How do I contact OVO Customer Services if I need some help?

How do i contact Ovo Customer Services - is it only through this forum?

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I am trying to call / chat someone at OVO to solve a billing issue. How can i contact anyone ? 

I tried the phone : you can wait as long as you want, no one will answer.

I tried the chat : i am supposed to be “position 1 in queue” and after more than 80 minutes, still no one… HOW CAN WE CONTACT YOU. You NEED to have a way for your clients to be able to contact you !!

Maybe someone can help me with my issue :

I had estimated readings for a long time, when i did an actual reading, it was well below the estimation. At first i received a statement with a negative amount to pay. This statement was quickly replaced by a statement for the month starting with my reading and an estimation for the end of the month. This means that the difference between the estimated number and the actual reading was paid by me while it was never actually used. How can we correct this please ?

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Hey @frenchnes,


Sorry for the issues you’ve had.


The best thing to do is work out your billing date, you can find this on your previous statements. Which you can download from your Online Account.


For example, if your statement dates run from the 27th to the 28th of each month and you want your bill up to the meter reading you’ve provided, you’ll need to submit this on the 26th or 27th of each month.


We do however have a live billing system! So whenever you want an up to date account balance you can submit a meter reading and your balance will update accordingly within 24-48 hours. 


This means that if you miss the meter reading date and get an estimated bill, you can rectify this by logging into your Online Account and submitting a read. 


We have a great guide you might find helpful:



Want to stop getting estimated bills? Have you thought about getting a free smart meter? We have tons of information and resources on this topic:



Hope this helps.

Best way to contact OVO is using the Chat button on your online account during office hours - very 2022 !

unfortunately the chat isn’t working, every time I have tried in the last 6 weeks I’ve been told it’s busy and there is no-one to help. I phone and there’s a recording to say use the website or online chat and leave the phones for vulnerable customers. 

so it’s only “very 2022” if the system works. 

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Hey @esmeweatherwax,


Sorry you’ve been having issues getting through.


Our customer facing channels have been really busy recently due to meter reading day and the Energy Price Guarantee. You could also try calling our Support Team


What issue do you have? We might be able to help here on the forum?

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I have waited and waited for a reply from ovo regard fit payments I have had nothing at all .they are the worst for customer relations every 

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I have waited and waited for a reply from ovo regard fit payments I have had nothing at all .they are the worst for customer relations every 

I’ve been trying for 3 months

6 phonecalls

3 emails

And received no assistance whatsoever. 

no callbacks when promised 

not a single email reply except for an automated one saying they’ll reply within 5 days. I’ve been waiting months.

dodnt have an email requesting September reading so I won’t receive that now either.

this company is appalling. I’ve now gone to the ombudsman as OVO complaints department refused to take my call yesterday. 

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Hey @Colst45,


I’ve responded to you on this thread:



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Hmm… Tricky one…

The best I can think of would be 

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To be honest though, the meter should have detected that issue somehow. I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of built-in diagnostic for some kind of issue similar to that one.

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@Blastoise186 I've done the feedback to see if that does anything.

No detection of the issue by the meter & nobody has worked on the meter since it was fitted. After the electrician looked at it I've not had anymore issues.

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Not a good experience you’ve described here trying to contact us, @Rob66. Whatsapp messages shouldn’t be cut off like that. It’s a new channel and the process for handling customers who don’t respond is still being optimised. For wider context, October has been frantically busy for OVO’s customer support team and I think most energy companies, as customers are seeing price cap changes, government support scheme implementations and high costs. There’s a lot of questions to be answered and sometimes something like this can be affected when it shouldn’t be. 


Could you reach out to us again today to make sure the team are aware of what was noticed by the electrician? I’d recommend a site survey is booked in for an engineer to visit. 

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@Tim_OVO thank you, I will make contact via WhatsApp again today.

I totally appreciate October has been hectic for everyone & hopefully I will get an answer today

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@Tim_OVO well I've attempted to contact OVO via WhatsApp yesterday & today with absolutely no luck!

Absolutely shocking service when you cannot contact your supplier 🤯

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Usually it’s pretty easy to get in touch with OVO. But right now - and in common with ALL suppliers - they’re getting absolutely swamped with huge contact volumes.

Live Chat will ultimately be one of the fastest ways of getting in touch, but you can also try WhatsApp if that option is presented to you at , where you will also find live chat.

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@Blastoise186 @Tim_OVO  I appreciate that suppliers are swamped at the moment.

I have this afternoon attempted to online chat & have been number 1 in the queue for the past 1.5hours, so I assume I've been cut off. I've also attempted to call but after 30 minutes on hold I gave up.


I have now emailed to the complaint email address to see if that does anything.....

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Again very sorry to hear about the ongoing issues getting through. It’s been passed on to the operational teams looking after these digital channels. 


Please be advised that the complaint email route may lead to a delayed response as this will be in an email queue. Phoning or web chat is the quickest way to contact an agent today, despite your recent experiences. 

Thanks tried the email complaint route and it seems to have got lost in the system again, it will be heading to the energy ombudsman if OVO don’t step up soon as another estimated bill for c£400 has just landed.

Been trying to contact Ovo today, but only interested in speaking to me if I want to claim a benefit related service or am a vulnerable customer.  Using their webchat service and have been told I’m number 1 in the queue on both Chrome and Edge and mobile and desktop, but that was since 11:45 on all devices and still no-one answering.  


Any advice on how to get a response to a generic customer service query about my account?! More private than public to post on here.  It seems the only way is to write to them in a 1990s style!

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Hey @Saints ,

Monday’s are the worst time to contact any energy supplier. It’s best to try from Tuesday afternoon onwards to avoid the rush.

The email address isn’t available any more.

I’m a new customer, having just moved.

I can’t create an online account as the account number on the letter gives an error and when I phone up, the account number is not accepted. 

How can I email or speak to someone in person? 

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Hey @Steve Herridge ,

You might want to call 0330 303 5063 in the morning, but first try . That should work.

I’ve tried the number several times but I am unable to get passed entering the account number, as the account number is not recognised.


That link takes me to a quote form. I already have a bill for a certain amount, I don’t need a quote.


Can I please email or talk to someone. This should not be this difficult. 



I just want to query a few things like the start date etc. and set up a direct debit.

I really just want to speak to someone

Or leave to go with another provider who I can talk to. 

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In that case, try 0330 303 5063. They’ll sort you out. Press Hash # when asked for an account number and it’ll skip the check.

You cannot leave OVO until you set up the account anyway. It’s best to stay with the active supplier.