How do I find out my OVO account number?

  • 22 November 2018
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How do I find out my account number?

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Great question to ask about the easiest way to find out your OVO account number.

If you’ve recently moved in to a house we supply, or joined us via a switch - you should’ve received a welcome email outlining your full account details (including account number) within an hour of signing up.  


Can’t find this welcome email? Not to worry, you can also check your account details by logging in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS). Just click on the ‘Profile’ section (in the top right hand corner) once logged in to find this important info:


Exact Appearance may vary

If you didn’t receive this Welcome pack or login to your online account, reach out to our Support Team who can help locate your account too.


Thanks 😊
can you help me with my account number
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Hey @Dmcginn1 - I've moved your post here where you should be able to find the info you need.
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@Dmcginn1 if you look above, the answer should assist you.

I have tried to create and account buyback I’m not receiving the email. So I can’t find my account number. Apart from online how else will I find it?
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Hi @Dmcginn1 - I've moved your post here where you should find the info you need.

how can i find my ovo account number please?

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Hi @Linda Rowlands ,

There’s a few places you can find that.

  • If you have a recent bill handy, it’s on the first page
  • You can find it in MyOVO on the home page once you’re logged in
  • You can also find it in the OVO Energy app under Account

Still can’t find it? The Support Team can help!

Trying to get information about my 86 year old mothers account she is worried about getting a big bill she cannot remember account numbers e mail used if any was set up any help gratefull I am her son trying to set up many thanks 

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Hi @Glenkingie120 ,

Please call 0330 303 5063 for this one. The Support Team can look it up for you with your mothers permission.

Hi thanks I tried that but cannot get through waiting over 30 minutes 

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You’ll probably want to wait until tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be quieter then


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Hi  suggest phone OVO and be prepared to wait....then explain to a call handler...with as much info you have available. They may be  able to identify all details from the address of your mother, plus  some straight forward personal details...which will be at your finger tips. 

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Hey @Glenkingie120,


Welcome to the OVO Online Community,


I can see other Forum members have given some helpful advice here, just wanted to step in to advise the following threads might be useful to you:



They advise what can or can’t be discussed if you are a named contact/not named/named as financially liable. It might also be worth getting your mother added to our Priority Services Register if she isn’t already. 


Hope this helps. 

Does anyone know where to find your electric account number? As I'm a digit missing 😂 and I can't find this important information anywhere,


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Hi @Wayne05 , if you can log on, you’ll find it in your account page

I have been switched to OVO from Sse and previous log in details are no longer valid and I have to register and download the OVO APP. This requires both electric and gas top up card account numbers ..

Both these cards are blank

How do I find these numbers 

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Good evening @Wendy woo ,

If you’re Pay Monthly, use to get things set up.

If you’re Pay As You Go, please ask the Support Team to generate a PAN to use in the app via either Live Chat at or 0330 175 9669. Please note that Live Chat is a LOT faster and it’ll make it easier to note down those details.

Hello ..tried the live chat option but was told sorry we are closed ..and gave Monday as the earliest..

I used to top up when required 

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iirc it’ll open tomorrow for you.

Otherwise, OVO’s Social Media Team will be back online tomorrow via the official Facebook/Twitter accounts.

Thankyou I will try tomorrow. 

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Hey @Wendy woo 


Sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been having.


Did you manage to speak with the Support Team and get everything sorted?


I’ve also linked to a couple of topics below that may be helpful for you:

I am trying to find my account number to apply for a warm home discount.  I was awarded it last year. However SSE has changed to OVO, and cards came even though my new cards had the same account number as old cards.  Totally confusing. When I put my account number in online form, it's saying the company does NOT supply me..?  Have years worth of payment as recent as today shown on my app.

Can anyone please advise.

TIA 👍