How do I contact OVO Customer Services if I need some help?

How do i contact Ovo Customer Services - is it only through this forum?

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Updated on 09/12/22 by Tim_OVO:


Our Support team’s web messaging and WhatsApp opening hours will be:

  • 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday 

  • 9am - 2pm on Saturdays


 Our Support team can be contacted by phone on 0330 303 5063 between:

  • 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 


You can see all open contact channels via our Help Centre


Part of OVO PAYG, you can chat with OVO here. Just click the green chat icon at the bottom right of your screen. Or call them on 0330 175 9669 – they’ll be happy to help.


There will be no change to Collections opening hours (0800 069 9831). Open Monday to Thursday 8am-8pm, Friday 8am-6pm, and Saturday 9am-2pm. Get advice support with your energy payments here.


If you need to contact the team on a Sunday, our Social team is able to support you. Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter from 9am - 5pm. This team is also able to schedule an emergency meter appointment if needed. More info on what to do in an emergency here


There’s also plenty that you can now do yourself on your online account. Find out more on our Online Account Tutorial Collection:


I would like to email OVO, unfortunately I cant find an email address can anyone advise? 

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Hi @richard h ,

Email tends to be the slowest method of contact and you’re usually better off over the phone or via live chat. However, if you still want to email in anyway, you can use .

Thank you very much, I need to send some attached and would like it in black / white, as phoning hasn't worked yet. 

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No worries. If you send the email in successfully, you’ll receive an auto-reply from the system, usually within 90 seconds. If you don’t get one at all, either your email client is being slow to check in with the server, or the email never sent properly. If it’s the latter, you may want to retry.

How can we get an answers to a phone call when it takes over 2hrs and still not get a reply ?

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Hi @Marcus allen ,

Sorry to hear about that. I’m afraid the lines are getting jammed up across all energy suppliers right now, because of the huge volumes of people calling in. This isn’t unique to OVO - pretty much ALL suppliers are facing this problem right now.

With that being said, I strongly recommend that you divert to using Live Chat right now, rather than trying to use the phones right now. While support agents manning the phones can only deal with one member at a time, agents on Live Chat are capable of talking to up to three members at once, which triples the throughput and makes it a lot faster for you to get through.

With that being said, as one of the forum volunteers it’s possible I might be able to help. Could you tell me a bit more about why you were calling OVO, as I might either be able to answer your question, or direct you to a better place.

I was calling o o to give a fit reading and still have been unable to do it 

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I tried the chat it said no one available on chat and to phone.


I have been trying to give o o a fit metre reading which they require that is why I was ringing them . Never had this trouble with S S E always got through on the fit line no problem this is not a new problem with them is has just got worse and worse 

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In that case, I’ve been told Live Chat is a better option as the Support Team are able to use an internal form to send FiT/SEG readings over on your behalf. Please don’t phone these through as it jams up the lines and slows down the ability for people in need to get through.

Otherwise, you can email them over to for FiT Readings, or for SEG Readings.

Please bear in mind that the team is extremely busy around this time because they’re handling thousands of contacts right now, on top of processing all of the meter readings that are being sent in. Please be patient during this process.

This not unusual as far as o o is concerned I have always difficulty getting reply from them but this it is not good by any stretch


UK Power Networks asked me to contact ovo because their meter is wrongly registered to my address on the database and my details must be removed. I am not with Ovo.

Unfortunately the email they gave to me no longer works (  Does anyone have an up to date email contact or online message site? (I don’t want to phone.)

With thanks.

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Hi @temp ,

Sure thing. Try the live chat at and click the giant Message Us button. There is a chat bot initially, but once it recognises you need a human, it’ll connect you.

thank you! done it.


I am trying to call / chat someone at OVO to solve a billing issue. How can i contact anyone ? 

I tried the phone : you can wait as long as you want, no one will answer.

I tried the chat : i am supposed to be “position 1 in queue” and after more than 80 minutes, still no one… HOW CAN WE CONTACT YOU. You NEED to have a way for your clients to be able to contact you !!

Maybe someone can help me with my issue :

I had estimated readings for a long time, when i did an actual reading, it was well below the estimation. At first i received a statement with a negative amount to pay. This statement was quickly replaced by a statement for the month starting with my reading and an estimation for the end of the month. This means that the difference between the estimated number and the actual reading was paid by me while it was never actually used. How can we correct this please ?

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Hey @frenchnes,


Sorry for the issues you’ve had.


The best thing to do is work out your billing date, you can find this on your previous statements. Which you can download from your Online Account.


For example, if your statement dates run from the 27th to the 28th of each month and you want your bill up to the meter reading you’ve provided, you’ll need to submit this on the 26th or 27th of each month.


We do however have a live billing system! So whenever you want an up to date account balance you can submit a meter reading and your balance will update accordingly within 24-48 hours. 


This means that if you miss the meter reading date and get an estimated bill, you can rectify this by logging into your Online Account and submitting a read. 


We have a great guide you might find helpful:



Want to stop getting estimated bills? Have you thought about getting a free smart meter? We have tons of information and resources on this topic:



Hope this helps.

As a relative newcomer to OVO (previously with SSE) can someone please explain to me why it is so difficult to actually contact the company. It appears that the only method available is to write a letter; yep, in 2022 the only correspondence they will accept is a letter or phone. No emails apparently; maybe they are afraid of the volume of comments they might receive

In other business can someone explain why I never received a request for a meter reading nor a bill in Sept 2022? Can I assume that no one else received any of these?

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Best way to contact OVO is using the Chat button on your online account during office hours - very 2022 !

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Julia’s spot on, @Arthur Lambe - when our Support team are in, web chat (and very soon, WhatsApp) is the best channel to use. Today is ‘meter reading day part 2’, with customers contacting OVO to ask questions and submit readings ahead of price changes coming into affect in October. See our guide here about how to be prepared:



Thanks. Will remember to use Chat. Will I receive my normal request for meter reading and a bill in October?

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Yup, you’ll get that as usual.

Best way to contact OVO is using the Chat button on your online account during office hours - very 2022 !

unfortunately the chat isn’t working, every time I have tried in the last 6 weeks I’ve been told it’s busy and there is no-one to help. I phone and there’s a recording to say use the website or online chat and leave the phones for vulnerable customers. 

so it’s only “very 2022” if the system works. 

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Hey @esmeweatherwax,


Sorry you’ve been having issues getting through.


Our customer facing channels have been really busy recently due to meter reading day and the Energy Price Guarantee. You could also try calling our Support Team


What issue do you have? We might be able to help here on the forum?

I have waited and waited for a reply from ovo regard fit payments I have had nothing at all .they are the worst for customer relations every