I switched over 6 weeks ago - Why have OVO not sent my meter readings to my previous supplier yet?

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What is going on???

Its been well over 6 weeks and Ebico tell me that OVO have not sent my final meter readings. Why is this? I’ve emailed OVO as well and I’ve had no response. This needs to be resolved asap. Absolutely ridiculous that I can’t seem to get a straight answer from you guys.

You obviously have my meter readings and you’ve been taking money out of my account without issue. So what is the problem?

What information do you need from me to get Ebico my final meter readings????????


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I’m so sorry there’s been a hold-up to the meter readings you submitted reaching your previous supplier since you joined us. When you submit your opening meter readings after a switch these are then sent off to be checked by a third party, then given to your old supplier. This process is expected to take 6 weeks so if you’re still waiting on a final bill or refund from your previous supplier after this time, this is something we’d need to get sorted.

You can contact your previous supplier or our Support Team, who can help chase this up. It could be that the information hasn’t yet been released by the ‘data collectors’ who verify the information before passing it on. If there’s any disagreement between suppliers this can also cause a delay - Check out this guide to ‘Read Disputes’ for more information if this is the case.


I hope this helps get things back on track and your switch completed ASAP. :slight_smile:

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Recently switched from Octopus to OVO so that I could take advantage of the Charge Anytime tariff.

We have a SMETS 2 meter and the gas meter has switched and is supply data to OVO. However I cannot submit the opening Electricty meter reading and have the message “We're still waiting for some industry data for this meter, so you're not able to submit a reading right now”. This can take upto six weeks. 

Can this be resolved quickly? If not I will switch back to Octopus 

I tried the online web chat put the agent could not understand or type in English!

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Hey @speuk ,

Don’t panic! It should be done soon and it’s best to leave things alone while this gets sorted out. Chances are either Octopus or some other industry party is being slow at serving up critical information and you can’t switch again while an active switch is in progress.

Please wait for the switch to complete. You’ll be kept informed with progress and there’s no need to get in touch with OVO about this.

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Hey @speuk,


Sorry for the issues you’re having,


I’d advise reaching out to Support so they can confirm the status of your switch, advise of any issues and submit a meter read on your behalf. 


Hope this helps. 

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@speuk do keep us updated as it will be useful for other customers to see how long switching to ovo is taking (for whatever reason) 

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@Emmanuelle_OVO @Tim_OVO are there any of these £50 credits left?

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Delay was only 48 hours in the end and I was then immediately able to sign up for Charge Anytime tariff 

I finally managed to leave OVO. OVO wouldn’t let me put my final meter readings online as they said I had no active meter. I tried contacting but gave up after 30 mins. I gave them to my new supplier. I asked them - EDF - what the last meter readings were on the account, bearing in mind I have sent meter readings on the 1st of the month for the last 18 months to SSE, then OVO to be told it was estimated and it was more than 6000 kw than the actual readings. Words fail me. 

EDF said not to worry as it is clearly an error on OVO’s part. How naive EDF are. Now I have an email saying they have mater reading dispute and it could take up to 12 weeks to sort out. I mean, I know OVO are losing customers in droves but really? Why make it so hard?

So my question is, OFGEM tell me that’s a breached standard as they should send a final bill within 6 weeks of a switch. They’ve had almost 3 weeks already. Other than phone or chat, which seem impossible, how else can I sort this? Signed-for letter maybe? Will I also be able to claim compensation, as per OFGEM’s advice? 


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Hey @Debz,


Sorry for the issues you’re having,


You wouldn’t be able to submit a meter reading to your OVO account once the supply is no longer live on the account and has switched away. 


When you switch to a new provider, they’ll ask for your opening meter readings. Usually they will send you a reminder 5-10 days before they take over the supply. Once these are received they are sent to the industry to be validated by a third party and then sent back to your previous provider (in this case OVO). If your new provider EDF don’t get a meter reading they’ll propose an estimate, it sounds like this estimate is out of line which means your account requires a read dispute. EDF can raise a read dispute with the industry, once we have received their proposal we can close your account to the same reading and this will resolve the billing issues on both your final bill from OVO, and opening bill from EDF.


We have a helpful guide on this topic here: 



Hope this helps. 

That’s my point: EDF DID provide meter readings. EDF told me that OVO had horrendous estimates for my last bill; it’s a mystery why as they have had meter readings every month.

The whole company is in utter chaos. 

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That’s my point: EDF DID provide meter readings. EDF told me that OVO had horrendous estimates for my last bill; it’s a mystery why as they have had meter readings every month.

The whole company is in utter chaos. 

The 6000 kWh difference, is that for gas or electricity? 

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Hey @Debz,


Sorry for the issues you’re having,


When you switch to a new provider, the old provider has to close your account to the exact same meter reading the new provider open to. To ensure you don’t pay twice for any usage. That is why a read dispute will need to be raised as a new closing/opening meter reading will need to be agreed by both suppliers. 

Again, that’s my point. OVO had my meter readings up-to-date. Now they seem to have lost them as have instead provided the last reading as estimated. EDF have provided the meter readings. 

I am so hoping this nightmare will be over soon. Now tthough I find my poor mother has also been forced to OVO from SSE so forced to pay by DD. I am now looking to help her switch too. 


I submitted my opening meter readings as required, and yet today when I check my account, they do not show up and I am now past the period when I can submit the opening readings. When I submit a meter reading, it accepts the electricity reading but says the gas reading is lower than they expected. Any ideas?

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Hi @NickWills, welcome to the Forum, and welcome to OVO. We’re sorry to hear of the trouble you’ve been having getting your opening meter readings submitted.


Do you currently have full access to your online account? It can take up to 6 weeks for the opening meter readings to be confirmed and accepted onto the account if you’ve switched suppliers. If you’ve recently moved into the property, it may be possible that the opening meter readings have been estimated, if we didn't receive the opening readings in time, the system may not want to accept the readings you have in this case.


This topic below explains the process in more detail and may be of good use to you.


As we don’t have account access here at the Forum, we won’t be able to check this for you and you would need to get in touch with the Support Team to look into this and update the readings if necessary.


Our Support team’s web messaging and WhatsApp opening hours will be:

  • 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday 
  • 9am - 2pm on Saturdays

You can see all open contact channels via our Help Centre.