I've been asked to submit some meter readings - how do I read my smart meter?

  • 27 May 2017
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This is probably obvious, but I have been asked to submit my dual readings but now have smart meters and can't find the relavent values to send.

I thought having a smart meter fitted meant that the readings would send automatically.

Please help!

Thanks very much


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Updated on 18/06/21 by Jess_OVO


For SMETS1 ‘Secure’ smart meters:


There’s a slight difference between the the S1 meters we installed. To take a dual (day/night) reading for Secure Liberty 110 S1 smart meters (which are designed to work best with storage heaters), press 9 on the meter’s keypad. If you’ve got a Secure Liberty 100 S1 smart meter, press 6 to confirm the Day and Night meter readings (pressing 9 will show the reading if you’re a single rate member with this meter).

For SMETS2 Aclara, Flonidan, Honeywell or Elster smart meters:


  Aclara (Elec) / Flonidan (Gas) Elster (Elec) / Honeywell (Gas)
Reading the meter
  • Elec: Press A three times until TOU Rate 1 appears.
  • Gas: Press C to wake up, then C to access the menu. Use B to scroll and C to select the reading option.
  • Elec: Press the top button once or twice
  • Gas: Press the circle button once or twice



Once you’ve taken the reading you can submit it on the ‘Meter Readings’ page of your online account or on the OVO app (Download for Android or iOS)


Worried that your smart meter has lost communication? You can help diagnose this by following the smart meter health check for your meter type below, then reaching out to the Support team:


SMETS1 Secure Smart Meter Health Check guide


The SMETS2 Smart Meter Health Check


OVO member but not got a smart meter yet? - Book today!


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Hope @Mattj3135 helped you, @Nickholder - that OVO Answers page will explain this better then any of us.

I've changed the title and added some tags to this topic - I recon there will be loads of users with the same query and I want them to find Matt's answer!