How to request a refund on your online account or OVO app

  • 4 May 2020
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How to request a refund on your online account or OVO app
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Notice you’ve been building up some credit on your OVO account and want some back in your bank account? You can now request a refund of some of this credit yourself by logging in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS).


Step 1


Click the ‘Payments’ menu option to the left of the Homepage


Exact appearance may vary

You’ll arrive here:,


Step 2


Scroll down until you see the ‘Refunds’ section,


Refunds section at the bottom of the Payments page



Step 3


Click the ‘Find out how to get a refund’ button to see this page,


Exact appearance may vary



Step 4


Here you’ll be able to check whether you can apply for a refund currently, if it’s possible you can click ‘Apply for a refund’,


Exact appearance may vary



Just enter the amount you’d like refunded up to a maximum of £1000 (making sure there’s still at least one Direct Debit amount remaining in credit). If successful you’ll see this confirmation page,


Exact appearance may vary


If not you’ll see this page,


Exact appearance may vary



If you’re seeing this message and you’re not sure why, reach out to our Support Team who can investigate the issue and apply for the refund manually if possible


Please be aware that the mobile phone images shown above are what you’d see when using your online account via your device’s internet browser, however the refund option is also accessible on the OVO app.


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Great!  Thanks for this @Ed_OVO 

So to save me continually repeating this in separate Topics, may I please point out the following:

A; The ‘conditions’ which are being applied by OVO for refunds are in accordance with Ofgem guidelines. A Credit Account with a monthly Direct Debit needs to be kept in credit to an amount roughly equal to the expected next bill.

This is not the same concept as “paying the monthly/quarterly bill in arrears” as many of us used to do in days of yore.


B; Because Statements are produced in arrears, the Direct Debit is calculated by taking the estimated Annual Usage and dividing by eleven (not twelve)! This is the equivalent of OVO ensuring that they will not be left chasing a debt at the end of the 1 or 2 year Contract.

There’s more detail about this on the Direct Debit Help Page.