I'm switching away from OVO, why is there a delay for my final bill?

  • 23 February 2024
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Had anyone experienced leaving OVO because of joining another energy company and not be able to get final bill for more than two months? I am still getting charged for gas and electricity they don’t supply, and when I was trying to get my final bill, they asked me to wait for 6 weeks to sort it out, nothing had been done, after contacting them after 7 weeks after I joined another energy supplier, they asked me to wait 32 working days more. I’ve never experienced anything like this, now paying to two energy suppliers at the same time, which is ridiculous in my opinion and shameful for OVO.

Elena Wilson


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Hey @Elena Wilson,


Sorry for the issues you’re having, 


Usually when you switch suppliers, we’ll receive the information we need from your new supplier and issue a final statement within 6 weeks of your switch date. If you’ve got a credit balance, once the final statement has been issued, this’ll be automatically refunded and be back in your bank account no longer than 10 days after you get the final statement.


What can slow down my switch, and how will delays be resolved?


Most switches go smoothly, without any hiccups. But, occasionally, there might be a delay – and it’s likely to be from one of these things: 


1. Your meter readings might take longer than normal to be validated


When you sign up to your new supplier, they’ll ask for your electricity and gas opening readings. They’ll also get your readings checked against the meter readings from us.

These checks are carried out by different companies, which means that when your validated readings are returned to them and your new supplier, they might not come back together. This can lead to a delayed first statement on one of your fuels. And if the figures don’t match, it can lead to a reading dispute. 


2. Your meter details or address might be wrong


It might be that they’re missing one of your meter numbers, or haven't got your full address. 


3. You might have had an erroneous transfer


They’ll use the national database to find your meter details, so they switch the right person. They should send these to you to check. If you forget and they don't match, they might transfer someone else by mistake. This is called an erroneous transfer. You can find out more about erroneous transfers in our help page. 


4. You've built up a debt


If you owe us money, we may reject or block your switch, which will lead to a delay. 


You can find out more about the switching process here. If you haven’t had your final bill within 6 weeks, you may be entitled to compensation. You can find out more on the OFGEM website.


Hope this helps. 

Hi Emmanuelle,

Thank you for responding. I switched to British Gas on 27-12-2023, and before that my OVO account had a credit balance of £248. Despite this, I am still receiving bills from OVO and they continue to deduct money from my bank account on the 1st of each month. As a result, I now have to pay both British Gas and OVO every month. Whenever I contact OVO, they assure me that they will resolve the issue and send me the final bill, but no one can provide me with a timeframe for when that will happen.

Kind Regards,


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Hi @Elena Wilson 


I’m really sorry to hear you’re no further forward with this.


I’ll have the Forum Support reach out to you to help get this resolved as I know you’ve been having difficulties for some time now. 


You should receive a private message here soon:

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Hi @Elena Wilson , what I did when I switched away was to cancel my direct debit (knowing the I was in credit). You would get a message but it would stop any further deductions. 
Also they obviously already have your bank details so it would not stop any refund due. 

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Hey @Elena Wilson,


BPLightlog has given some helpful advice here, if your supply has switched away and you’re account has enough credit, you could cancel the direct debit.


My only concern is that it might be that British Gas have taken an incorrect address over, and that we still hold your supply? The support team should be able to check this information on the national database. If that’s not the case, it may be a delay in the final statement being produced.


Hope this helps.