Ninja visits the office on their 1 year sign-up anniversary!

  • 11 December 2018
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One of our top rated Forum ninjas, @Transparent visited the Bristol office today, popping in for a cup of tea and a crayfish sandwich. It just happened to be the 1st anniversary of them signing up to the forum!

Since signing up on the 11th December 2017, Transparent has done a huge amount to help the success of our community. They have:

  • Created 13 bits of content,
  • Left 713 comments on other content, sharing their opinions and knowledge,
  • Provided the 'Best Answer' to 105 topics, helping hundreds more who read the topic,
  • Shares the best Fun Friday Facts that we love reading!
Thanks for all the support you give our community, one day we'll grab a photo of you! 📸

3 replies

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Can't believe it's been a whole year, @Transparent ! We're really glad to have you as part of this community 😎
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Well, I can recommend the crayfish sandwiches! I used to catch crayfish whilst wading barefoot in the chalk rivers of Wiltshire when I was a child.

And I don't see how you could ever expect to get a photo of a Transparent Ninja. 🤔

But I did get to chat with @Tim_OVO and @Eva_OVO for 50 minutes. We discussed a number of topics which I'll post more about on the appropriate Forum threads. These included
  • the new Forum software
  • Self Service Reward
  • the problem of increasing energy losses in sub-stations
  • the forthcoming Time-Of-Use Tariffs (variable half-hour rates)
  • energy supplies and EV chargers in new housing estates
  • why OVO's Home Storage and V2G charger projects take so long to develop
all of which have been noted down.

Next time I visit, I think we'll need a much longer lunch-break 😀
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Wow a year already @Transparent , thanks for being such an involved member of our community!!

Sorry I was only able to come and say "hello" and then run away, it's a super busy time of year as we are head on into planning 2019 already!!!!!!!

Look forward to catching up next time you drop by and thanks again for all your support so far!!!!!!