What is an ET or Erroneous Transfer?

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An ‘erroneous transfer’ (or ET) refers to when a property has been switched by mistake.

This can happen for the following reasons:
- There’s a mistake on the national gas/electricity database (either with your address or meter details)
- There’s been a human or systems error when switching
- You details have been used fraudulently to switch
As an energy customer, you’re protected if this happens and retain the right to be with your preferred supplier. More info here.

How would I spot this?
- You might receive an email or letter from your current supplier saying “Sorry to hear you’re leaving”, but you don’t want to leave
- You receive your welcome letter from a new supplier and notice your address/details are wrong
- You receive a final bill

How can it be resolved?
- Either one of the suppliers can get in touch with the other to advise of the ET
- We will confirm some information so we can make sure we’re taking the right steps
- You’ll be transferred back to the right supplier, which can take around 12 weeks
- Your Direct Debit with your correct supplier will continue
- The correct supplier will bill you for the ET period once the process is complete

Hopefully this won't happen, but if it does, we hope this helps explain what it is and how we can help. Feel free to post any questions below...

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Yesterday I received two emails from Ovo about requesting a switch and they're sorry I'm leaving. When I logon to the website there is also a Sorry You're Leaving box at the top of the page.

The problem is that I've not requested a switch and do not want one. The phone lines are not open at weekend, I can't see an online chat option, I've replied to both emails saying that I haven't requested a switch.

Is there anything I can do, or just wait until Monday when I can call?

Curious as to how this can happen?
This sounds like an erroneous transfer (or ET) @colheath

I've moved your query over to an existing topic all about ETs - just check out the info in Nancy's post above.

I can make sure the switch away is stopped - just send me a PM confirming your full name, full address and DoB.

Thank you @Emily_OVO I spoke to a very helpful lady at ovo yesterday who has got me sorted now. It was a neighbour who has signed up to EDF and entered their house number incorrectly.
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Glad to hear it's being resolved, @colheath!
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Same thing happened to me yesterday. OVO sent me an email saying they were sorry I was leaving but as with the other customers above I did not request this switch. Call me cynical but I'm convinced this was an act of provocation by a member of the OVO customer service team as I have contacted them numerous times recently about billing errors not to mention all the other problems I've been having. It seems that the more I point out their errors the more frequently they happen. I'm sure OVO are probably as sick of me as I am of them lately what with all their silly mistakes, these shouldn't be happening and frankly speaking I don't know why they do!!

I did try calling the 'Didn't Ask to Switch' number immediately that I discovered this ET but the lines were closed. Now I'm going to be worrying about this all over Christmas if it isn't sorted immediately and I don't suppose for one minute that OVO will compensate me for all the inconvenience thy're causing lately..

I made a post here earlier, perhaps one of the nice forum staff can move my post to this thread please, at least they have some intelligence unlike the idiots who work in CS.
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Update on my previous...

See my above link for further details, this issue has now been dealt with by a nice chap at OVO called James. Thanks James! 😉
HaveHave just been told I am switching suppliers but I never asked to
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If you're seeing the message in your account it's probably a cock-up like just happened to me. I also got an email to the same effect but after discussing it with James at OVO he's reassured me that the matter is being dealt with and will be put right asap.

If you're seeing the message in your account it's probably a cock-up like just happened to me. I also got an email to the same effect but after discussing it with James at OVO he's reassured me that the matter is being dealt with and will be put right asap.
ThankThank-you slinky. I have been informed that it is an error and not to worry about it 😉
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You're welcome! Incidentally the Erroneous Transfer message has been removed from my account today 😀
I received a letter yesterday saying OVO is sorry i am leaving and i have a box on my personal details page when i logon to the website saying the same thing. There is a number to call to speak to someone but the wait time was initially 18 minutes now i'm at work and can't sit on a personal call for 18 minutes to try and sort this out. Is there any way of contacting OVO without having to sit on hold for a lifetime. There are two flats at the property where i am and new tenants have just moved into one of the flats so i'm worried they have given the wrong details to OVO.
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Send OVO an email and tell them it's a mistake, it's not something this forum can help with. Personally I don't believe a neighbour would have given the wrong address, OVO told me that these ET's had affected around 300.

More importantly if you receive a self service reward for managing your account online make sure you've received it. I didn't and it was all due to this ET. Flipping aliens!!
I have noticed today that OVO have put money back into my bank account, so I went onto MyOvo to see it says they no longer supply my Gas and Electricity and my account has been closed! I haven't requested any other company to take over my gas and electricity, so this has baffled me. Anyone know why this might be? I do think I may have mistakenly not sent my readings for a couple of months. Surely they wouldn't just close my account for that, and I would get a warning first, but I don't recall any such email?
This has also happened to me with my gas.

Noticed one morning on my online account that “they were sad to see me go” - no idea what it meant as I’ve always been happy with OVO and never even enquired about leaving.

Rang them up, apparently British Gas had tried to take over my supply! Called British Gas, they told me they haven’t and put a block on it in case it happens again.

Didnt think much more of it thought it was a crosswire with addresses (as I live in an apartment), logged on this morning and I have no gas supply from OVO and my account is 35 quid down!!

What is going on? Will be getting a phone call later complaining as this isn’t good enough.
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Hey @PaulDerby and @Tommya87.

I've moved your post here, please take a look at @Nancy_OVO's post at the top of the thread.

Please contact our team as soon as possible, so that we can get this looked into.

You can send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or email the team on hello@ovoenergy.com, or give them a call. You can reach our Customer Care team 9-5 Monday-Friday on 0330 30 5063.

Hope this helps!