Making a card payment on your online account or OVO app

  • 1 October 2021
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Making a card payment on your online account or OVO app
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Updated on 14/04/22 by Jess_OVO


Noticed your account balance is dipping a little low or just fancy topping things up before winter? There’s a simple way to do this by logging in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS).


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From the Homepage, head on over to the ‘Payments’ page via the menu to the left or by clicking ‘Manage your payments’ on the ‘Today’s Balance’ box.


Exact appearance may vary


Here you’ll see the bank details we have registered for you and your Direct Debit date arrangement details. You’ll need to give the page a little scroll.


Exact appearance may vary


You’ll see the ‘Top-up your balance’ box. Click ‘Make a top-up payment’, this gives you the option to make a one-off card payment.


Exact appearance may vary


You can pick the amount you’d like to pay by entering a number in the available box. You’ll then be able to see what your balance will be after this payment shown below this box. Click ‘Pay now’ to be taken to a secure third-party site where you can provide your card details.


Exact appearance may vary


If you refresh your Homepage, your new balance should be showing straight away. You’ll also receive an email or text to confirm the payment depending on your communication preferences.


Job’s a good-un! Your balance is nicely topped up to cover your future energy costs. Don’t forget you’ll also be able to see this payment shown as a ‘CARDPAYMENT’ on your next monthly energy summary. :ok_hand:

5 replies

I paid by card my last bill. But have noticed the payment hasn’t come out of my bank. It’s been 3 weeks. I’ve emailed. Can’t get through on phone and been on chat. But there’s no help. Anyone had similar?

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https://ovoenergy.com/feedback is your best bet for this one.

My concern over this is that the money goes via WorldPay who retain your personal details including address in the USA or elsewhere outside of the UK so may not need to comply with our data protection laws.   Who knows how long it will be safe in the long tern and there’s far too much of that going on in the IT industry and I’m sick of it.  

 I’d much prefer just to be able to make a bank transfer to top up my payments by giving back to my Ovo account the UK government payments of £66 per month.   Is there a bank account details where I can do this.?



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Hey @Paul4AA,


Welcome to the OVO Online Community,


Our bank details are as follows:


Bank account number is 83683249 and sort code 20-00-00. 


Please remember to include your OVO account number and postcode in the reference field, so we can link payment to your account.


You can find out more information about different ways to pay on our website


Hope this helps. 

Thanks, I’ve successfully made the direct bank payment