How do I contact OVO Customer Services if I need some help?

  • 4 December 2018
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How do i contact Ovo Customer Services - is it only through this forum?

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You can chat to the Support team via our webchat, which is open 8 am - 6 pm, Monday - Friday as well as 9am - 1pm on Saturday - find a link to this here.


Need to speak to us on the phone? - Give us a call on 0330 303 5063, lines are open 8 am - 6 pm, Monday - Friday.


If you haven’t already why not try searching for your query on this Online community - we’ve had over 2000 questions asked and answered here, so you might be able to solve the issue without needing to call.


There’s also plenty that you can now do yourself on your online account. Find out more on our Online Account Tutorial Collection:




I have tried speaking to them on the phone but cant get answers
I have tried emailing they dont respond
I have tried the facebook team , waste of time
I tried the complaints page and kept getting Capitcha error
yes you can contact them by e-mail but the question is do they reply ??????
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What's the issue @Baz ? Maybe we can help on here? We are extremely busy at the moment so it's taking slightly longer to get to you at the moment.

If you can share what's up, or maybe try and search the forum to see if you can find an answer to your question I'm sure we can try and help.


Problems with electric meter and supply, what is Ovo’s contact number?


Why isn’t there a simple “Contact Us” page?

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Take a look at the best answer, @NathanSLH, we do have a contact us page - you can find it here.

You state….Just need to submit a meter reading or change your direct debit amount? - That’s easily done! You can find out more on our 

it is not easily done I attempted to give a up to date meter reading and was unable to.

worrying about my excessive estimated bill I then attempted to increase my direct debit on the OVO app but yet again was unable to due to OVO estimating the amount I should be paying.

it is beyond me how a meter reading given in September when I took out the tariff is so difficult to calculate to the one given in January.

at no point was I informed by OVO  that I should be providing meter readings every month and not quarterly when I was with SSE

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I’m so sorry to hear of the difficulty you’ve had since your account joined OVO from SSE, @A Bird.


Sounds like you’re struggling to submit a meter reading - Was there an error message displayed when you attempted to enter the latest reading? Occasionally if the reading you’ve entered is lower than a previous estimated reading this may be reviewed before we update this on your account so I’m wondering if this might explain things in this case.


Either way, it might be best to give our dedicated SSE migration team a call to check that the readings are logged correctly and your Direct Debit amount is adjusted accordingly. You can reach this team on 0345 0260 712.


We’re always trying to improve the transition and demystify the process of joining OVO here, so we’ve forwarded on the comments you made about the change from quarterly to monthly meter reading submissions. Just to double-check did you receive an email or letter explaining the change to your billing schedule before you joined us?

I would like to email OVO, unfortunately I cant find an email address can anyone advise? 

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Hi @richard h ,

Email tends to be the slowest method of contact and you’re usually better off over the phone or via live chat. However, if you still want to email in anyway, you can use .

Thank you very much, I need to send some attached and would like it in black / white, as phoning hasn't worked yet. 

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No worries. If you send the email in successfully, you’ll receive an auto-reply from the system, usually within 90 seconds. If you don’t get one at all, either your email client is being slow to check in with the server, or the email never sent properly. If it’s the latter, you may want to retry.