Moving into a home that OVO supplies - A Guide

  • 24 September 2021
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Moving into a home that OVO supplies - A Guide
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Your guide to setting up an account after a home move


Just moved home? Welcome to the new pad! :house_with_garden:



Finding out the current energy supplier


So it might not be the first thing on your to-do list when you're packing up and moving into a new place - but before you make a start on the unpacking it’s always best to find out who’s supplying the energy. You might have found out that’s us through the letting agency or previous homeowners. Or you might see a nice ‘Welcome’ letter from OVO waiting for you when you move in. But if you’re not quite sure and want to get a head start on finding out, use this online tool to find out your gas supplier.


To find out who supplies your electricity will depend on who is your Distribution Network Operator (DNO). You can locate who your DNO is using this map -


And then find out your supplier using the online tool provided by your local DNO below:


Western Power

SP Energy Networks

Electricity North West

Northern Power Grid

UK Power Networks

SSE Power Distribution



Taking opening meter readings


Before contacting the current energy supplier of your new home, you’ll need to find out the meter reading on the day you moved in. We’d advise making a check of the meters one of the first things on your moving in checklist, that’s right even before getting started on unpacking.


Your landlord or the previous homeowner should let you know where to find the meters. As the meter locations can vary wildly from home to home; a cobwebby cupboard under the stairs to a meter box attached to an exterior wall, it’s best to ask if you’re not sure to avoid a game of find-the-meter.


Even if you find there’s a smart meter installed it’s always worth taking the reading manually, just in case. Having an accurate reading from the date you took on responsibility avoids the chance you’ll be charged for energy used before you moved in. Even better if you’re able to take a photo of the meter. Need any help taking a reading from your smart meter? Check out this guide to reading an OVO installed smart meter, or this guide to reading an L+G meter (got another smart meter installed? Comment below and we’ll help you figure it out).



Researching the best plan


As you’re not tied to the supplier that supplies the property when you first moved in, it might be worth checking the current plans on offer by all suppliers to help you decide which is the best option for you. 


You can check the current plans available with OVO here. As you’ve just moved in you might not have accurate annual consumption figures so it’s worth bearing in mind we’d use the average consumption figures for your type of property when calculating the recommended Direct Debit amount. You can find out the exact annual consumption figures your quote is based on by clicking on each fuel under the ‘Tariff Information Label’. When checking the plans offered by other suppliers, we’d recommend using the same consumption figures to enable you to make a fair comparison of what’s on offer.



Setting up an OVO account


Decided to fix in to an OVO plan or switch to another supplier? Either way we’ll need to set you up an OVO account. 


Even if you’re planning a next day switch, setting up an account with OVO can help the switch progress smoothly and be sure you’ll receive an accurate statement covering the time between your move-in and your switch away.


If your new home is supplied by OVO, you can call our Support Team on 0330 303 5063, we’re open Monday- Friday 9am to 5pm. Or, if you’d prefer to do it all online you can sign up here


Once you put in your new address details the website will recognise we already supply your new home and give you a quote based on the usage figures we have for the property. 



Managing your account online


Once you’ve received that ‘Welcome’ pack, head on over here to log in to your sparkling new OVO online account. The same great online features are also available on the OVO app (download for Android or iOS).


First things first, you’ll need to request a password reset email, you can do this by clicking ‘first time logging in’. You should then receive an email to your registered email address (don’t forget to check that pesky junk folder). Click on the link in the email to get a password setup - be quick though the link will expire in 30 minutes.


Password set? You’re in.


You might want to head on over to the ‘Meter Reading’ menu option first,




This will allow you to check the last reading we received from your smart meter (if you’ve got one) or register the opening meter reading if required.


There’s plenty of great actions you can now take yourself online, from checking your payments and usage to reviewing the details of your plan. 


Need more help finding your way around? - Check out our great online account tutorial collection.



Need any extra help?


