Why haven't I received a bill / statement?

  • 16 February 2018
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Why didn't OVO give me statement for the period 16/12 to 14/01 or take any direct debit.
Today I received 2 statements one for the period 16/12-14/01 and then 15/01-16/02 both listed as February statement!!!!

OVO is starting to go downhill



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See Transparent’s comment below for some in-depth suggestions for the possible cause of a missing bill. To summarise some common factors may be:

  • You’ve recently switched to us - it can take up to 6 weeks from your switch date to confirm all the info needed to issue your first statement, read more here.
  • You’ve just had a smart meter fitted - again, it can take up to 6 weeks from your installation date, for us to update your account and continue your billing cycle. 
  • You’ve just been upgraded to your new online account - you may see a change to the format of the statement, you’ll now be getting a monthly summary- however it should still be emailed to you on the same date each month.
  • If none of the above applies or the timeframes above have passed and you’re still missing a monthly summary, reach out to our Support Team to investigate further. 


Hi @NHollings and welcome to the Forum.

There are several issues in what you’ve written. Let me tease them out…


1: What generation of Smart Meter do you have?

If you’re unsure, let us know the approximate installation date and/or the name of the manufacturer on the front of the electricity meter.

You’re in the Northern Territory of the National Smart Meter Network and this is running about 6 months behind the installation process in Central and Southern territories. This may not matter because you could still be operating on the earlier SMETS1 meters.

Whatever iteration of meters you’re on, work is under way to enable “mute” meters to be connected.


2: OVO have needed to implement a new Billing System in order to meet Ofgem guidelines. I’m pretty certain that your account was migrated across in March, which is why you’re experiencing missing data.

This is very different to the fault you reported last year.

This Forum is full of customers reporting various levels of missing data. There’s more than one fault causing this, but a major bug has been found and fixed. It will still take several days for the missing data to be restored however.

The feedback we’re giving here is helpful in locating these software errors so please don’t hold back in posting useful background information.


3: The new Billing System now does it’s calculations daily rather than once-per-month. Thus it generates monthly Statements for each calendar month rather than the monthly date on which your contract started.

This strategy paves the way for OVO to offer variable tariffs in line with the Government’s Demand Side Response initiative. So before you consider switching to another Energy Supplier, you might want to consider if such a tariff is heading in a direction you wish to go.

Variable Time-Of-Use tariffs use the half-hourly usage data produced by your Smart Meters to offer you different pricing throughout the day.

A Supplier may wish to use this for the financial benefit of its customers. Alternatively, you could opt to use less electricity during times of the day when it comes from gas-fired stations, and more when there’s a surplus from renewable sources.


You see… your simple message has opened up a much bigger answer than you might have supposed!  :relaxed:

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Hi Colin! :)

Good morning to you :)

I don't work for OVO but has your internet banking got any record of an attempt being made to take payment?

It was Christmas LOL! And we all know what banks can be like!

Have a lovely weekend.

Tris 🙂
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It sounds like there was a glitch in producing your statement in December but from what you’ve said, both statements for Dec-Jan and from Jan-Feb have been created today.

If this is the case, that will be why the date is showing as 20th February, but this won’t mean that this is what the bill period is.

Having been extremely busy for the last three months, I just realised I hadn't had an email recently telling me my monthly statement was ready. The last one was in December 2017. I went online to download the missing statements, but they are not there. What is happening? I and many others left my previous provider, Co-op Energy, because they did not bill me for 6 months, Is OVO heading in the same direction?
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It sounds like it's just got stuck in our system @RedKite. The Customer Care team will be able to look into this for you and get a statement to you. You can reach them via Facebook ( or Twitter (

I gave my meter readings online 5 days ago but have not yet had a statement. I normally get an email a couple of days after I give my readings but no email and no statement on my account.

I had this problem a while ago and had to call 2 or 3 times before it was sorted out but I'm on an online only account and am a bit wary about calling as I don't want to lose my online only discount.
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I've moved your comment over here @richp as I thought it fitted well on this topic given the title.

When you receive your statement will depend on what day your invoice and statement are created. What day does your bill normally reach you? It could be that there is an error our end that is holding it up and if this is the case, a simple click of a button might be all that's required to push this through, especially if this has happened before. You'd need to contact our Social team on Facebook ( or Twitter ( so that they could look into this further for you.

If you receive a discount for managing your account online, don't worry about loosing this if you need to contact us. If something isn't working (e.g. you're not getting statements), then you wont be penalised for raising this to us.

