Why is my new SMETS2 gas meter not sending my meter readings to OVO?

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That's a good question @martyndutfield. It looks safe to me because I can see the two screws holding the angled board in place. But although I'm a builder working across all trades, I'm not a qualified electrician.

I suppose the answer partly depends on the age of the electrical installation versus the age of the house. If the incomer has been put in like this when the house was first built and that was over 10 years ago, then I'd be tempted to do nothing. It's stood the test of time.

But if you've more recently had a new feed brought to the house and it was left like this, then I think the DNO should know, because it's indicative of poor quality work being undertaken which could be affecting other houses in your area.

In my case I know several of the Western Power Distribution (WPD) Engineers and have their email addresses. So I'd just send them a photo by email and leave them to decide if they want to call in and inspect it in person. In my area there would no charge for such a service.

Perhaps we can ask for the opinion of someone here on the Forum who's more technically qualified than I.
@PeterR1947 what do you think?
Good idea. Thanks again for your help
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@martyndutfield @Transparent see the photo of my meter box attached, looks almost identical apart for the curled up wires from my zappi CT sensor on the bottom of the box. It's a fairly common installation process for a "good" reason, the meter box is sunk into the brick wall, in my case the garage wall. Because the incomer come up on the outside wall of the house it comes up on the front edge of the box, hence the angled bit of chipboard. My guess is that this happens as the meterbox, meter and incomer are all installed at different times. It probably saves 5p of copper wire per house! I saw loads of installations like this when I was meter reading.

Mine is 32 years old so still in good condition. The only time this is not good is in a damp environment when the chipboard gets damp and deteriorates. I once went to read the meter at a local block of flats where the chipboard had deteriorated and the meter had fallen down as it had detached from the backboard; when I moved the meter to read it, there was a bang and a flash and all the communal lighting in the block went out. Needless to say I scarpered to a safe distance then called Western Distribution.

So, as long as it's dry and secure it should be OK.


Hi - I had my smart meters fitted in April and all worked fine, however since 9th June the electric meter has stopped sending daily readings.
my June electric bill was estimated yet my gas meter was sent and shows on the bill as smart read
any ideas?
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I've moved you post here, @AndyA, please check out @Nancy_OVO's best answer for more info and pop our team a message for any further assistance.
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Hi @AndyA I'm just jumping in here because the "best answer" at the top of this Topic doesn't answer your question. @Amy_OVO wouldn't realise this because it's at a level of technicality greater than we'd expect of a Moderator! (Apologies Amy!)

Please note what I've written to other Forum Members in the last 4 days here.

We need your Forum Profile filled out please, because that's where we first look for the main background details.

Then please post here anything more about what else happened on 8-9th June.

What other grid-connected devices do you have?
PV panels?
EV charger?

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Thanks @PeterR1947

And I like the grommets around your mains incomer. That's where my spiders get it.

I think I'll make myself a flexible grommet on my 3D printer 🙂
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Eh? As I posted this reply above, the pretty picture of @PeterR1947 's Meter box disappeared from this Topic. Where's it gone?
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@Transparent it's on page 1 🙂
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Thanks @PeterR1947

And I like the grommets around your mains incomer. That's where my spiders get it.

I think I'll make myself a flexible grommet on my 3D printer 🙂

The spiders get in mine from the hole into the garage, those long legged really thin ones that vibrate on their webs
Hi @Transparent - profile completed as request.
cant recall anything specific changing on 9th June which would have an effect - we generally have a good mobile signal here.
I don’t have any PVs or an EV.
Any suggestions as to what to check on my meters etc
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Thanks @AndyA

So you're the SMETS2 Central Territory, operated by Telefonica. I'd be very surprised the GSM signal strength had anything to do with this. After all, your Communications Hub is still happily sending gas readings to DCC on demand!

Just have a look at the flashing indicator graphics I posted here on this other Topic, and confirm which LEDs on your Comms Hub are flashing at what speed. In Worcestershire, I expect you will have no flash at all on the Mesh LED.

