Switching to OVO? - Here's what to expect...

Switching to OVO? - Here's what to expect...
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A Guide to joining OVO Energy


Pick a Plan and start the switch - where it all begins


So your energy plan is coming to an end and you’re looking for a new energy supplier. Maybe a switch to OVO is right for you.


Decided you’re ready to join us on a journey to Plan Zero?  First place to head is our Quote and Switch site.


Here, you can check the prices we offer on our range of plans and get a monthly Direct Debit quote. We’d really recommend finding out your annual usage figures from your current supplier and adding these under Do you know how much energy you use?


Exact appearance may vary.


Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact figures as we can base your quote on average usage for your size of home. Then it’s just a matter of choosing which plan suits you best. You can see more details about the unit rates and standing charges on each plan by selecting “Tariff Information Label”


Exact appearance may vary



We’ll just need some details, then you’re away!


Once you’ve chosen a plan and the date you’d like to switch, we’ll then ask for some personal details so we can set up the account in your name and get your Direct Debit arranged.


Next thing to look out for is your welcome email. This should land in your inbox within an hour and will have all the important details inside, such as your switching date and Direct Debit starting date. It’s also a good idea to check we’ve got your details correct. Something incorrect on the welcome email? Reach out to the Support Team, who’ll be able to put things right. If you haven’t received the email the team can also check this is on the way, (always worth a quick check of the junk email folder before getting in touch).


Another exciting part of the welcome email will be directions on how to login to your brand new online account. This is our online portal that will allow you to easily manage your account, with some great carbon-saving tools such as OVO Energy Tracker.


If you login at this point you’ll see this message,


Exact wording may vary


Switching Day or Supplier Start Date (SSD) - to give it the technical term!


Following the changes in the switching process, you’ve now got even greater control over the process. When you apply to join us you can pick the date your switch will take place. From the next working day up until 29 days notice, you decide. Just choose the date you’d like to join us on our Quote and Switch page.


Once you’ve received the welcome email, the date is set and the countdown can begin.


If you’re switching to us in the next 10 days we’d recommend submitting your opening meter readings as soon as the welcome pack arrives. If not, we’ll get in touch to remind you closer to the time. Even if you have smart meters we recommend taking the readings yourself, you can then submit them on your online account.


Exact appearance may vary


You’ll be able to submit the readings here until five days after the switch date. If you haven’t managed to pop them in by this point we’ll use estimated readings to start your account, they should be fairly accurate if you’ve got a smart meter or given regular readings to your old supplier. For more information on what to do if your opening readings seem wrong, check out our guide to meter reading disputes.


The switch is complete!


We’ll start supplying your energy from the date you switch. Around four to six weeks later, we’ll have confirmed the opening readings with your previous supplier and send you your first monthly summary. Once you receive this opening summary, the switching process is fully complete!


The best part about completing a switch? You now have full access to your online account - login and explore!


Exact appearance may vary


Changing your mind


We understand that things might not always go to plan. Even when picking a next-day switch with OVO, you’ll have a 14 day cooling off period which starts on the day you agree to the plan. In this case you’d be free to pick a different plan (either with OVO or another supplier) without any exit fees applied. If you’ve already started the new plan we’d charge you for any energy used in the meantime. We’ll check whether you’re happy with this when you sign up. If you don’t agree to this term the earliest switch date offered would be after the cooling off period ends, 15 days after you make the request.


Planning to switch or just joined us? Welcome along! 


Let us know how you found the switching process or if we’ve missed any important details in the comments below...


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Hi, I completed an online switch on 16th June and have still not been switched. On one of my many calls to Ovo I was told it would take 45 days because they needed to check my MPAN and MPRN numbers. It’s now been 45 days and I’ve called again and there’s no movement on my switch.

Today on the phone I’ve been cut off while waiting to be transferred to the resolutions team and another time somehow the Ovo operative transferred me to Boost Power’s resolution team rather than Ovo’s. That’s almost impressive.