We’re hoping we’ve pretty much covered the basics in terms of getting set-up. Got any more questions on getting to grips with your new account? You’ve come to the best place.


Check out this guide on how to use this community to get the help and support you might need, we’re always happy to help, Just sorry we can’t help unpack! :relaxed:


OVO member but not got a smart meter yet? - Book today!


Interested but not yet an OVO member? - Check out our plans!


49 replies

The previous account holder has cancelled their Ovo energy account on the property in the last few days.

We have instructed a new energy supplier to take over this supply however, this new arrangement will not commence until 7th January 2022. Will the supply be disconnected immediately. 

I have been advised that it is possible to set up a temporary account to continue the supply until the new supplier takes over.   Can anyone in the community advise how this can be done? 

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Hey there @siobhanf !

Good question actually. The first thing I will mention is that I can assure you this. The supply will not be disconnected at all, and it will remain live. While some other countries have a thing about disconnecting supplies to empty properties (such as in Australia), the UK doesn’t do this. Changing your energy supplier primarily changes who you pay the bill to for the most part and has little effect otherwise.

I think the easiest way to sort this out would be to have a chat with the Support Team over the phone on 0330 303 5063 as you can’t set up Deemed Contracts or the variable rate Simpler Energy tariff online. Ideally, you should have set up the account with OVO before attempting to switch, so that you have proper control over the supply - otherwise the switch might be rejected - but OVO might be able to sort this out.

As for the previous member, their account will be fully closed down automatically once they pay off the Final Bill, but this won’t block your ability to take control of the supply in the meantime. You became responsible for the supply on the date that previous member moved out (assuming they notified OVO correctly), so you’ll need to pay OVO for any energy use in the meantime.

Hope this helps!

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Another tip-top response from our community volunteer, @Blastoise186 on how to go about setting up that temporary account with OVO following your move, @siobhanf.


In case you needed any more info on the process we’ve also got a great guide (above :point_up: ) on what to do when you move in to an OVO-supplied home.


Hope this helps and the Support Team are able to get that account up and running for you - Do pop back if you’ve got any further questions. We’re always happy to help here. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Jess and @Blastoise186 for your advice and help. 


I have moved to a rented flat.  Ovo is the current supplier.   I have no details of the previous tenant’s account.  The flat is on an Economy 7 supply.

I have tried to phone ovo to set up an account but can’t speak to anyone unless I can enter an account number, which I don’t have.

Using the website “get a quote” facility merely leads to the offer of a fixed price tariff, which I obviously don’t want at the moment.

I assume that, by default, I am on Ovo’s standard variable tariff which (I assume) is at the price cap, so I may as well stay with that.

Can anyone tell me how I can attract Ovo’s attention and set up an account?


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Hey there @DavidGuy22 !

Sure thing. There’s a way to bypass the account number prompt and get through to the Support Team. If you press the Hash # key instead of entering an account number, the system automatically skips the rest of the process and puts you directly into the queue to speak to someone as a “Guest” caller. Once you get through, you’ll be able to set up a new account and attach the variable rate Simpler Energy tariff to it. Unless you specify otherwise, going in by phone will automatically place you on this tariff, which sounds like that’s what you’re after.

You don’t need to know the previous tenants details, as setting up a new account for yourself would automatically close the existing account anyway if it hadn’t already been done. The lines will be open again on Monday morning from 8am.

Hope this helps.


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Some great advice on the best way to contact our Support Team to help set-up your account, @DavidGuy22.


In case you hadn’t spotted it we’ve also got a great moving in guide which you might find helpful, I’ve moved your comment across - so check out the advice given above!



Let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

How do I contact Ovo without an account number.I have just moved to an address they already supply.I have tried ringing and there is no option for a new customer.Online just tells me they already supply the house.I want to get the account in my name?

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Hey, welcome to OVO @Beddall87 !

