Why is my traditional gas meter beeping when I use gas?

  • 26 February 2018
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Our ordinary (not smart) Gas Meter has started beeping every time the gas is being used. Please can you advise why this is and whether this is normal?


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7 replies

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If you’ve had the meter for a long time, would you believe it could actually be the battery in it! I never knew they had one myself LOL,

They do have to be changed very rarely but of course, they have no electricity supply.


There’s another topic on this here.

Please let me know how you get on and if that solves the mystery :)

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Tristan :)


As mentioned above, a beeping gas meter indicates that the battery is low and the meter will need to be replaced. As a battery failure could affect your supply, reach out to our Support team as soon as you can to confirm this is the issue and book in a free meter exchange. All gas meters have a battery installed so this is an issue which can affect smart meters and traditional meters, although as the battery is designed to outlast your meter certification date it’s rare for the battery to fail before you’d be due a meter replacement anyway.

If your smart gas meter is making a strange sound that isn’t beeping, see this topic for what it is and what to do. 

We’ve made a full guide on meter faults here


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Thank you Tristan, do you know whether we can change the battery ourselves?
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Hello Amanda good evening, they are specially designed for the meters to the best of my knowledge,please make no attempt to change them as it will qualify as tampering with the meter 🙂 give OVO a call / Facebok Chat, and an engineer will be sent out nice and quick.

OVO number 0330 303 5063

Let me know how you get on! ;)

Best wishes,

Awesome, thank you Tristan.
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Ps if you are concerned about anything being wrong call Transco Gas Emergency Number - they won't mind and will help, they are on 0800 111 999 - 24 hours a day if it helps put your mind at rest 🙂
Had my new smart meter just over two weeks. Noticed it has started emitting intermiternt beeping sound over the last two hours.

Any reason this is happening ?
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Hi @Baldyman There is a similar question here which has been answered.

Hope that helps!

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