SMETS2 In Home Displays (IHD): which type do I have and how can I spot and fix issues? DIY tutorial series

  • 11 September 2020
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SMETS2 In Home Displays (IHD): which type do I have and how can I spot and fix issues? DIY tutorial series
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Updated on 26/02/2021: If you have a ‘Secure Liberty’ S1 smart meter with a Chameleon IHD, see this topic for your IHD guide. If you have a ‘Secure Liberty’ S1 meter with a Pipet IHD, see this topic for your IHD guide. 


Not got an OVO S2 smart meter fitted yet? Here’s the S2 smart meter booking platform. You will need your account number, which you can confirm on your online account. If you’re not yet an OVO member, check out our plans and sign up online here


S2 In Home Displays - your guide


How to identify the IHD models

It’s important to understand what type of IHD you have before trying to troubleshoot any issues.

We have used three different types of S2 IHDs so far. Currently we are sending the new Chameleon IHD6 (referred to as simply IHD6) to customers with S2 meters. You can find a description of these scrolling down.

These are the different types:

IHD6-CAD-PPMID - also known as the IHD6

This device looks similar to a Pipit, as it's got a black front, white back and a touch screen. If in doubt, check the device has the word "Secure" written at the bottom of the screen - if it doesn't, then it is an IHD6 and perfectly compatible with S2 meters.



IHD3-PPMID TYPE2 - also known as IHD2

This has the same appearance as the old S1 Chameleons (IHD3-CAD), except the S2 IHDs have an on/off button on the back of the device, and will have 'IHD3-PPMID TYPE 2' written on the bottom.


IHD3-CAD-PPMID TYPE1 - also known as IHD3.

They have the same appearance as the standard IHD2 but will have 'IHD3-CAD-PPMID' written on the bottom.  

Benefits of connecting your IHD to Wi-Fi

The IHD does not connect to your online account. However, connecting to WiFi on IHD6 allows us to make any firmware updates to the IHD remotely. It also allows you to see when an IHD stops working and better troubleshoot any issues, as it provides information the IHD is displaying.

Engineers are advised to pair the WiFi up on every job they do, however sometimes this is not possible and it is not mandatory.

Is the IHD showing too high consumption?

This is a known issue with the firmware on some electric meters installed towards the beginning of the S2 roll out. This has been shown to cause members' IHDs to show high usage. Firmware updates are being performed on a number of S2 meters.

If you’re seeing high usage, reach out to our
Support team 

What to do if you’re having an issue with your IHD

First, check whether there is an issue with the HAN (rather than the IHD itself). You can do this by checking how regularly the HAN light is flashing on the comms hub. See this SMETS2 smart meter guide if you’re not sure how to do this.


Another indication would be that there is no consumption data for electricity meter, gas or both showing on the device. If there is a possible HAN/WAN issue then complete a smart meter health check.

If the IHD is showing missing data for one or both fuels and the meter comms are fine, you should perform the following checks.

1 - Check the distance to the electricity meter, has the IHD been moved? 


Try to keep the IHD within a max of 7 yards from the electricity meter. The signal will decline significantly with walls.

2 -  Has the IHD shown data previously or has anything changed e.g. obstructions?


If the IHD was previously showing data, check if anything has changed in the home that could have caused the loss of communication.

3 - Is the IHD showing the correct time?


If it's not showing the correct time, the IHD is not paired.

4a - IHD2 and IHD3: Check wifi symbol - is it flashing/solid?

  • No wifi symbol & incorrect time > Needs to be paired by our Support team 
  • Wifi symbol flashing > Our Support team may be able to sort by unpairing and pairing the device
  • Wifi symbol solid > No issue with Wifi pairing

4b - IHD6: Check the signal bars

Signal bars solid > IHD is paired.
Signal bars flashing > Needs to be paired by our 
Support team 

5 - Try turning off for several minutes before turning back on.

What happens if I’ve broken or lost my IHD?

Please reach out to our Support team to discuss this. We may be able to offer a replacement. 

IHD is showing text in Welsh

Occasionally, IHDs have been known to default to Welsh. Follow these steps to change back to English:

1. Tap the”OK” button at the bottom of the IHD screen.
2. Tap the right arrow until you see “Gosodiadau Wedi anfon yr” and tap OK.
3. Tap the right arrow 8 times until you reach the option “Dewis iaith Wedi anfon yr” (if this doesn't work, you may need to try the next option: “Clirio Gosodidau Wedi anfon yr") and tap “OK”.
4. Tap the left arrow to select English, then tap "OK".

A useful tip...

You can tell whether a device is an IHD2 or IHD3

  • On the box the IHD was packaged in
  • On the IHD, next to the device ID


  • Chameleon (IHD2 & 3) user guide can be found here.
  • Unfortunately there is no user guide available for IHD6s at present.

Pairing and unpairing the SMETS2 Chameleon IHD3 and IHD6s

Our Support team will need to work with you to get this device ‘unpaired’ from your HAN. 


