is, we’d recommend continuing to try getting in contact with the Support Team so that they can raise this to the right team. 


Our Support team’s web messaging and WhatsApp opening hours will be:

  • 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday 
  • 9am - 2pm on Saturdays

You can see all open contact channels via our Help Centre


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Hey @ajjarman 


We're aware of issues affecting our site, and customers contacting our Support team yesterday. These issues were fixed at around 15:30 yesterday. As a result I'd advise you to try again to take these actions via your online account


If you’re still seeing an issue when on your account or when contacting us, please give us details below so we can pass it on.


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Hey @ashviewhouse,


Really sorry to hear this,


If you call our Support Team on 0330 303 5063 they can put your call through to the Complaints Team or get someone to ring you back.


Keep us posted with how your get on. 

I have been told on numerous occasions THEY DONT TAKE CALLS!!!!! And I have to wait for them to call me!!!!

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Hey @ashviewhouse,


Sorry for the issues you’re having, that sounds very frustrating.


If it’s out of the time frame you’ve been given for a call back I'd advise contacting the Support Team who can let the complaints department know that you have been waiting for a call back. They should be adhering to the timeframes you’ve been given. 


However, If it was within the timeframe given I’d advise waiting for them to contact you. 

Timeframe given on MONDAY was 2-24 hours 🤣🤣🤣

For some reason Ovo keep texting me to say I owe money (see below), but my account is shown as being in credit (also below)

I have written three times to Ovo customer services ( commencing in early April, late April and just a day or so ago.
I have not had any response, let alone an acknowledgement.

Anyone got any idea as to a working email address that may be responded to ?
I am unable to speak on the telephone.



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Firstly, that email address is incorrect. Secondly, you need to call 0800 069 9831 to fix this. Or go via Live Chat at 

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Your screenshot shows the electricity charges only. To see your balance look at which shows the big picture (turn phone sideways or swipe across to see all 4 boxes) eg:


Thanks for the quick response.
I have actually used two email addresses and not had a reply or acknowledgement from any of them

I have not tried but may do that after I try the Chat

With regards to my bill I do not have any gas so its only for the electricity.
One thing I did mention is that I am not able to call anyone so maybe the Chat is the way to go!

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I feel your pain, another OVO customer unable to use the telephone. The web chat has worked well for me, so that is indeed the way to go.

Your second screenshot shows only the charges that were levied in one month, February by the looks of it. That doesn’t show what you owed then or now; only that your account balance will have changed by £7.75 in your favour. You have to look at the balance to see what you owe(d), as Julia suggested. Note that the balance rolls on from one bill to the next, so anything outstanding from earlier months is carried forward. The balance for the current billing period is the state of your account on the day you look at it; to see where its opening balance came from, look at the previous month.



Thanks for the very helpful response.
By complete coincidence (!!!) I had a response to my email after posting here.
They said that the reason the  account shows a credit but they think its a debit is because they are using estimated meter readings. Not sure how this makes a difference but I guess it does.
Now on to the next problem of getting a reading as I don’t live in the UK!
Thanks also to those others who responded with suggestions.
TBH, ever since SSE went to OVO its not been easy to deal with them nor to understand their accounting.
Maybe things will improve 🙄

Hello. I have a problem with my email address, I can't receive messages to activate my account on ovo. my account number is *Edited by Mod*

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Hi @Pemcio ,

I’m afraid we can’t access the account from here. Please try calling 0330 303 5063 for this one

And the wait continues.  Still no reply to my complaint email I sent on the 21st April!



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Hey @Katie B B B,


Sorry you’re still waiting for a response to your email. We don’t have access to accounts here at the Forum, so you’ll need to get in touch with the Support Team who’ll be able to help you further. Hopefully they can come to a resolution with you soon.

Tell people how long the queue on the phone is or where they are in the queue. I have spent over 4 hours on the phone in the last few days (issue still unresolved)