How to book a smart meter appointment on your online account or OVO app

  • 28 September 2021
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How to book a smart meter appointment on your online account or OVO app
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Updated on 01/09/23 by Abby_OVO


Still having to submit your traditional meter readings every month? There’s an easier way to make sure your account is up-to-date.


You may have heard, smart meters are pretty smart. Not only do they send us your readings automatically, they’re also a vital tool helping us de-carbonise the energy grid on our journey to Plan Zero.


So how can you go about getting one installed?


The easiest way to get the upgrade booked is via our booking platform here, or by logging in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS). If there’s appointments available in your area, you’ll see this message on your Homepage.


Exact appearance may vary


Interested in arranging an engineer’s visit? Click ‘Book Now’ to access our online booking form.


Exact appearance may vary


This online booking form asks a couple of details about your home and current meter setup, enter these detail and click ‘Next’ to see the possible appointment slots currently available.


Exact appearance may vary


It’s worth bearing in mind when you pick a time and date - you’ll need to ensure that you (or someone over the age of 18) will be around for the duration of this time slot. Once the engineer arrives it’ll take around 45 minutes to install each meter.


Once you’ve chosen the best appointment slot for you, you’ll then need to confirm your contact details and the contact details of whoever will be at home to greet the engineer (if this isn’t you). We’ll then send you an email to confirm your booking. You’ll also see a confirmation message on the Homepage of your online account.


Exact appearance may vary


Had a change of plan? You can cancel or rearrange your appointment (with at least 24 hours notice) by clicking ‘Manage booking’. If your booking’s within the next 24 hours, reach out to our Support Team who’ll be able to get the upcoming booking rescheduled.


Once the new meters have been fitted you might notice a pause to your billing whilst we get the meter details updated. Within 6 weeks of the install date you should see the new meter details by clicking on the ‘Meter Readings’ page.


Exact appearance may vary


Been over 6 weeks and your meter details are still not updated? Reach out to our Support Team who’ll be able to take a look into this for you.


Once the details are updated you’ll be able to start viewing your smart meter usage data via the ‘Usage’ pages and your live billing will resume using your new accurate smart meter readings.


Welcome to your new much smarter online account!


OVO member but not got a smart meter yet? - Book today!


Interested but not yet an OVO member? - Check out our plans!


44 replies

Sounds so easy doesn’t it? I’ve found it a complete nightmare! 

A fitter came to install my smart meters on 25th February last year. He said he couldn’t connect it up to the servers as they were down, so somebody would have t come back to do it in a few days. I’ve heard nothing till December despite having contacted OVO several times only t get the run around: Nobody able to give any information about what was going on, and nobody coming back to me despite the old tosh about complaints procedure where they say things like they will do everything they can to resolve complaints, that if  the  problem  can’t  be  resolved,  the case  will  be  passed  to  their  Escalated  Complaints Team, and that one of  their  experienced  complaints  team  will  be  in  touch  within  5  working  days.

Eventually when I phoned ilast month a lady AT LAST took some action and managed to make appointment for somebody to call round today between 12 and 4. I won’t ask you to guess whether anybody actually turned up, but suffice to say that I wouldn’t been writing this if I hadn’t been waiting at home all day to no avail. 


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I’m really sorry to hear your smart meter journey hasn’t been a smooth one, @JLHG.


Sounds like the engineer who originally installed your smart meter wasn’t able to commission it, meaning that whilst the meter is still able to clock your usage it would not yet be able to send your readings over to us automatically, meaning you’d have to continue taking these readings and submitting them manually, much like with a traditional meter. I really appreciate the frustration this would’ve caused, particularly given the wait for another appointment and the failure of this scheduled engineer visit.


In cases where a scheduled appointment is missed without giving you at least 24 hours notice you’re eligible for a £30 compensation payment, so I’d advise contacting our Support Team who can investigate why the engineer didn’t attend and advise on the next available appointment slot. Of course if you’re not happy with the extended wait to get your smart meter fully operational, our complaints procedure would be the best point of call to discuss a fair resolution to any shortfalls in service which might have occurred.


I’m hoping the team are able to put things right for you. :thumbsup:

Why can’t I book a Smart Meter engineer to install a meter? I’ve tried the App. I’ve tried the website and both fail when I submit the request. I’ve tried several times. It’s almost as if OVO don’t want me to be able to control my usage!!! 

It’s a bit rubbish isn’t it???

