OVO Forum community guidelines and house rules

  • 31 January 2020
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OVO Forum community guidelines and house rules
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Updated on 19/12/22 by Emmanuelle_OVO


Welcome to your OVO community!


If it’s quick support or advice, or access to information on green energy and greener living from members with first hand experience, the OVO Forum has you covered. 


Every conversation here helps our mission to get to zero carbon. We’re in this together. This is your forum, so dive in!



Guidelines and House Rules:


Need advice? Have a look or ask our members


If you want an answer in seconds, search for it here. We’ve made a guide here on how to search our topic database. There’s hundreds of topics, so the conversation is probably already happening! 


Or create a new question and ask our members directly, here. You’ll need to make a forum profile which only takes a minute! 


What to do when getting involved 


Your comments and topics should always aim to be accurate (when you’re stating a fact), or genuine (where you’re explaining an opinion) and the intentions of the contribution should match the spirit of the community, as outlined in 5.1 and 5.2 of our T&Cs here


Contributions should be respectful and courteous of others, be relevant to the subject matter of that topic (you can always create a new topic if you want to change the subject), and have lots of helpful details.


What to avoid when getting involved 


The OVO Forum is a safe space for people to help each other and discuss green energy and greener living. 


Please don’t post content that contains personal, account or financial details of you or someone else, or contain material that’s abusive, libellous, defamatory, pornographic or obscene, that promotes or incites violence, terrorism, illegal acts, or hatred on the grounds of race, ethnicity, cultural identity, religious belief, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation, or is otherwise objectionable in OVO’s reasonable discretion. See full terms outlined in section 5.2 of our T&Cs here.


Lastly, please report any abuse of these guidelines or T&Cs to an OVO Forum moderator. See below for how to identify them


Our moderators are here if you need them


@Tim_OVO and @Emmanuelle_OVO are the OVO Forum Moderators who will do their best to keep an eye on things, ready to step in and help. We might move a comment, we might edit something if it’s risking your privacy or breaking the T&Cs.


OVO employees are easily identified with a green username, the OVO logo in front of the name, and _OVO in their username. Don’t be shy if you need help - feel free to send us a private message! See section 6 of our T&Cs here for what we try to do as moderators.


It’s only an opinion - take it with a pinch of salt


Moderators can’t fact check all content that’s posted, so don’t take everything you read here as proven, or factual. It’s just advice, it might be out of date, inaccurate, or simply an opinion. People here are happy to help, but that doesn’t mean they will always be able to fix everything. For more info on our responsibility for content you find on the OVO Forum, see section 10 of our T&Cs here.


Build your profile


Choose a unique username that doesn’t contain personal information like your account number, such as a nickname, and avoid having ‘_OVO’ in it, or other users will think you work at OVO), add a signature and an avatar. Add information about your plan, meters, EV model and more on your profile.


If you have green tech such as a smart thermostat, an EV or solar panels, put this info in your profile. That way other members can see this and decide if you’re someone they can reach out to. We’ll also award your profile with badges for each bit of green tech you have, making it even easier for people to spot your know-how. 


Click here to register if you haven’t already!


Share your knowledge, share your question


The OVO Forum hosts hundreds of specific questions, discussions and guides. There is nothing too niche, there’s no stupid question. By contributing, you’re helping to spark conversations about green energy and greener living. 


Write a blog post to share your experience, and you might help the next person that comes along after you. Keep topic threads up to date with the latest developments, ask follow up questions, get involved. To get to zero carbon, we need a community!


You can introduce yourself to other OVO Forum members, or better yet create something that helps them - you might feel like a newbie, but you’re a valuable part of this mission, so get creating! 

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Hi all. Im newbie.

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Hi all. Im newbie.


Hi @ricardos and welcome to our community! 


As you’ve added a profile pic and let a few comments, you’re already considered ‘savvy’, and are no longer a newbie. Things move fast here ey!


I can see from your profile that you’re a Prius owner. We’d welcome a review of this hybrid in our Owning an EV section….

Hi there this project looks interesting are you still taking new accounts?.


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Hi there this project looks interesting are you still taking new accounts?.


Welcome @Roadhog 

Pretty much what @Tim_OVO Has mentioned above! Change your profile picture, fill in your bio, get stuck in and assist other OVO users on the forum! We are all here to help one another :smile: 

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Hi @Roadhog  - what brings you here? @ITGeek123 will happily chew your ear off if you’re an EV owner, or a Doom player :joy:

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Hi @Roadhog  - what brings you here? @ITGeek123 will happily chew your ear off if you’re an EV owner, or a Doom player :joy:

@Tim_OVO Not sure if I should take that as a compliment or insult :joy: It’s not just Doom! Just gaming in general haha

EV owner was looking at the V2G trial

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@Roadhog ah! Good thing to ask. That will possibly be @Tim_OVO or @Ash_OVO expertise. But also take a look here what Tim recently posted. 


Hi, thank you for the tips! I’m new to this forum, so it’s very useful for me.

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Welcome @cromL - did you find what you were looking for? If you need to ask us something, just click here to post your question or discussion topic - the answer will help you and others with the same question!



How do i pair my smart meter to my idh?

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Hey there @nmac234 !

The Support Team can help you to pair up a new IHD with your smart meters. It’s best done over the phone as I’m not sure Live Chat can be used for this type of request.

They’ll guide you through the steps and it should take about five minutes.


IDH6 meter is now working, cannot find night time usage on it?

And it is waiting for Man!

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Welcome to the forums @nmac234 .

I’ve just answered your question in another thread over at 

Please try to keep to one thread for a single question though, rather than posting the same one across several threads. It’s easier for us to keep track that way and helps to make sure other members don’t get confused.


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Hi community members, 


Please be advised that we’ve made some additions to our guidelines and house rules (see above) and terms and conditions, which can be found here


Additions to our terms and conditions can be located in section 5.1, 6.1, 7.4, 10.2 and 11.1. 


These are now live and active immediately, as of 30th July 2021. 


If you have any questions about the changes made, feel free to send me a private message or leave a comment below. 




I posted a question about 10 minutes ago but can’t see it. Is there a delay in them appearing? If so, how long does it take?

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Hey @amcc ,

It’s possible it might have been swallowed by the spam filter. I’ll get @Tim_OVO and @Emmanuelle_OVO to dig through it. Hang in there for a bit!

If your post is in there and complies with the house rules, they’ll release and publish it for you ASAP.