Does my In Home Display (IHD) need to be plugged in all the time?

  • 12 January 2019
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Does your smart meter have to be plugged in all the time? I turn the display thing off sometimes to plug other things in. Will this affect OVO getting my readings?



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15 replies

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Updated on 21/02/22 by Jess_OVO

A great question to ask about your In-Home Display (IHD).

This device allows you to view your smart meter usage data by connecting to your smart meter via the Home Area Network (HAN). We’d advise keeping the device plugged in close to your electricity meter if you’d like an easy way to check your real-time usage.

If you’d prefer not to use the IHD (or want to free up some plug space), not to worry. You can unplug and store the device without impacting the connection of your smart meters. As the smart meters use the Wide Area Network (WAN) to send us your meter readings, they’ll be unaffected by the function of any IHD.

Don’t forget you can also check your usage data via the usage pages of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS).

For more IHD advice check out the guides below:


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I had a smart meter fitted a couple of days ago. There is now a "New Message" message running across the bottom from right to left and an envelope icon at the top. I've no idea how to access this message? 🤔

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Hi and welcome to the OVO online community, @Technophobe!


You’ve found the right place for these type of smart meter questions. Just to clarify, when you mention seeing a message icon on screen, is this on the screen on the meter or the In-Home Display?


If you’re not sure, maybe you can take a photo and post it here so our community members can help do some trouble-shooting. 🙂

It's on the in-home display screen.

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Ah ok. Which IHD do you have @Technophobe ? If you’re not sure, please post photos of it and we’ll help you out.

For a Chameleon IHD6 though, simply choose the Messages option from the menu.

It's the chameleon. I'm not happy with it as the signal is very variable here and I worry about inconsistent readings being sent and being converted to estimates. I stopped the charging last night and the screen had gone blank, going on again when I switched the charge on again. Surely, cost-wise and efficiency-wise, it doesn't have to be charged all the time? Can I just send meter readings myself at the designated time? Which will my bill be based on, the smart meter or the conventional meter readings? There is now no envelope and no "You have a new message" message. I'm afraid I'm finding this very stressful and far from ideal. I have M.E. and my capacity for all that this seems to entail is just not there.

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Your IHD is only used to show you data from the smart meter. It isn't required for the smart meter to work properly and send data to your energy company. You could leave it switched off in the box and your meter would work fine.

Ah, I was told I had to have a smart meter or my plan would change? I just find it all too stressful.

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No need to worry. You have a smart meter.


The IHD is just a display for your interest. It is not an essential part of the smart meter. Mine is switched off on a shelf somewhere.


Thank you. That's reassuring. So you just submit readings "old school"?

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Your smart meter sends data to your energy company so you shouldn't have to send any readings.

Even if switched off and signal variable?

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It's the meter that sends data to your energy company, not the display unit you have in the house.

Ok. Thanks for your patience!!!!!! 🙏

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You can usually also check the messages on the meters themselves as well. It varies as to exactly how that works, but it’s possible if you poke about for a bit.