SMETS2 Smart Meter installation

SMETS2 Smart Meter installation

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Hi @Blanik - Your comments and observations are welcome here whether you’re an OVO customer or not.

Whilst the Data Communications Company (DCC) was still being formed, it was left to the numerous Energy Suppliers to find their own way to build data networks capable of running SMETS1 meters. That they did so in such a way as to make systems incompatible with each other was a clear demonstration of why we need Ofgem as a central regulator for the energy sector!

As you’re with Octopus, I’d be interested to know whether you have availed yourself of their Agile Tariff, which offers genuine variable-pricing TOU (Time Of Use) billing.

If the DCC came into existence earlier, my ex BG SMETS1 could have been enrolled, I could then have used them with Octopus, and the meters would never have needed to be swapped. The problem was the long delay between SMETS1 and the DCC, or the slack specifications for SMETS1 that allowed them to be incompatible between different manufacturers.

Regarding Agile, the evening peak rate is too expensive for my usage, I am cheaper on GO with 4 hours charging on a cheap rate overnight. 

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These comments are illuminating and useful, @Blanik . Thanks for taking the trouble to give us these insights.

I think if DCC had “gone live” any earlier it wouldn’t have been as robust as was necessary. In particular the IT personnel needed sufficient time for GCHQ to advise on the encryption systems and verify that the UK Domestic Energy services couldn’t be infiltrated by any 3rd party with hostile intent.

Barring the odd outage, I’d say that DCC has been a success… especially if you compare with many other Government-run projects which have IT systems at their heart!


Your observations on the Agile Tariff are essentially correct. The two aims of this tariff are:

a; make it viable for customers to incorporate some forms of energy storage which can be drawn on during peak-usage times

b; make better use of locally available generation

I don’t know whereabouts you are in the country, so I can’t see what proportion of renewable energy resources are available within your local Distribution Grid. But if you’d care to fill out your Forum Profile, I might be able to give a more detailed response.

In the not too distant future, all Energy Suppliers will need to offer some TOU Tariffs. So I’m sure the Moderators and other OVO staff will appreciate hearing your views on what Octopus currently provide.

We live in interesting times...