Smart meter guide for Aclara, Honeywell, Flonidan second generation smart meters

  • 14 September 2020
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Smart meter guide for Aclara, Honeywell, Flonidan second generation smart meters

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35 replies

when the first time smart meters were mentioned and that the governement and gas companies were gonna start rolling them out to households how did you feel about them 

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An interesting discussion point this one, @Rizzlers5.


In case you hadn’t spotted them yet we’ve put together some guides to smart meters below.



Hope this helps demonstrate how we feel about this new technology. Have you made the upgrade to a smart meter yet?

sku1 cwlluar is not sending and hasn't sent meter readings to ovo, any helping how to sort this out greatly appreciated.

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Hey @bammbamm,


Welcome to the OVO Online Community,


Was the meter installed by OVO? If not, and it’s a first generation meter, it might not be enrolled on the DCC yet. Once it’s been enrolled we’ll be able to communicate with your smart meter remotely.



If your meter has been enrolled, or is second generation you’ll need to complete a smart meter health check:




In the meantime I'd recommend submitting readings manually so you don’t get estimated bills. We have a live billing system so whenever you submit a meter reading remotely, your account balance will automatically update.  



Hope this helps. 

Hi. is there an option to re-enable gas supply for smets1 GE paygo meter and what buttons need to press?

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Yup, should be pretty simple @Jackey !

Firstly, make sure there’s credit on the meter. Then follow the instructions at https://www.boostpower.co.uk/help/smart-meters/how-do-i-get-back-on-supply-with-a-smets2-meter

Let me know if they don’t work for you

I have tried to re-enable with the customer but still doesn’t work, not sure which button need to press, so I have raised an Engr. appointment.

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Try these steps if you need to enter a UTRN

  1. Press any button to wake up the display, then press button ‘C’ to bring up the menu.
  2. Use the ‘B’ button to scroll down to ‘Prepayment’, then press button ‘C’ to select this option.
  3. Scroll down to ‘New Payment’ and press the ‘C’ button to select this option.
  4. Enter your UTRN. Press the ‘A’ button to increase the number on the screen, when you’re ready to move onto the next digit press the ‘B’ button.
  5. Once you’ve entered all the numbers of the UTRN, press the ‘C’ button to confirm and validate your entry.

Then do these

  1. Turn off all Gas appliances.
  2. At the bottom of the display the following messages will flash alternatively ‘Turn off appliances’ and ‘Press button to connect’.
  3. After pressing any button, the meter will check that there is no gas flow.
  4. If there is no gas flow the supply will be restored.
  5. If there is gas flow detected, you must start the process again after checking all gas appliances are off.

Does this work?

If not, please show me what you’re seeing.

Thanks. What if the cust. only used emergency credit to re-enable gas supply does she need to top up to turn it back on?

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You MUST have a positive credit balance on the meter that brings the normal balance back above £0 after deductions for debt and EmCr before you can restore supply. EmCr alone is not sufficient, especially because it won’t last long.

Please try topping up more credit before trying to reconnect again. If you do get the supply back on, please cancel the engineer immediately, otherwise you may incur a charge.

When the meter has sufficient balance, you will be offered the option to restore the supply.