Hot off the press - We've got Spark Energy joining the OVO family!

  • 28 November 2018
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We announced some exciting news yesterday after our bid for Spark Energy's customers was successful (after Spark announced that they stopped trading last week). See Ofgem's statement here

What does this mean?
Well in short, Spark and OVO customers won't see a huge amount change. OVO Group will grow by 290,000 customers, but anyone supplied by Spark will still have all aspects of their account under the Spark brand. So for Spark Energy, it’s business as usual.

If you're a Spark Energy customer, with any questions about this change and how it might effect your account, give the Spark Energy customer services team a call: 0345 034 7474, from 9am to 5pm weekdays. @Dessie

What do the CEO's think?
Both Stephen Fitzpatrick and Chris Gauld think that this outcome is "great news" with Stephen adding that "we're delighted to have been able to bring Spark into the OVO Energy Group, securing a good outcome for their customers and the team”

So guys, what do you think about this? Get commenting below and share your thoughts - it's a hot topic!

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7 replies

Hi, what is going to happen to all of the Spark customers who have 'complex' meters installed. None of the big 6 suppliers will touch us as they have 2 MPAN's and their systems allegedly won't cater for us???
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I've already put some info for Spark customers on this Topic here and responded to @Doddy0078's question there.

@Lucy_OVO feel free to move it if you want!
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I've also noticed that Ofgem's site here has a pretty clear explanation of what's happening with information about account credits and Direct-Debits.
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@Transparent You can no longer reply. You will ruin the 666 (Number of the beast)
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Ive just seen online that Ovo has taken over Spark. Is Ovo sorting out the Spark accounts?
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Hi @Dessie,

We've bought Spark energy, but they'll continue to trade as normal. If you've got an account with them, it'll remain with them and the customer services team will still be available for any help you need. You can reach them on 0345 034 7474.