I have not received a statement in 3 months (Since March)
Why is this ?
It's difficult to say without looking at your account, @JamesRyan13

I'd recommend contacting the team on Facebook with your full name, DoB and account number so they can investigate -

I sent my readings over on the 27th as requested, I had the 2 confirmation emails from you, but as yet no statement, it is now the 29th. Should I have had it by now? It is not on the website either....... it still shows as nothing owing, I pay manually each month.....
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Hi @Pepsi

I would say the best thing to do would be to wait until Wednesday or even Thursday the latest. If you still haven't received your statement. I would call OVO customer support 0330 303 5063.

Kind regards

I have called twice regarding viewing my statement online. However, there still isn't any statement in my account. And it is coming up for a year now.

Also, I received an email telling me to review my plan as it is coming up a year, I may want to lock the rate for another year and so and so. Again I followed the link you sent me in the email, it only takes me back to my account, and has no option to update and review what plan is currently available.

Also, without the statement, I don't know how much gas and electricity I have been using. I am not able to review the plan without this crucial information.

Can you please advise?

Thank you.
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We'll need the Customer Care team to look at your account, @christine_olr - your account needs a full MOT!

Send us a message on FacebookTwitter and our Help centre has online chat!

What is the reason that my normal statement date has gone by, I've made a payment and yet I still haven't been billed? For all my time as an Ovo customer I have been billed on the 11th yet this month I still have not been billed. Would the fact rhat they have recently been nagging me to set up a direct debit have anything to do with it? My account has always been in credit regardless of the fact that I make my payments manually.

I would be grateful for some help. I switched away from Ovo at the end of December. The last statement I received before that point said my account was £120 in debit.

I received a letter to say my switch away was acknowledged and to expect both a final gas statement and a final electricity statement. I received the final electricity statement but noticed straight away that it referred to my ''balance of £187 carried forward from my previous statement'' as well as an extra £10 or so in subsequent electricity usage, not the £120 that I had been notified of. I waited for the final gas statement, assuming that that might show additional gas usage that would explain where the £67 difference came from but to date nothing has arrived. I have received a letter now from the collections team chasing payment, but I can't make payment until the final gas statement arrives and I can establish where the £187 figure came from. I've tried to call several times but have given up after 20 minute waits each time.

Please could someone arrange for my final gas statement to be sent out and for the collections people to stop chasing me until I have actually received my full final bill. Very happy and able to pay what I owe, just need to see it confirmed in writing. Account number 6871785.

Many thanks in advance! Chris.
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This get sorted in the end, @Hlording @Chris_Collin🤔

There might be something odd on the bill that's making it get blocked. The Direct Debit shouldn't have any effect on your billing. The forum isn't the best place to reach out, as an adviser will probably need to look at your account.

We submitted up to date readings on the recommended date, 8th February, but still have not received our February statement.
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We submitted up to date readings on the recommended date, 8th February, but still have not received our February statement.


There's a few possible reasons outlined in this thread @Brendap - have a look and if you think there's a hold up, message the team on FacebookTwitter and our Help centre has online chat!


Hi Tim,

Yes it was sorted - the collections people were able to send me a copy of the final gas bill and that made sense of it all, so I was able to go ahead and pay the outstanding balance.

Thanks, Chris
I have been with OVO for 3 years and up until October last year I received on-line monthly statements, together with an email from OVO to tell me that my monthly statement was available to view. I had a comprehensive view of my usage, costs, payments, credits and final balance all on an easy to understand statement. Since October last year I can only see my breakdown of monthly usage and costs and, on a separate page, my monthly direct debit payments. At the top of my home page I can see my balance. I have no idea of any credits for operating my account on-line and credit interest unless I work it out for myself by going back to October and preparing my own statement. Hopefully I would find a credit difference. Has anyone else experienced this problem, or am I being fussy and pedantic?
Have just logged back into OVO and found the info I need on the monthly info. Sorry for my confusing post.
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Glad you found this info, @AnnieW !
Why is it that I haven't received any statements since Nov last year 2018 its now Apr 2019? Yes I'm still a customer and OVO are still taking direct debits. Yes I have actually used energy. ???🤔
I have the same problem - stopped abruptly in October. Monthly usage from the smart meter still available, but doesn't show start and end meter readings to check. I've also posted the question.
Oh I should add that I don't have a smart meter but send in regular monthly meter readings. Plus its no statements for both Elec & Gas.
Just spoken to OVO - apparently they're moving some customers to a new system which has been delayed - possibly only fixed by July/August 2019! ...But you can call if you need to check what meter readings their usage records are based on if not available in your account, and not terminate your self-service award.