How do I get a refund from OVO when my account is in credit?

  • 17 March 2017
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What do you mean by that? It’s quite a harsh claim to randomly make if you don’t provide context

Hi Gwim,

Great news for you is that Octopus has nothing to do with Ovo and its owner Fitzpatrick.

So far Octopus appears to be fantastic with a great bloke at the helm, just what I thought about Ovo 3+ years ago when I moved away from Bulb despite the 2 year fix deal with Ovo being slightly more expensive. I did this thinking inflation might begin to rise (and encouraged to do so) to help erode the covid debts. This happens after dramatic events such as world wars etc….history books don’t tend to lie.

Octopus is probably top of my list at present but… isn’t everyone thinking the same thing. They have just bought Bulb’s 1.5 million customers. Wasn’t Ovo great until they bought SSE’s 3.5 million customers? I thought so. It would certainly be refreshing if Octopus didn’t go the same way wouldn’t it.

I would still greatly appreciate an update in the future concerning your returned credit balance, I know how long its supposed to take, how long will it actually take Ovo?

Due to a bad injury I have plenty of time on my hands for the foreseeable future and shall be having a good look at Octopus. I already know enough about Ovo that I don’t think wise to post here. I can of course guide you to such info but not via here.

I wish to defend Blastoise some what as he certainly spends a lot of time on here helping people which is nice. I do not think he works for Ovo, he sounds far too intelligent. Fitzpatrick’s father in law maybe, only joking, mad world??!! I would prefer to wait until nearer April 2024 to move with a token gesture credit balance left for personal reasons, I just hope nothing dramatic happens to Ovo between now and then. My fixed deal ended in March so I would just end up on variable elsewhere with my balance protected, no problem. It will be interesting to see who buys Shell Energy.




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10 days after switching according to your own site.I ent with Octopus, irionically owned by the same man as ovo. Still, I will get my money back, .


Up to 6 weeks for a final bill. Then up to the 10 days for any credit refund following the final bill. So not 10 days from the switch date.

These are industry standard times that all suppliers have to meet. 

Miss either of them and £30 compensation is normally automatically due. 


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You can get more than that if you call 0330 303 5063. The £500 limit applies to self service only 

I phoned the number and was told to take images of meters and send them via email to ‘hello’ etc., Then they sent the email further reminding me I would get £500 and no more unless I moved.


Thanks for taking the time to contact us about a refund.

As you pay for your energy use by Direct Debit, it's important to maintain a credit balance which is at least one month's worth of your current Direct Debit payment amount. This is because you're effectively paying for the month in advance so it minimizes the risk of your account being in a negative balance at the end of your current contract.

 Your balance is currently £1,492.15 and your Direct Debit amount is £168.00 so the maximum available refund we can offer is £500.00 Because your account is billed daily though, this amount will change regularly. So we can process a refund for you, please could you reply to this email to confirm you're happy to have the maximum available refund?”



I’d like to offer my apology to you, @Gwim, for the experience and misadvice regarding this refund. In short: it’s correct that we may ask for meter photos if your refund is about £500 but this can be sent over a web chat and a refund organised in the same chat. No need to email. If you’re in a fixed contract you do need to leave 1-3 month’s credit in the account. If you’re on a standard variable tariff which we call ‘Simpler’, you can get every £ back. 


I’m aware that you’ve already switched so you’ll be getting a full refund soon, once that final bill is sent. It may be much quicker then 6 weeks but that’s the maximum time unless there’s an issue with the reading used etc. 


Your most recent comment has been removed as it didn’t fit with our house rules. You can find these here:




Hi John

First of all, thanks for signing up and becoming part of our forum. Great to see you getting stuck in and asking your first question. I've updated the title and added some tags to make it easier for others to find this question in case they need the same information.

To obtain a refund when you are in credit, you can request this via our website, here's the link:

Just login to My OVO, there's an option to request a refund. Just make sure you have taken up to date meter readings, as we need to ensure these are correct before a refund can be issued.

Hope that helps, any other questions or comments, please feel free to post below.



Hello Darran,

How long does it take to ‘audit’ a customer’s account to be sure the customer has made correct and accurate payment that correspond to the amount requested for refund?


Does anyone know if it's possible to get a refund on a direct debit when too much has been charged in one month. My usage has dropped dramatically and I could use the excess back right now!


Firstly, it is better to readjust your DD payment to suit your usage and then manage your account properly so your overage wont be too much.

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It’s actually better to let things run in autopilot. The more you try to fight the system, the worse the result will get. As for your other question, I already responded on your other thread. I’m afraid Darran will never respond as he no longer works for OVO.

My smart meter provides info which results in accurate bills -or does it?

When I applied for a refund recently, I was told my smart meter was not working so I could not get a refund unless I gave a meter reading.

Just afterwards my monthly bill was issued with no reference to it being an estimate?

Modern meters are very difficult to read- digitised readouts are shown for 2 seconds then back to a loop of info. very irritating!

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Hi @jimwuudy , what sort of meter do you have? I only ask as ours has the current reading on screen all the time and if I need to press to get the backlight it stays on for around 45 seconds. 
I always thought the old meters were more difficult to read, looking to see if the number was inline or moving to the next digit. 
You should be able to see any meter readings in your account
These are marked if estimated. (There is a box to untick to see estimates)

On refunds, a few have seen the ‘need a meter reading’ message where they know there are already readings provided so perhaps it’s that

Hi, many thanks for your reply, my meter is very modern & very small, it doesn’t show readings unless the zero button is pressed 

after which you have 2 seconds to write down the info!

My main query is how can Ovo claim that my smart meter is not working when at the same time on my usage shows a daily measurement to 2 decimal places all of which are different?

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Hey @jimwuudy 


Sorry to hear about this issue.


It’s a little tricky to tell what’s happened with the readings as we don’t have access to the account here. The Support Team will be able to check and see the connections with the meter and check any readings we do have. They’ll also be able to process a refund for you then if there are meter readings on the account within the last 28 days.


Check out more on Refunds in this handy topic below:


Managed to resolve my refund issue with chat adviser Amy, although why the different daily usage figures were not flagged as estimates remains a mystery.

I would have thought estimated daily figures would be the same?

Anyway, thanks to all for the posts it’s a pleasure to have access to humans!