Fortuitously, my (second) SMETS2 electricity meter has also stopped sending data during the last three weeks. So I'm now in a much better position to send fault reports back to OVO myself.

I doubt there's going to be anything you can do, and my guess is that OVO will need to download new firmware into our meter(s) and Comms Hub. But this won't happen for a while because any such software upgrade needs verifying with Aclara, Toshiba and DCC before they will be sent the key to permit its release.

As you work in IT, you might like to read this article from 2016 about SMETS2 security by Dr Ian Levy of GCHQ.
Ive had a gas and electricity smart meter installed today. SMETS2
The Hid is showing usage for electricity straight away but there is no usage for Gas and I cant select gas on the device.

Ive checked the electricity meter and the green led light where it says 'gas' underneath is not flashing.
Does this mean theres no connection to the gas meter?
Ive had a quick look at the gas meter itself and it says 'network not connected'.

Is it a case of waiting for ovo side of things or do you think theres no connection between the gas and electricity meter?.
I would have thought the installer would have checked this at the time of installation though.
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Hi @ScoobyDoo You've highlighted several issues all at once!

Firstly, yes you should have the "slow flash" pattern on all LEDs on the Communications Hub, except probably the one marked Mesh. It depends what type of Comms Hub you've got.

Have a look at this Topic which has a more comprehensive overview of a SMETS2 meter installation. Note in photos there the difference between the SMETS Electricity Meter and the Comms Hub which is bolted on top of it. They are different devices, owned by different companies.

The Installer will have checked the gas meter connectivity whilst he/she was on site. However, the Commissioning Process continues long after they're gone. So a communication break can still occur later. Sometimes this gets automatically corrected during the overnight Meter-Read transfer between your site and OVO via DCC.

And please fill out your Forum Profile. That's where we look to glean basic information.
Thanks for the extensive reply @Transparent .

Ive updated my profile with all my relevant details.
Ive checked the comms box ontop of the electricity meter and the green lights are all flashing slowly apart from the MESH and GAS lights.

Nothing has changed this morning and ive still got no gas usage on the hid.

Ive checked the gas meter and its still saying Network inactive, press * to commission.
Ive pressed this button and a network scan starts but it finds no network and comes back with the same display.
Ive taken a photo of this and its here ...

I work in the tech industry and im sure the gas meter isn't talking to the electricity/comms meter.
What are you thoughts?. Do I need an engineer to come back out?.
Thank you for the help.

Of note ive noticed that my online account says ive got a electricity smart meter active and I don't need any meter readings but the gas is still showing the old meter serial number and says I need to submit readings.
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Thanks @ScoobyDoo. On your Profile, did you intend to write that you joined OVO only last week (19th)?

The SMETS2 gas meter you have is not the Uniflo type I'm familiar with. What manufacturer's name is printed on the front?

Is your Comms Hub made by Toshiba?

The fault you are seeing is not the same as the rest of us have been discussing on the Forum. The issue we've been wrestling with is a "false positive" whereby the Comms Hub shows the slow-flash indication for "gas HAN active", and the gas meter also reports that it has established communication. However, there is in fact no active link between the units.

Your Comms Hub and Gas Meter are correctly reporting that there is no Zigbee communication link operating. This is likely to be resolved as the commissioning process occurs in the background.
Thanks @Transparent .

My install date was the 19th July.

The comms hub is a Toshiba one SKU1 Cellular and the Smets2 gas meter is a
Honeywell BK-G4 E

I take it that the commissioning takes a while, the electricity meter was commissioned within an hour and is reporting correct usage.

The gas meter still shows offline with no usage and no connection via the ZigBee network.
Do you know what the normal time frame for the gas meter to be brought online is?.
My electric readings ceased being sent to OVO on 12 July. Can anyone say that they have a SMETS2 system (with IHD3) working and reporting faultlessly with or without solar panels? Everyone in the forum appears to have problems. I can see the readings manually on the meter but there is very little SMART about it!

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I've moved your post here, @andyt63, the above info may be of some use.

@Transparent can you offer some insight here?