How to unpair the old IHD3 CAD

Reach out to our 
Support team, and they will perform some actions on our systems. Then you will need to do the following actions on the device:

  1. Tap ‘OK’
  2. Scroll right to ‘Adjust Settings’ and tap ‘OK’
  3. Scroll right to ‘Set Budget’ and tap ‘OK’
  4. Turn off the device and turn it back on again
  5. Tap ‘OK’
  6. Scroll right to ‘Adjust Settings’ and tap ‘OK’
  7. Scroll right to ‘engineering’
  8. ‘Leave network’ (Tap ‘OK’)
  9. Wait for 10 seconds - IHD will display message that it is leaving the network
  10. After 5 seconds, IHD will leave the network and factory settings will be restored

How to unpair the old IHD6


Reach out to our Support team, and they will perform some actions on our systems. Then you will need to do the following actions on the device:

  1. Go to set budget screen (menu>budget) and power off PPMID from this screen (hold power button on the back for 5-10 seconds).
  2. Turn PPMID back on by pressing the power button on the back.

The device should now be decommissioned. This will be shown by no meter information or usage information being displayed.

How to pair the IHD2/3 CAD


Reach out to our Support team, and they will perform some actions on our systems. Then you will need to do the following actions on the device:

  1. Power Up their device
  2. Once it’s on the home page Press OK
  3. Scroll to settings
  4. Press OK
  5. Scroll to engineering settings
  6. Press OK
  7. Join network
  8. Press OK

The IHD should then pair over the next few minutes. You can check this by the wifi symbol in the left corner appearing and turning solid and consumption data will be shown.

How to pair the new IHD6-CAD-PPMID

When you get your new IHD, we will need to pair it for you, as this is done by opening the HAN network. Before this happens, the meter will look like this:

Reach out to our Support team, and they will perform some actions on our systems. Then you will need to do the following actions on the device:

  1. Press Menu (the icon with 6 white boxes in the bottom right corner)
  2. Press the right arrow to get to the second screen of menu options
  3. Press Settings
  4. Press the right arrow to get to the second screen of settings options
  5. Press Config Menu
  6. Press Join Network
  7. Press Yes

After a short period, the PPMID will make an audible beep. The PPMID device should now display the correct time in the top centre of the screen.

Lastly, setting up WiFi on the IHD6

What is the benefit of connecting to WiFi on the IHD?

Connecting to WiFi on IHD6 allows us to make any firmware updates to the IHD remotely, and also allows you to see when an IHD stops working and better troubleshoot any issues. It also gives us the information the IHD is displaying so that we can diagnose any issues that may occur.

To pair to the Wifi, follow these steps:

1. Tap the menu button in the bottom right corner of the screen.


2. From the menu screen, tap the right arrow to go to the next page. 


3. Tap ‘Settings’.


4. Tap the 'Wi-Fi' icon. 


5. Tap the button to turn the WiFi on.


6. Once the WiFi is on, tap 'Scan' to show the available networks or press WPS Push if the router you’re trying to join supports this function.


6A) If choosing WPS Push - press the WPS button on the router when this symbol is displayed. 


6B). If choosing Scan - Once you’ve selected the network you wish to join, enter the password and press ‘Join’.


7. The device will now connect to the WiFi.


8. If the password is correct, the device will show a Connected status. 


There’s also this really handy video showing how to use an IHD6 model.


That’s it, our complete S2 IHD guide. We’ll be splitting this out into several topics soon, as this is a bit of a monster tutorial. Let us know if you have any questions relating to the info above by leaving a comment! 

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Bad news @Tim_OVO ! This already monster sized tutorial topic is about to grow even larger! :smile:

It’s worth bearing in mind that not all Wi-Fi Routers support WPS anymore. While a lot of older ones do support WPS, certain newer ones dropped support for WPS partially for security reasons, but also because it wasn’t always particularly reliable or well used. The Scan method will work fine however in all cases! But if you’re having trouble getting your shiny new IHD6 onto your Wi-Fi, I’d like to add a few tips to the guide.

Just as a heads up, I use a pretty overpowered setup which I blogged about a while ago. Some of the features it has might not be present on your router, but this won’t be a problem. You may need to login to your router for some of these solutions.


My IHD can’t find my Wi-Fi Network at all, even though it’s close to the router!


There’s a couple of things that might help here, assuming you’re definitely in range.


Is your Wi-Fi Router/Network actually turned on?


It’s surprising how easy it is for this to happen! If you’ve accidentally turned off the Wi-Fi in your settings, please make sure it’s turned back on.


Yup, this is a very dead Wi-Fi Network


Did you hide the SSID/Network Name?


If you’ve hidden the network, this makes using your devices more tricky. I generally recommend setting this to show the SSID/Network Name as it doesn’t do anything useful:


Sometimes this shows up as Hide SSID, Broadcast SSID or many other names!


Is your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi turned on?


Most IHDs like the Chameleon IHD3 and IHD6 only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band, rather than the newer 5GHz Wi-Fi band. You can run both at once under the same network name/password though and this should fix the issue.


Make sure to have both 2.4GHz and 5GHz on for best results!


Why does my IHD6 fail to connect to my Wi-Fi Network?


