Can I have a smart meter with storage heating?

  • 7 February 2020
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Hi - I switched to OVO as I wanted to have a smart meter.  I have storage heating on economy 7 - Day and Night rate.  Went to book my installation and found that you cannot provide a smart meter.  Why is this - I have read through the forum and there appears to be plenty who have them?


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9 replies

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Great to hear you’re keen to go smart - we’re big smart meter fans here too!


Whilst we were previously unable to install smart meters with a fifth-port (which is needed to control your storage heaters) we’re happy to report this is no longer the case, so it may be that there’s currently no available appointments in your area.


Sorry for any confusion caused by the message you received when trying to get this arranged. 


You can check for upcoming appointments and book an upgrade to a S2 smart meter online here or by reaching out to our Support Team.


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Hi @ByronJackson,

There could be a number of variables affecting why we’re not able to install a smart meter at the moment. Check out this topic which outlines the situation with SMETS1 meters and storage heaters. This topic might also be worth a look. 


For a full investigation, pop the team a message on Facebook with your account number (or full address and post code), full name and DoB.


Sorry - its kind of wierd that a key pointer for moving to OVO was a smart meter.  It would appear though that despite all the hype about how great they are - we cannot have one.  I really do feel that this point SHOULD be pointed out in a more transparent way on your website.  You are kind of miss selling as you cannot provide Smart meter to every home because at point of selling you are fully aware that 5 port meters are not eligable and you make no reference to this on your website, indeed to only time you find out is following transfer.

We are now paying a 1/3 rd more for our electricity and appear to have no benefits at all.  We feel that we are being fobbed off with regard to government being responsible for this.  

If you could perhaps respond in detail before I raise the matter with the Energy Ombudsman - this is a really important issue and I am sure we are not your only clients who have moved only to find out that that the smart meter offer is non exsistant.

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Hi @ByronJackson,

We do have first generation (SMETS1/S1) five port meters available, however we currently don’t have a second generation (SMETS2/S2) equivalent. This is something we’re working on at the moment. Depending on what area you live in, we may be able to install an S1 meter if they’re available. 

I’m sorry you feel you’ve been mis-sold on this point. We wouldn’t ever promise a potential customer a smart meter as an incentive to switch, as a lot of things can affect the possibility of getting one fitted (engineer availability, meter setup, technical issues). Unfortunately the Forum isn’t a place where we can raise formal complaints. If you’d like to escalate this issue to the Complaints team, please call the team on 0330 303 5063, or send us a message on Facebook or webchat via the Help Centre.


I wouldn't mind a smet1 5 terminal meter as they will become smart with other suppliers after upgrade anyway. I have just switched to sse are they able to install 5 terminal smart meters in North East England? I know alot of smet 2 meters don't work anyway up these parts.

I have switched to sse part of ovo because it states I will need a smart meter install for the tarrif I've chosen. I hope I'm not in the same boat tbh 

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Hi @Sdonley - I’m not sure of your query here. OVO do have first generation (SMETS1/S1) five port meters available, however we currently don’t have a second generation (SMETS2/S2) equivalent.


So would you still install a 1st gen smart meter and how would I go about booking a install 

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You can arrange a smart meter installation here, @Sdonley, you’ll just need your postcode and account number. The booking platform will let you know what meter will be installed. 

We are forced to have electricity smart meter installed because old meter has failed. We have economy 7 and night storage water tank immersion heater which is only connected during off peak period. Does the smart meter have provision for this heater only to be powered during the off peak period? 

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Hi @Ted Bates ,

As long as you told the agent that you have E7 when booking, then yes it will.