how long does a PayPoint bill payment take to show in my account?

  • 5 August 2022
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When a bill is paid using PayPoint, how long does it take to show against a customers account. We made the payment on 30.7.22, and were told it would take 3 working days to credit the account. The payment was made well inside the 14 days we have to make the payment, as stated on the bill.

Now 5 working days later, a rep informs me, that they cannot provide a timescale for the payment being credited to the account and to ignore any letter OVO will send, chasing the payment.


All I need is an answer for my pensioner dad, who is also suffering from I’ll health and all I’m getting is different answers and being told to ignore their letters?


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Hi @Sarajones888 and welcome to the OVO online community,


I’m so sorry to hear about the delay to your father’s payment, made via a Paypoint and any undue stress this might’ve caused him. I’ve double-checked this with the team and can confirm that the original 3 day timeframe you were given was correct, so I’m sorry to hear this hasn’t yet been reflected on the account balance.


I’m assuming you’re helping to manage the account on his behalf? If so we’d recommend re-contacting the Support Team who can investigate any missing payments. They may request some additional information in order to help locate the funds, so we’d recommend having them to hand before you call:


1. Date and amount of payment(s)

2. Method/type of payment(s) and any possible reference 

3. Proof of payment - screenshot of the bank statement or a receipt given by Paypoint.


I hope this helps get things back on track - Do let us know if you need any further advice here.

Hi Jess


thank you for your reply.


When we called this morning and both spoke to someone called Molly, I was told rather bluntly, that they could not contact the payments team to trace the payment and was told to just wait for the payment to show. 

She also told us to ignore any of the payment reminders that you will send out as we have proof of the payment being made.


I have already emailed your email address and received an automated response, stating I have to wait up to 5 working days to receive a response, which is unacceptable.


This is the second month in a row, we have had an issue after paying our bill and is very worrying, as we never had an issue when were with SSE.


Kind regards

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I can understand how frustrating that must’ve been, @Sarajones888 - making a payment should be all that’s needed. Whilst the payment will probably be showing by now, it shouldn’t be on you to have to chase it, especially if we’re sending you emails about an outstanding debt. 


It’s now been 5 working days since the payment. We’re working with the bank here so it might’ve not been anything on our side that caused the delay. Tricky to say. If it’s still not showing, our Support team will be able to raise a ‘case’ with our Payments team. Online chat is the quickest way, and our email is the slowest. 


If you or your would find it easer, you can make payments via our online account


We’d always recommend a Direct Debit as the most hassle free payment method:



Hope this helps,