Why have OVO raised an objection (blocked) my switch to another supplier?

  • 2 November 2020
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Good morning, please could you let me know why Ovo have objected to the following supply transfer to TGP -  I have sent emails but I have not received any replies to date


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Updated on 26/02/2021: ​​​​​​See below for info on ‘objections’.


Hi @CarolineBird and thanks for posting. 


An objection is usually put in place by a supplier (OVO in this case) when they want to stop the switch away due to the amount of debt on the account, or because they think there’s an error, such as the customer not wanting to be switched or changing their mind. 


The amount of debt on an OVO account that would trigger an objection is £25. If you clear the debt on your online account by making a one off payment, the objection reason will be removed automatically, allowing for the supply to switch once the new supplier reapplies. 


The process for this objection is:


  1. Current supplier objects. New supplier either doesn't reapply, or reapplies. 
  2. Current supplier objects a second time unless the reason for objection is removed. New supplier either doesn't reapply, or reapplies. 
  3. Current supplier objects a third time unless the reason for objection is removed. New supplier can’t progress with switch. 
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Can you let me know how this applies in your case, @CarolineBird

Hi Tim

Thank you for getting back to me but please could you let me know the exact reason for the objection against MPAN 2330230542519.

We would like to transfer this supply away from Ovo but there is an objection and it is proving very difficult trying to ascertain the reason.

Many thanks




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Our Support team can confirm this, @CarolineBird - chat to them on web chat, here (at the bottom). 


Just come back to let us know, and I will assign a ‘best answer’ to this topic, that will help others. 


Also, which supplier are you off to, out of interest?

I was one of tens of thousands of Economy Energy customers dumped on (or rescued by if you prefer) Ovo by OFGEM - who unlike British Eail do not have a suppier of last resort.

After three attempts by Ovo to force me to change my meter and a substantial pice rise I opted to switch supplier to someone else - as recommeded by HM government.

Ovo had otherr ideas and block the switch. After the block was removed and I switch to another supplier (art the beginning of September last year) Ovo continued to send - up to mid November for amounts alleged to be outstabnding (which I paid to shut them up).

The a few weeks ago (April 2021) I jhad a n email demanding photo of my meter. I asked why.

Ovo said they couldn’t close my account because the meter number they were using “Was ambiguous on the system”

I did some further bill checks myself - and found they had overcharged me by £4.53 - so I sent a beautiful photo of my meter with a demand for a refund and and a request for a photogrpahic fee.

Ovo replied within a week (amazingly) - simply sending me a cheque for £4.50 - 3p short, but ignoring my request for artist fee for the photograph.

I do declare - Ovo is the absurd, contrary company. Not only that - like the Post Office Horizon system they can alter your bills retrospectively. Meter readings no object.

My advice to friend would be steer clear of Ovo - but as this forum can only be read by Ovo customers i guess my preaching will foall on deaf ears.

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Hi there @Brixton Dave .

I’m really sorry to hear of this trouble. While it is true that I’m only an OVO member myself, I can assure you that this forum is not read by OVO members alone. I’m actually one of the trusted Super User forum volunteers. I’ve already gone ahead and notified @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO about this thread on top of the automated tools which will have marked this as a new thread that hasn’t been visited by any moderators yet. I’ve let them know in case they’re able to pass on your feedback to the relevant teams.

I can definitely say that this forum is never ignored by OVO’s employees. While the forum is primarily volunteer led, OVO has an entire team of Community Moderators who are also part of the Social Media Team. I can definitely say they do not ignore this place. It’s true that one or two suppliers have community forums that are never monitored by employees, but this one isn’t one of them.

Tim and Jess are OVO employees unlike myself and they read absolutely everything that gets posted here. Trust me, I know they do because I also happen to know how the inSided forum software that OVO uses handles these things. The only way for Tim and Jess to clear the unread status is for them to read all new comments in a thread that haven’t been seen yet. They’ll be back in the morning and I’m also watching this thread, so please feel to reply if you have any further feedback.

As it sounds like you’ve switched away, there’s probably not much I can do to assist but I think it’s worth mentioning that OVO is nowhere near as bad as you claim. I’m not saying this as someone who was paid to do so, I really am an actual paying member and as a forum volunteer, I am allowed to post constructive criticism about OVO if I choose. But it’s a bit harsh to call out an entire company as broken just due to some old issues.

When it comes to the SoLR process though, OVO didn’t exactly have much choice in the matter. Ofgem runs this process as an emergency mechanism because someone has to continue supplying affected customers at all times and it’s not possible to simply have the government step in with a government run “emergency supplier”. While this does exist for the railways - which is actually this company right here as well as the newer one here - that doesn’t apply to everything. SoLR works a bit like a forced auction where suitable suppliers are invited to apply and whoever “wins” is effectively required to take on the entire customer base of the failed supplier all at once. That supplier actually loses out because many customers end up leaving anyway. OVO hasn’t won any SoLR processes since Economy Energy as far as I’m aware. The only other option is that your supply basically gets cut off completely because no supplier means no supply. I kinda know what I’d rather have.

When it comes to refunds though - especially Final Refunds - I’m afraid you’re only entitled to whatever credit balance was left in your account after the Final Bill has been paid off. It’s possible that the 3p in your case had been consumed by fees and unfortunately even my expert photographs of my own meter Raichu that I use in my forum guides don’t get any me discounts. :wink:

Maybe you should try doing professional photography though. I hear stock photo websites pay good money if you’re good at what you do!

If there’s anything else that we can help with though, please do feel free to let us know and we’ll see what we can do.


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Sorry to hear of your experience since leaving us, @Brixton Dave.


I’ve moved the conversation over to a similar question in terms of why we may have placed an objection on your switch away initially, check the best answer above for what may have caused this.


Once you’ve switched the final bill is usually issued within 6 weeks, so it’s disappointing to hear you have been waiting much longer to receive this and a full final refund. There can be a number of reasons for this delay, see this topic for some suggestions as to what might have been the reason.


In regards to the cheque refund you have received, this amount should match the final balance shown on your statement. If there is any discrepancy please contact our Support Team who can re-issue a cheque if the amount issued is not correct.


Hope this helps.