Switching to OVO? - Here's what to expect...

Switching to OVO? - Here's what to expect...
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A Guide to joining OVO Energy


Pick a Plan and start the switch - where it all begins


So your energy plan is coming to an end and you’re looking for a new energy supplier. Maybe a switch to OVO is right for you.


Decided you’re ready to join us on a journey to Plan Zero?  First place to head is our Quote and Switch site.


Here, you can check the prices we offer on our range of plans and get a monthly Direct Debit quote. We’d really recommend finding out your annual usage figures from your current supplier and adding these under Do you know how much energy you use?


Exact appearance may vary.


Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact figures as we can base your quote on average usage for your size of home. Then it’s just a matter of choosing which plan suits you best. You can see more details about the unit rates and standing charges on each plan by selecting “Tariff Information Label”


Exact appearance may vary



We’ll just need some details, then you’re away!


Once you’ve chosen a plan, we’ll then ask for some personal details so we can set up the account in your name and get your Direct Debit arranged.


Next thing to look out for is your welcome email. This should land in your inbox within 5 working days and will have all the important details inside, such as your switching date and Direct Debit starting date. It’s also a good idea to check we’ve got your details correct. Something incorrect on the welcome email? Reach out to the Support Team, who’ll be able to put things right. If you haven’t received the email the team can also check this is on the way, (always worth a quick check of the junk email folder before getting in touch).


Another exciting part of the welcome email will be directions on how to login to your brand new online account. This is our online portal that will allow you to easily manage your account, with some great carbon-saving tools such as OVO Greenlight.


If you login at this point you’ll see this message,


Exact wording may vary


Switching Day or Supplier Start Date (SSD) - to give it the technical term!


The date of your switch will be around three to four weeks after you first apply. Once you’ve received the welcome email, the date is set and the countdown can begin.


Around a week before your switch date we’ll get back in touch to remind you to give us your opening meter readings. Even if you have smart meters we recommend taking the readings yourself, you can then submit them on your online account.


Exact appearance may vary


You’ll be able to submit the readings here until five days after the switch date. If you haven’t managed to pop them in by this point we’ll use estimated readings to start your account, they should be fairly accurate if you’ve got a smart meter or given regular readings to your old supplier. For more information on what to do if your opening readings seem wrong, check out our guide to meter reading disputes.


The switch is complete!


We’ll start supplying your energy from the date you switch. Around four to six weeks later, we’ll have confirmed the opening readings with your previous supplier and send you your first monthly summary. Once you receive this opening summary, the switching process is fully complete!


The best part about completing a switch? You now have full access to your online account - login and explore!


Exact appearance may vary


Planning to switch or just joined us? Welcome along! 


Let us know how you found the switching process or if we’ve missed any important details in the comments below...


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