Just moved home - Are you my supplier? - How do I set-up an account, if so!

  • 13 August 2019
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Hello! I'm moving into a new property and according to a website you provide the gas, but you have no record of this when I put the details on your website. Help, please!

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Hi @leaf and welcome to the Forum.

We're fellow customers who have no access to any account details. I suggest you message the webchat team via the Help Centre, giving them the full postal address, the date you moved in and the current meter reading.

Please post back here again if you have difficulties.

I'm trying to find out if you supply the gas and electricity to the property I've moved Into? 

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Good afternoon @Louise Thompson . :sunglasses:

Congratulations on your new home!

Probably the easiest way to find out would be to use the lookup tools provided by your local Distribution Network Operator for electricity, and Gas Transporter for gas. There’s details on how to do this over at Ofgem. Those tools should identify who the current supplier is.

What you’ll then want to do, is contact the current supplier and set up an account in your name. You’ll be asked for opening readings as well. If you’d like to stay with that supplier, feel free to pick a suitable tariff that takes your fancy. Otherwise, if you’d like to explore the market first, I’d recommend going with the Standard Variable tariff to begin with, so that you’re not locked in. It’s a bit more expensive but won’t be too bad if it’s temporary.

You can then choose your preferred supplier and go from there. If you’d like to go with OVO, you can find the switch tool over here. It may take a few weeks for any switch to go through. You won’t need to let the old supplier know - your new one will take care of that for you.

If you get stuck, feel free to let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

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I think we might need to reassign the ‘best answer’ of this topic thread ( @Louise Thompson I combined your topic with an existing one ), as @Blastoise186’s reply is top notch allowing everyone to check for themselves. What do we think, @Louise Thompson (were you able to find your supplier using Ofgem’s site?) @leaf

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I think it might be worth updating this one Tim!

The existing answer only really works if the current supplier happens to be OVO, which sort of defeats the object of asking OVO whether OVO currently supplies a property. :rofl:

It’s probably best to use a lookup tool that is independent from all suppliers, but still has access to ECOES and Xoserve. It’s probably faster that way as well! :wink:

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Updated on 16/05/22 by Jess_OVO


Interesting that you’ve been pointed in our direction as the gas supplier for your new place (if you did need help with this check out the great advice below) but this doesn’t seem to be reflected when trying to set-up an account online.

As there are a few energy suppliers in the OVO group there’s a chance that your supply might be with one of our sister companies such as Spark or SSE. It might be worth reaching out to our Support Team who’ll be able to double-check this for you.

If we’re definitely the supplier there, check out this great guide on setting up an account following a house move.

Welcome to the new pad! :house_with_garden:


It’s worthwhile pointing out that checking your gas supplier is easy to do online from a central site which covers the UK. Find My Supplier

Electricity suppliers are found by asking your regional Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

Once you know which DNO serves you, go to their website.

So for customers in one of the four regions supplied by Western Power, the relevant site address is here. For UK Power Networks (SE England) go to here.

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ANDDDDDDD I think we have a new winner :rofl:


Sorry for the back and forth on this best answer, still - it’s a common question for ANYONE moving into a new home and it deserves something involving as few steps as possible. 

Am moving to Great Ryburgh in Norfolk and was wondering if OVO operate there. There is only an electricity supply there,


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Hey there @alexnaish ! Welcome to the forum.

Yup, that should be good. OVO is able to serve basically any residential property in the UK that’s already got a supply installed and isn’t locked into some kind of weird edge case. We can advise on that if needed though.

If you need a hand with anything, feel free to give us a shout. :)

Hi Blastoise186,

Thanks for your help much appreciated. I don’t know what electric company was used there no doubt I could find out from my solicitors.

My wishes


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No worries @alexnaish !

Yup, the people who are most likely to know the answer would be either:

  • Your solicitor 
  • The current or most recent property owner
  • The landlord 
  • The estate agent 

If you still don't get any luck, we've got advice that might help as well. I'll double check and get back to you on that one. 

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Good news @alexnaish !

I’ve got some more info for you which might help and I’ve got a feeling that the relevant Distribution Network Operator in this case would be UK Power Networks.

If you pop the postcode of the property in question into the lookup tool over at their website you should be able to get a result back in under 90 seconds that reveals who the current supplier is. If the tool doesn’t work, it might be because another DNO is responsible for the property supply. We’ve got a list of all the others in case that helps, which you can find right over here.

You’ll need to create an account with that supplier on the day you move in, even if it’s not the supplier you want to go with properly long term. The best way to do that is to temporarily sign up with that supplier on the Standard Variable tariff and then immediately initiate a switch to whoever your preferred supplier is. If you fancy going with OVO, you can do that right over here. But otherwise feel free to shop around for whoever you fancy.

There is one exception however. If the current supplier happens to be the one you want to go with anyway, you can simply sign up with them and choose the appropriate tariff that you want to go with properly on the spot and they can get the show on the road in under an hour. This works with all suppliers where you’re happy to stick with the existing supplier rather than switching away. Feel free to go whichever way works for you though.

If we can help with anything else, definitely feel free to give us a shout anytime. This forum is open to everyone and we’ll always help you out for free even if you’re not with OVO and even if you decide to go with another supplier. :)

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Welcome to the OVO online community, @alexnaish!


Great question to ask in preparation of your house move - can see our community volunteer @Blastoise186 has already given some great advice in finding out who is currently supplying your new home.


I’ve also found a similar topic so have moved your query here to keep things tidy - check the best answer above for some more great advice!


There’s more helpful info on our moving home guide - but any more questions, we’re always on hand to help! Just sorry we can’t help pack up the boxes (that’s always my least fun part of moving!) :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for help it’s much appreciated.


My best wishes


Hello everyone, I moved to a new property on the 8th of October. My problem is both Ovo energy and Bulb claim to be the suppliers of the property. They're both sending me bills for the same property and same months. Bulb says they checked the national database and my flat was never supplied by Ovo Energy but Ovo energy is literally threatening me to call a debt company if I don’t pay them. Now, I know one property can’t have 2 electric suppliers at the same time so what can I do? How can I have 2 bills for October (one from Bulb, one from Ovo) 2 bills from November, 2 from December etc…? Someone is on the wrong but none of them tells me who and they both expect me to pay them. 

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You should check here for who is registered as your supplier

It is possible that one supplier is for gas and a different one for electric 

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Hey @izaskun123,


Sorry for the issues you’re having,


Could you please check your bills from each supplier and cross reference the meter serial number’s shown against the serial number on the meter itself?


It may be that there is a confusion about addresses on the national database.