Spark Energy and some advice I have for their customers

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I have just read on the BBC News site that Spark Energy in Stirling, has ceased trading. You can read the official statement from Spark's Board on their own website here.

OVO Energy has put in a bid to take over the accounts of its 290,000 customers, obviously subject to the agreement of the Liquidator and the Energy Regulator.

Ofgem is well aware of the issues, and no customer should be cut off in the meantime. So please don't panic.

It will take a while to sort out those accounts which are in arrears or those where the contract-term is about to end.

If any Spark customers are reading this, and would like further advice, then you may post here by joining the OVO Forum. It is open to everyone, not just existing OVO customers. However, Spark Customer Service is still operating so any questions regarding Spark or your account should be directed there.

The Forum members are not professionals, nor employees of OVO. But we're a friendly bunch, and have a wealth of knowledge between us.

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Just following up my own post... I suggest that any Spark Energy customers take a meter-reading this weekend. In the unlikely event of any later dispute over whether you were in credit or arrears when Spark ceased trading, you will be able to refer back to this.

May I clarify: just because the company has ceased trading doesn't mean that your energy Contract has ceased. It hasn't! The contracts with existing Sparks customers are an asset of the company, and will be treated as such by the appointed liquidator/administrator.

And because your Contract remains "live", you are also still protected by the Consumer Rights Act. So this is good news.
Hi Ovo!

With Spark going bump I have been informed by Ofgem that Ovo has taken over my account. I, along with around 100 other people in my building have a 'complex' meter with two MPAN's, due to having an Economy 10 type system.

Has anything being put into place to cater for all of the Spark customers with complex meters, as Spark seemed to be the only supplier who catered for them? I know Npower have some people on a legacy plan, but no new people can join it.

Awaiting your reply.
What is going to happen to us Spark customers who have 'complex' meters installed?
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Welcome @Doddy0078 ... and that's an excellent question to start off with.

Firstly, the announcement is for OVO to take over your account administration. At the moment it will still be badged as a "Spark" account.

Secondly, OVO already has customers with E10 tariffs. Things only change once they get a Smart Meter installed, because there isn't a Smart Meter tariff with more than 7 hours of 'economy use'.

Thirdly, OVO are a long way into writing a new in-house tariff and billing system. It's operational but fairly frugal on end-user functionality at the moment. Some customers are on the Trial scheme, providing feedback. So whilst there's active programming going on, it's actually a pretty good time to evaluate what's required for existing Spark users.

And finally, the entire country will soon be changing over to a new strategy for energy-purchase. It's based on a half-hour variable tariff and requires the newer SMETS2 Smart Meters to operate. Ofgem and the Government call this system Demand Side Response whilst OVO sometimes refer to it as Time Of Use (TOU) tariff.

The golden rule with tariff and billing systems is not to change anything too quickly. Ofgem get very upset with Suppliers who end up annoying customers, and tend to fine them. So don't expect any sudden changes from OVO!
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Hey @Doddy0078 - I've moved your original post over here to keep all Spark chatter in one place. @Lucy_OVO has also posted some info about this change here.

Hope this helps.
Hi, in a way it does!

However, in the past couple of months I tried to switch away from Spark as they wouldn't fit me a smart meter. The switch to eon was blocked both times by Spark! I know of one Spark customer who at the advice of Ofgem cancelled his direct debit, Spark have now increased his tariff as he 'breached contract'. I really dislike Spark, but I'm stuck due to the meter situation.

Can Ovo switch those of us with the complex meters over and swap our meters, I for one won't mind losing the 3 hours as I can save money on a cheaper tariff.
I have an FIT account with SPARK Energy do I need to do anything ? Or does it change over automatically ( FIT 00679734), Regards MR R Phillips
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JAGuarxkrv8T wrote:

I have an FIT account with SPARK Energy do I need to do anything ? Or does it change over automatically ( FIT 00679734), Regards MR R Phillips

@JAGuarxkrv8T nothing will change for you, you'll stick with Spark as your FIT provider unless you change. More info on OVO Energy's FIT proposition here

Anymore news on what's happening with contacting Spark customers to let us know what and when it's all happening haven't heard a single thing from anyone since it all happened nearly 3 weeks ago
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Hey @bearpoohbear

All the info we can provide is right here.

As it stands Spark are still operating so any questions would need to be directed at them in terms of any communications that need to be sent out. OVO is not yet responsible for that as Spark is operating in its own right until further notice.

Hopefully this helps, but shout if you have any other questions.

i was a Sparc energy customer. Ac No. 9302564170
150 Hermitage Woods Crescent
surrey GU21 8 UH
i understand that Ovo have taken over the business now.
The property was rented until 5th October 2018, since then it has been empty.
i have now sold the property & wish to settle the bill I have it he following meter readings:
gas 0074 - 94
electric - 38887
How can I pay this?
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Hi @Rhockley

Although OVO now own Spark, they are still operating as a separate business so you will need to contact them directly to get help with this.

Here is an article on Spark which gives you everything you need to get in touch with them.

Spark was terrible anyway and so I'm rather glad they went bust.

What do I have to do to move?
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nicferrier wrote:

Spark was terrible anyway and so I'm rather glad they went bust.

What do I have to do to move?

Have a read of this topic, @nicferrier - lots of advice here!

In short, you can switch supplier to OVO just like normal, as Spark are still operating

Sort the switch here!
I am the owner of the building, the tenants moved out at then end of September 2018. The meter readings are incorrect for my "Sorry to see you go" account. Its almost 6 months and my account isn't sorted. I can't find an address to send a complaint to. They don't answer any emails and Im tired of phoning from the USA. LCS who seem to be dealing with the query are just as unresponsive. Anybody have any ideas for me? Thanks


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