Can anyone help?

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I’m so sorry to hear about this experience, @Wag. Now that there’s ‘faster switching’ in place, the only reason you’re seeing delays like this is because of some kind of hold up or confusion around your supply. 


I’ll ask our Forum_Support team to send you a private message now to see if they can help. 

Quote for switching 

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Hi there @scottblelloch ,

I’m afraid the Quote & Switch tool is temporarily offline right now. If you’d like a quote, please call OVO directly on 0330 303 5063 and one of the team can talk through your options.

Thanks what is opening hours 

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8am to 6pm Monday to Friday 

Hello, I’ve just joined and waiting for the final switch in 2 weeks but I already have a couple of questions:

  • why my first direct debit scheduled for just 2 days after my installation date is £237 ? 
  • Is OVO going to automatically install a smart meter for both gas and electricity or do I need to request it before the engineer comes to switch me over?


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Howdy @Andyov !

I’ll answer the easy one first. Please book an upgrade at https://smart-booking.ovoenergy.com when you’re ready. It’s not done automatically.

That £237 is most likely based on industry data from your usage history at the current property. It will be adjusted over time to suit your actual patterns, especially once a smart meter is installed.

Hope this helps!

My energy started on 30 December.  I can see that you are taking £84 on 1st January??  Do I pay in advance?  My bill says I am in debit?  Please explain

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Morning @Louise Harvey and welcome to the forum. We don’t have access to your account here but just try to help answer questions. If you’re on direct debit, the monthly amount will be taken from your bank account on the relevant day (subject to bank hols etc). Once your payment has gone through your account will be in credit but it’s worth watching costs during the first month or so to check that your payment will cover your monthly bills

Thank you for your reply.  I have the app but it isnt working yet but I will be using that to check my usage once it is live

Hi there. I just switched to OVO and I’m keen to get onboard with the Charge Anytime EV tariff. At present, OVO does not recognise my smart meter, so I can’t activate the add-on. We have a SMETS1 meter with an IHD. Is this type of meter compatible and, if so, how long can I expect the OVO systems to take before my smart meter is recognised? Thanks

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Hi @MonkeyMewett , it usually takes a few weeks (up to 6) to get everything in sync. You can check your smart meter status via citizens advice


but there has been a push to get v1 meters up to v2 communication 

Many thanks @BPLightlog

I guess I just have to wait now!

This wait could well be longer than the 14 day “cooling off” period, and I won’t know for sure if I’m eligible for the Charge Anytime add-on until after that window. The 10p tariff is the reason for me switching, and if I’m not eligible then I suspect I may want to switch elsewhere...

Excerpt from CA website

Your electricity meter's working in smart mode

This means your meter should automatically send readings to your supplier, so you don't need to send them yourself.

It's working in smart mode because you have a first generation (SMETS1) meter that’s on the smart meter data network. The network connects your smart meter to energy suppliers.

If you’re thinking about switching

You can switch to most suppliers and your meter will still work in smart mode.

Before you switch, check which suppliers support smart mode. If a supplier isn’t listed, you can still switch to them but your meter will probably stop working in smart mode. This just means you’ll need to send your own readings and your meter’s in-home display might go blank or become less accurate.


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Worth watching your meter readings to see if they get through.

Hope it goes ok for you. 

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There are also legal time limits for switching.

These are on the ofgem website.


Switch completes within 15 working days.

£30 by new supplier


This is  a screenshot of what ofgem say is the current law effective 1 May 2019. 


Ofgem also say:

"You won’t need to do anything if suppliers breach a standard and spot the issue. Compensation is automatic. You can report a claim too.

Suppliers have 10 working days from a breach to pay you. They could owe a further £30 if they don’t meet this timeline. Ofgem monitors supplier data to make sure they do this.