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Hi @Rattus66 - that’s not good to hear. 


What happens when you try the browser based smart meter booking platform? What issues do you have?




Our Support team should be able to check engineer availability in your area and book something in over the phone: 0330 303 5063. We’re seeing large call volumes at the moment though so please bear with us. 


For any other website or app feedback, you have the OVO Forum ‘Ideas’ section waiting for any feature ideas!

Smart top up metre please 

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Hi @Sampson Boampong ,

If you don’t have a Smart Meter yet, you’ll need to contact the Support Team to arrange an upgrade. You can’t make that request here though I’m afraid.

Hope this helps!

Listen l have too many times today and still couldn’t get the help l need

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Try again tomorrow, it’ll likely be easier to get through

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What happens when you use the OVO smart booking platform, @Sampson Boamponghttps://smart-booking.ovoenergy.com/getting-started


Are you an OVO PAYG customer, or Boost / SSE?


Book a smart meter as an SSE customer: https://my.sse.co.uk/smart-meters/get-a-smart-meter/book-your-installation


Book a smart meter as a Boost customer: https://www.boostpower.co.uk/about-smart/

Every time I go online and try to get a smart meter installation appointment I get told we are not installing them in your area yet. When I contact OVO they cannot tell me when, or if ever, we will get one installed. Maybe it’s because we live in a rural area and they can’t be bothered. This is unacceptable. It is a government requirement. This company is unfit for purpose. 

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Sorry to hear you can’t get a smart meter appointment booked in, @Petra77


I know that we have a finite pool of engineers and we tend to rotate them to different areas of the country. So if there’s no coverage in months A, B or C, there should be in months D, or E or F. How long have you been waiting? 

We have been waiting ever since Ovo took over SSE which was soon after we arrived in April. It sure would be nice to know if it could be sometime next year. At present OVO seems incapable in having any timetable to do our area. As I said, I suspect it’s because we live in a rural area and it isn’t worth OVOs time or money.

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Hey @Petra77,


Sorry to hear this.


As Tim advised, we tend to rotate our engineers, but it’s certainly easier to get an appointment if you don’t live in a rural area. 


If you’d like to find out more about our Complaint Procedure we have more information on our website.


Hope this helps. 

Not satisfactory. I would like to know WHEN you will be installing in our area.


I am fed up with excuses and apologies, which to be quite frank are meaningless.


If OVO was in the real world of competition, instead of this ‘enforced upon us monopoly’, you would loose customers big time.

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What area are you?

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It is also worth noting there may be other factors. If you’re in a rural area, there might be limited WAN Coverage that isn’t currently strong enough to make the system work for you.

Coverage is always being expanded, so if that’s the reason right now, it may not be in the future.

We’re in a country town in Scotland. As far as I know there is plenty of Wan coverage. The only reason sighted by OVO is not enough installers, in other words we’ll do the most populated areas first. Once again rural people are discriminated against again to become second class citizens. 

All I want to know is when or if ever? Why hold out hope to us when it’s seems like we’re on the never-never.

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Hmm… Not always the case…

Could you show me photos of the current setup?

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I understand you wanting to know if and when, @Petra77 - fair enough I say! 


We can’t tell you that here and I’m not sure there’s a system for our Support team to check either. Engineer availability will be based on region, but also there will be more engineers allocated to more densely populated areas. 


I know that as a business, OVO is very keen to fit as many smart meters as they can. It’s better for everyone. There is an operation to that given the numbers of households still without. I’d be surprised if we don’t offer engineer coverage to your region at all in a year. Our booking platform lets you check

How do i get a Gas smart meter installed - had one fitted for electric but not Gas and not heard any more since.

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Morning @middleton6008 !

You’ll need to have a chat with the Support Team about this one, as you can’t book just a gas meter upgrade yourself. Here’s your options. I’d recommend waiting until Wednesday before calling up.

Ok I will give it a go - thanks 

Tried booking a smart meter appointment for the umpteenth time. Used to get ‘not doing your area’. Now the reply is: ‘Unfortunately we're experiencing high demand for smart meters in your area and don't have any appointments available right now. ‘

Suddenly OVO go from doing none to be booked beyond hope???

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Hi @Petra77 ,

I don’t think this is OVO’s fault. It could literally just be a case of fastest finger first and loads of people got in there before you did. You might still be able to get an appointment booked in if you speak to the Support Team though you could be waiting a while.

The meter is done,  thank you. It's been installed.