How can I make a complaint about my OVO Energy account?

I want to make a formal complaint about their service 


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Hi @Simon Tate 

Sorry to hear you are having issues.

If you wish to make a complaint to OVO then the best place to start is here:

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When I submit a complaint via the preferred way of a web form at Want to make a complaint? | Our complaints procedure | OVO Energy, I get a little green notice on the page itself, but not durable confirmation that the complaint has been received. This is different from the email address, which has an auto response with a generic message. 

I don’t think that is ok, and I think every message should be acknowledged properly. (Ideally, I would like to get an issue reference as you would get with any modern issue tracker.) The lack of a response makes it difficult for example to follow up on any issues. 

So, do you think I should better communicate via email? 

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I’d still recommend using that contact form - it likely reaches the complaints team much more directly, more quickly and with a shorter queue than the main contact email.


I think it may be worth me explaining something important here - and this includes the reason why I think OVO’s current implementation of that form makes sense. Please bear in mind that I’m speaking with my cybersecurity hat on more than I am with my forum volunteer hat in this case.

Contact forms are notorious for being abused in various ways, especially by spammers. In fact, I know of multiple attacks that can be pulled off through a contact form and the use of an auto-responder makes up quite a large margin of them. Best practice actually suggests you should only show an on-screen confirmation and no auto-responder. I turned them off several years ago for all the websites I run and pretty much no-one has ever complained to me about it. And if they ever did, I’d give them the same explanation as I’m offering here.

It’s also a waste of server compute resources, especially for something most people would delete in just a few seconds and might never read.

The other reason is really more about security and domain reputation stuff, but that’s a story for some other time.

Ultimately, it seems to me - and this is my personal opinion - that OVO is merely following best practice. For somewhat similar reasons, it’s not beneficial to generate and supply case numbers for emails that turn out to be fake/spam - you might as well just filter out and burn those during the initial triage and/or as early as possible, so that you don’t waste time making other people deal with cases that literally have absolutely no merit at all and are not even worthy of being retained (and by this I mostly mean spammers and abusers). Even if you have a case number, it’s not much use anyway unless you have access to the system that issued it.

Everything you send in goes onto the Timeline and is bundled together. Nothing gets lost as long as it’s delivered successfully. That’s all you need to worry about as long as the on-screen info shows it went through. Let OVO handle the rest.

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I had the same issue, you will have to persevere on the phone to get anywhere.

I used the online form a week after asking for a formal complaint to be raised whilst I was on the phone to them.

A week later I hadn’t received any sort of response, so I wrote out my complaint in full, saved it as a PDF and emailed it in.

Two weeks later I still had no response and it was now four weeks after the original phone call.

I rang in and queried the lack of response or acknowledgement and I was amazed that the customer advisers do not get notified when something is submitted online. Apparently it just sits in a queue until someone actually gets around to checking them…given the current call queue times I suspect this will take weeks!

As for the lack of acknowledgement to my email the adviser had no answer as to why no-one had bothered to look at it and respond.

So for everyone who is happy with the OVO service will not realise the extent of the problems. Those customers who do have issues, although in the minority, are having to suffer at the hands of OVO.

Personally I cannot hold it against the advisers, they are dealing with massively increased call volumes as they now have the former SSE customers as well as the original OVO customers and I very much doubt the number of advisers in their call centre has increased much, if at all.



Who do I complain to at ovo please

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Hi @Simon Tate ,

To direct you to the right place, I need to ask you which side you’re intending to complain about. Please confirm whether it’s about:

That’s ok but nobody replies so I wanted an email address of someone who would at least reply 



Simon Tate 

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I think I have figured it out now. 
The way to go is to submit a written request by email. This does get linked to your account (no idea how, probably AI), but it does not get actioned (at least not for a few months in my experience). So, then you have to call up, and tell them to actually process it. So far, that seems to do the trick. 

I would not recommend using the chat feature. The people seem to be a lot less competent than on the phone, and this has caused me a lot of issues. 

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If you’ve emailed in, you will get a response, don’t worry. However, may I please recommend against emailing in multiple times while awaiting a response. Every additional email you send in the meantime slows down the process because someone will need to read ALL of them before responding.

The email addresses on those two links are the best ones available. I’m not allowed to give out the direct email addresses of any OVO/Boost employees or teams beyond those that are publicly listed by OVO and Boost.

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So, then you have to call up, and tell them to actually process it. So far, that seems to do the trick. 


Umm… I’m not sure I like that idea as it’s incredibly load generating if tons of people start doing it. All you’ll end up doing is slowing down absolutely everything for everyone, so I’d personally advise against it. Trust me, 10 years in IT is more than enough to tell you that from experience!

This does get linked to your account (no idea how, probably AI),


I know many ways of making that possible. inSided has taught me a few tricks and platforms like Zapier make that incredibly easy to do. It can even just be a case that the support ticket system has an integration with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and simply pulls in data from the CRM in the process of creating the support request.