Most likely it’s one of the issues above. The other two likely ones are that you’re trying to connect to the wrong network, or you’re entering the wrong password! Make sure to double check you’re using the right ones. :wink:


If you’re using MAC Address Filtering, you’ll also either need to add your IHD to the list of permitted devices or turn MAC Address Filtering off completely. Also…


Can your Wi-Fi Router see your IHD? Has it ever seen your IHD connect?


Most Wi-Fi Routers should tell you whether your IHD is currently connected. If you don’t see it in the list of connected devices, you might want to check things over again.



And that should solve most IHD Wi-Fi issues. :sunglasses:


Where do i find the night time usage on my IDH6 please?

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Hi there @nmac234 ,

This isn’t quite the right thread for your question, but I’ll answer it for you while it’s here and ask a moderator to move things over later.

I’m afraid there’s no specific option to view night time usage on an IHD6 that I know of. The closest it can do is current usage as of right now, or for the current day so far. If you’re looking for a specific hour, you might want to check your account in MyOVO.

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This is also worth a look, @nmac234 ^

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Hi I have the same issue with IHD that others have described in this thread and others. What do I do now?

Here’s the history

  • SMETS2 and Chameleon IHD6 installed 06/01/21; no connection issues and all works fine (except IHD battery seems to last only half a day from full charge; I’ve reported that).
  • Yesterday (02/02/21) the IHD stopped showing any usage information and Meter Information Screen shows “Waiting for Meter Reading” – both for gas and electricity.
  • IHD shows strong HAN signal. I’ve done the IHD hard switch off and restart several times to no effect.
  • Communication hub has both WAN and HAN green lights blinking at 5 sec intervals (which I think is ok).
  • Usage is registering on my online account – or at least it was. See these screen clips taken from my PC just now (the phone app shows exactly the same). Note that electricity figure is missing yesterday.

Is there any more to check before I contact Ovo? And I’m not sure from the thread I’ve quoted that the issues are being fixed.




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@hecate - I’ve moved your post over here, as there’s a bunch of info for issues like the one you’re facing.


I’d just have read through, and see if there’s anything you’ve missed, and if you still can’t get it working, get in touch with our Care Team to help get this one sorted.

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Thanks @Ed_OVO as if my magic, the IHD is now connected again, with a message “gas meter initialised” and all displays seem to be working, incuding usage for both fuels

The usage data on my account is still stuck at 1 February for electricity, but has moved forward to 3 Feb (yesterday) for gas. I assume that the account info in the app will catch up eventually...

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Hi there @hecate ,

I’m glad to hear it’s working for you again, but if you have more trouble, please give us a shout here too. We’ve recently opened a Tech Treehouse on the forum with the aim of helping to squash as many of these issues as possible. If you continue to have issues like this, I might be able to extend an you an invite to it.

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Hi @Blastoise186 things have gone backwards!

There were no electricty readings visible on my account after 1 February, though gas was updated ok. And then the new IHD arrived - appeared to connect after making a call to Ovo, though I was on forf 25 minutes. But IHD shows no readings even after 24 hours - and now there are no usage updates at all on my account. I’m getting in touch again of course (need to check meter indicators again) and will update here.

I’m not really happy - time spent reading old meter and sending readings - 5 minutes each month. Time spent on issues with IHD and Samrt Meter in one month 2 hours and counting...

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Hmm… That’s really not good…

I’ve been thinking about this @hecate and I’m tempted to do something clever. What would you say if I looked into giving your forum permissions a bit of an… Upgrade…

I think you may benefit from having access to the Tech Treehouse, but I need to get your consent before I can request an invite. Would you be OK with that?

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Yes fine.

I’m happy to help others too although I don’t often have much time to browse


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Perfecto. I’ll make an offering to the Mods Of The Forums and make them smile. The Mods Smile On The Generous and they reward those who cross their palms with silver. :smile:

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@hecate when you next log in, have a look at the category menu (top left). You should now see a new area called Tech Treehouse with a padlock.


Mod bless,



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@Tim_OVO @Blastoise186 Thanks I can see that and will look later.

Sitrep about ongoing issues. Webchat today with customer service. There are two issues, but still not clear if connected.

1. IHD: attempted reset again; will phone me tomorrow to see if it works. If not will go straight to Smart Meter Team

2. Electricity readings not showing in account since 1 February. This turns out to be because settings were set at monthly for electricity, but daily for gas. That wasn’t how the engineer set it up; she advised daily as otherwise it makes billing hard to understand. And even for non-obsessives, you’d sometime want to take advantage of smart meter to check more often that once a month. So I can see daily electricity readings all through January.

My guess – not discussed on webchat as that was focused on solution – is that the gas meter initialisation (? I think that’s what the message said) which came through on 2 February (and blanked IHD display for a day or so) was somehow linked to the reset of electricity reading interval to monthly.

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Thanks for the heads up @hecate . It should be fairly easy to restore the submission settings back to whatever you’d like them to be on for both meters. The Support Team can take care of that on request, but it can take a few days to apply the changes.

We’ll catch up with you in the Tech Treehouse when you’re ready. :)