You can definitely get things going. What you’ll need to do, is set up a new account in your name so that it automatically closes down the existing account (you wouldn’t have access to that one anyway). If you call 0330 303 5063 and press the Hash # key as soon as the robot answers, you’ll get straight through to the queue to speak to the Support Team. They can get the ball rolling from there and discuss your options.

Unless you specify otherwise, this will put you on the Simpler Energy tariff, which is OVO’s Standard Variable Rate option. You’ll be able to change it later to something else if you’d like to.

Hope this helps. If you get stuck, please let us know.

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Hope you’ve managed to get through to speak to the Support Team and get that account up and running following your house-move, @Beddall87.


In case you hadn’t spotted it we’ve got a great guide to all things house moving above :point_up:


Welcome to OVO and to your new home! :house_with_garden:


Been trying to set up the account for almost 2 months. Called the helpline over 6 times - and all I could get is that there is some error? Also, I get different answers every time, and generally, nobody knows what’s happening and nobody seems to be willing to help. I keep on getting letters saying that I need to pay - yet, when calling the helpline 20min ago, I was told that OVO does not deliver energy to my address. When asked why do I keep getting letters to call this number then, I could not get an answer. 


Full story

I have moved into a property in mid-January (14.01). 

I have started the process of opening an account with you shortly after – the end of January. Everything was going okay; you sent an engineer to check up the meters and everything was looking like it will be working.

I got an email from OVO that stated my account number. Hurray! However, the email also stated: “Unfortunately, due to a technical issue we are unable to take the details using the online form at present. Please call us to register your details on 0330 303 5063 (Mon-Fri 8 am-6 pm).”

Since then, I have called this number two or three times while my partner called twice. There is some problem in the system (or so we were told) that makes you unable to set up the account? Was told that it is being worked on. No updates or anything for 3-4 weeks now.

With every new call, I am being asked the same set of questions and we end up in the very same situation – something’s wrong – but nobody can explain to me what is wrong. Every call takes roughly 40-60min. This all seems quite ridiculous. 

We recently got a bill for gas and electricity saying that we should pay within 14 days. Since then, I have tried calling you twice and no one can help me. Then, we got another letter asking us to call 0800 069 9831. I did call this number just a while ago and was told that no one there can help me as OVO DOES NOT deliver energy to my address. I then asked why do I keep getting the post to call this number and to pay but nobody knows the answer. 

Over a week ago I have filed a complaint but it feels like I have been ghosted yet again and thus, I am looking for an alternative way of communicating with OVO hoping that somebody competent will finally solve this problem.

I'd like to finalize setting up the account. Pay for the first month asap. Now, it'll probably be for the first two months given how actionable OVO has been so far. 

PS. I have checked and my first call to you was on 08.02.2022 and since then I have called three more times, my partner called twice – and got NO help whatsoever. Please, do help me with setting up this account.

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I’m so sorry to hear of the difficulty of setting up an account following your house move, @maciej65537.


This isn’t the smooth process we’d aim to offer when moving in to a home we supply, so I’d like to make sure we investigate what’s behind the confusion.


I’ll be arranging for us to collect your details via a Private Message (PM) so we can look into this further for you. You can access this message by clicking on the profile menu in the top-hand right of any forum page.


I hope we can help get this sorted.

Hi @Jess_OVO!

Unfortunately, nothing’s changed in my situation. It’s been nearly three months, and OVO STILL cannot set up my account while it has no problem sending me letters to pay my bills. When I call the number from the letter to pay - they tell me they do not provide me with energy. It is a joke.

I have been told multiple times that “some other” team is working on my case. Most recently, I called on 18th March. I have been told that the problem will be resolved in the next ten working days. More time has passed, and no updates. I asked for some contact information for this “other team” or my case reference number - I was told that no such information could be provided. 

It’s also been over a month since I filed a complaint about this whole situation. Not a single word from the OVO! It just shows that you are not interested or incapable of help. Not the most outstanding service so far. 