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Yes. Hi @andyt63. I've just answered this here on another topic a few minutes ago.

Unfortunately, when I went to grab the correct link to post here for you, the Forum software threw a wobbly and deposited my answer into the SPAM Bin! So we'll have to wait until the morning when one of the Moderators can retrieve it for us!

@Nancy_OVO or @Amy_OVO please 🤗
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Hey @Transparent - I just had a look in the trash, spam and reported folders and I can't see it. Did the web page maybe time out and the response not post?
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Apologies @andyt63 that Post I referred to you was viciously devoured by a dragon that inhabits the anti-Spam filter. 👹
@Nancy_OVO has gone off to find George to deal with it!

The link takes you to the correct Topic, but you can't see what I wrote there!

Yes, I do now have a fully-functional SMETS2 installation with all three major faults fixed.

I've re-written the message from memory, and you can read it by clicking here.
Hi, firstly I’m sorry to just jump in here on an existing thread but I really need some help that I believe is relevant to this topic.

Ive had both my gas and electricity meters replaced to new SMETS2 Smart Meters around 3 months ago. Both have been reading correctly and sending correct usage information to OVO and I have been able to see daily readings online and via the App.

My IHD has been a total headache from the offset and massively incorrect since day one. It has been showing me ludicrous prices for my electricity usage each day which I believe is down to tariff settings within the IHD that OVO have not even attempted to resolve for me over the last 3 months, I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem from looking through the forum, but that’s not why I’m here now.

8 days ago my SMETS2 electricity meter had stopped sending any readings to both my IHD and to OVO. I can see no readings online or via the App. I have tried to contact OVO this evening and I appear to have IDENTICAL responses as others have had for a similar issue and have been told I will be contacted within 10 days about this.... not feeling too hopefull after reading other people’s problems and unsuccessful outcomes.

Does anybody know know what the actual problem is, if it can and will be resolved?

I also want to know if people think I should now be considering changing my supplier and leaving OVO completely as my contract is nearly completed.

What are are my options for switching suppliers now I have a SMETS2 meters although my electricity meter seems to be faulty and my IHD is also complete rubbish, do other suppliers give me a new IHD?

Pease please I need help here I hope someone can help me see the light!!!
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Hi @bperry306 - you're absolutely right to jump in on an existing Thread.

Within the Forum we've been discussing a number of "problems" with SMETS2 meter installations. Some are straightforward failures or are site-specific. However there are three issues which appear to be generic. These are:
  • incorrect costings displayed on IHD
  • gas meter doesn't send readings, but the link between it and the Communications Hub reports as being OK from both ends
  • a working electricity meter suddenly stops sending readings.
So you're experiencing 2 of the three.

It has taken several weeks of careful examination of customer-reports to track down the generic faults, all of which appear to be due to software.

This is tricky because so many of the faults reported to OVO are missing essential technical details, and sometimes there can be interaction between different faults.

Have a look at the overview I wrote here on another Topic earlier today.

Every Energy Supplier is having to work through fixes for code which was "inadequate" on the "approved" devices that they have been supplied with. So switching Supplier at this stage isn't advisable.

OVO's SMETS2 Team have assigned @BenS_OVO to monitor the Forum. He and I have been in communication earlier this evening, and he will be returning to read through more recent Forum posts tomorrow morning.

Please don't try to pressurise OVO's Customer Support to resolve an issue too quickly. Much of what we've discussed on the Forum over the past week isn't even known to the Support Team yet! They will only be made aware of software updates and timescales once we're sure that the on-site tests really have resolved the issues.

Please feel free to post here again if you want clarification. This Forum is an excellent platform to share problems, and ensure we're adequately reporting symptoms to the right people within OVO.
Thankyou so much Transparent, you were actually the person I was hoping to receive a reply from!

I’ve been reading through pages of similar issues and I believe the world would be a better place with you in charge of all customer problems as you seem to be the only one providing helpful and relevant responses 😄

i will I’ll keep my eye on the forum and hopefully someone at OVO can get this fixed for me within a reasonable time frame 😊👍🏻