If you think an issue isn’t fixed or you haven’t been compensated, it’s best to contact your supplier to tell them. If you aren’t happy with their response then make a complaint. "


I was transferred from another supplier for payg for my electricity, and Pay monthly Gas.  My gas account transferred fine back in May but I’ve been told my Payg is still not complete? On my old suppliers website there was no way to create a account for Payg, is it the same on OVO? Should I be able to view my Payg along with my Pay monthly account in one place and would the account numbers be the same ?

I just want to change my economy 7 Payg to a single rate plan as I’m not making use of the dual plan prices. 

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Hi @Zedem ,

You can’t use the online account services per-se for PAYG. You do it all either in the app or via https://ovoenergypayments.paypoint.com .

Please speak to Support about this one. 0330 175 9669 or https://ovoenergy.com/help .

Hi @Blastoise186 


Ok, I’ve spoken to support and they’ve said my payg account is still in progress of being transferred, though my IHD shows OVO and I can Top-Up on the ovo app fine. I was told weeks ago that it is still in progress and it’ll take 7-10 days. Support told me a form request for transfer wasn’t submitted.. once again, I’ve been told this whenever I call… I can’t do anything until it transfers. Really not happy with the whole situation. 

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Hey @Zedem,


Really sorry to hear about the delay in your switch over,


Are you on smart meters for pay as you go or traditional? I imagine the delayed switch may be due to you having one pay monthly meter and one pay as you go meter. 


That sounds really frustrating about the switching plan. In the meantime you can find out what the rates are for single rate VS economy 7 to see if you would make savings by contacting the support team.


How to get in contact about my OVO Pay As You Go account


  • The best way to get in touch with us is via chat here. Just click the green chat icon on the bottom right of your screen. We’re here to help anytime from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturday.
  • Or call us on 0330 175 9669 during the same times.


If you’re with Boost



Yes, both my gas and electric are on smart meters, my gas is on direct debit but my electric is payg. If that’s the case I’ll wait another 10 days and follow up after. 

29 September - I successfully set up a new account with OVO to switch from EDF

2 October - EDF object to me switching to OVO. I find out after checking my online account  that I owe a small amount on my bill. I pay this off and account stands at £0. EDF tells me i’m free to leave! 

I’m told my new account with OVO has been closed because of EDF’s objection. I need to reapply to OVO, which I do.

3 October - I sign up again with OVO to switch supply. A guy I spoke to was very helpful and it all seemed set for a transfer of my supply. . 

Since then, and too many calls to OVO, I’ve still not received any idea if I’ve got an account or if it’ll ever switch over. No emails, no phone calls. Zilch. 

Every ‘customer adviser’ I speak to tells me something different. No one seems able to take ownership of the difficulty and make the switch happen.

I’m deeply unimpressed by the lack of common sense and joined-up thinking from OVO. 

Great on the PR and Green credentials, appalling on customer service. No wonder the UK energy market is so broken.

Can anyone tell me how to unblock this jam, please?


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Unfortunately, the answers you seek cannot be found on this forum. We don’t have access to the internal systems of either OVO nor EDF. You need to ask the support/customer service teams of both suppliers for these answers.

Thanks Blastoise186, but my experience so far with both companies’ customer service teams has been pretty appalling. I’ll copy my post to them, but I’m not holding out for any helpful responses. 

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There are legal timescales regarding switches. 

These are on the ofgem website.


Switch completes within 15 working days.

£30 by new supplier


This is  a screenshot of what ofgem say is the current law effective 1 May 2019. 



Suppliers have 10 working days from a breach to pay you. They could owe a further £30 if they don’t meet this timeline. Ofgem monitors supplier data to make sure they do this.

You could remind the ovo support team of their obligation when you contact them. Obviously I don't know the specifics of your case. 

If you don't feel you are making progress after 15 working days you could consider putting in a complaint depending on the circumstances. 


Feel free to post how you get on as one of the regular posters may have further advice as things progress. 

Fingers crossed everything gets sorted soon.