I want to be taken more seriously this time and would like to speak with anyone competent and willing to help!

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I’m really sorry to hear of the ongoing delay, @maciej65537.


We’ve responded to your DM to advise on the next steps to get this resolved.


Hope this helps.

Hi, @Jess_OVO!

Any updates? It’s been almost 5 months now - and my account still has not been set up. I haven’t been contacted with the Move Home team as well. Could you please have a look at my case again?

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I’m so sorry for the delay, @maciej65537.


As this is an account-specific query, I’ve arranged for us to send you a direct message to discuss this further.


Access this message inbox by heading to the top right-hand corner of any forum page.

Sorry @Jess_OVO for posting here AGAIN. It seems that unless I post a specific query here nobody cares to answer me in private message. 

A few days ago I received a "Notice of intent to apply for a warrant of entry". Not super exciting news given that I could not have made a payment - when I was calling to make a payment I was told that my account was not fully set up.

This is a joke! OVO is unable to properly set up and give me access to the account for almost 5 months! When I call your payment team I was told that you do not provide me with energy. There is a real mess in this whole setting. I am sorry but so far, OVO is the WORST supplier that I had the misfortune to deal with. I am also a little disappointed with the help I was given so far. It seems to me that teams across the company do not communicate properly.

Since, I was recently told me that the account was successfully set up (which I cannot confirm as I do not have access to myovo portal nor the time capacity to keep calling the helpline), I have now made a payment via bank transfer. Cannot access my myovo account so I cannot see if the payment was successful or not… I’d really appreciate if OVO stops harassing me with letters and warrants of entry - since the fault was on your side. Really hope that since the money has left my bank account everything will settle down.

Could you please help me get access to the myovo portal? The previous suggestion of resetting the password did not work as I got access to an old account (the one I closed like 4 years ago). Would really appreciate the help.

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I’m so  sorry for the delayed response to your Private Message here, @maciej65537.


We’re responding to any messages today, following the long weekend so will be sure to follow this up with you directly.


Once again I’m so sorry to hear of the continued issues with your account.

Resident at ***edited by miod***. Checked with SSE, they told me OVO Energy is supplying energy to this property. If I can get the account number I can set up an online account move forward. Thanks

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Hi @Bala and welcome to the OVO online community,


Just a heads-up, as a public platform, we advise against posting your personal details here so I’ve edited your post to remove the address you included.


As you mention moving in to a home that OVO supplies we’d recommend checking out the guide at the top which cover the process of getting a new account set-up:


Hope that helps you get settled in your new place. 🏡

Hello, we are moving in in our new flat on this saturday 27th of August. The last tenants were using OVO for electricity, and we would like to continue the membership with them. Does someone know what is the process for that? Thank you very much. 

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Hi @Sarah Germanos  ,

Welcome by the way! I hope you’re settling into the new place. :)

I’d say the best thing to do right now would be to give OVO a call on 0330 303 5063 and use the options to get through to someone about a new account on the day you move in. If you get tangled up in the menus, let me know and I’ll try to map out a route for you. As it’ll be a weekend, you won’t be able to do it on the day, so please take a meter reading and keep it safe for when you call in on Monday.

Once you get through, let the agent know you’ve just recently moved in and would like to set up a new account, they’ll go through the steps to get you registered, gain control of the supply and go through the tariff options with you. I’d strongly recommend considering a fixed rate tariff if possible, but please do feel free to discuss your options with the agent.

Once you’re all set up, you’ll be able to activate your online account and get the ball rolling there.

If you get stuck, feel free to stop by this thread again. :)

Good luck in the new flat!


Hi, just moving into new place. Landlord has no idea about the electric side of things. Apparently it's a smart meter and supplier is ovo.  I need to get electric turned on asap ! I need advice please !


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Howdy @RosieKeen !

Can you show me photos of the meter please? I’ll see if I can figure out what’s going on so I can recommend the next steps.