Entered wrong meter reading when I moved in - can this be changed?

  • 25 September 2017
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I could not locate my gas meter as I have just moved in and wasn't sure where it was, but I had to provide opening meter readings, so I estimated the gas reading based on the reading on the final bill from the last tenants.

I have now located my gas meter however, and my estimate was too high. Can I correct the opening gas reading I gave to you?


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14 replies

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Welcome to OVO and your new home!


Great work for letting us know you’ve moved in (just in case others reading this haven’t done this yet, you can do this here or by contacting our Support Team). When we create your account we’ll check the date you moved in and the meter readings on this date and create you an account starting from this point. If you’re having trouble finding your meters or opening meter readings it’s always worth speaking to your letting agency or landlord as this information should be listed on your ‘check-in’ report.


As you’ve given us the wrong readings by mistake, these can be corrected. It might be worth taking a photo of the meters showing the correct readings and sending this to our Support Team, who be able to update your starting reading. To save having to take the readings in future, we’d really recommend looking to get a smart meter installed, which will send us the readings automatically.


 The easiest way to keep an eye on your new account is by logging in to your online account or downloading our app (available for iOS and Android)


There’s more tips on how to manage your energy account when you move home on this great guide and other moving house advice on this handy checklist


Good luck with the unpacking. :thumbsup:


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I got confused between the gas and electricity readings and put the gas reading into the electricity section, the figure was accepted although it couldn't possibly be correct, it was vastly lower that my previous electricity usage figure. Now I can't change it because there appears to be no provision for amending incorrect readings. Can anyone advise how to deal with this problem please?
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Hi @David Danson - I've moved your post over here where you should be able to find the information you need!
When submitting what I had worked out to be the correct value, the initial meter reading system told me that I was wrong.

What do I do now?

The meter was a smart meter installed by my previous supplier.
As I have received no response, I have submitted the value as read from the meter and will see what "The System" has to say for itself.

I will try and give feedback when I get a response back - apparently it can take 4 to 6 weeks for this process to finish.

Why I wonder..?
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Hi @nubink, I've moved your message to this topic, as there some relevant information here!

@Ed_OVO, I am completely confused. The only thing I can see is that I could leave it blank??? But that doesn't make sense...

I haven't moved house

I don't use Facebook.

So, where is the relevance? What tells me how to read the meter that I have?

If this is the level of support on the online version of the OVO account, I think that I would rather pay the £2.50 per month and get some telephone support.

I'm a bit frustrated at the whole "onboarding" experience at the moment
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Hey @nubink,

I appreciate your frustration, @Ed_OVO, was simply trying to point you in a direction that may have been some assistance.

Without knowing the type of meter you have it is difficult for me to advise how to read the meter, I would recommend giving our team a call as soon as possible on: 0330 303 5063 Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.


My reading on 2 October was incorrect for which I apologised and notified OVO, I read it as 16772 but it should have read 16172. On 29 Dec I gave them the correct readings via website and telephone and whoever I spoke to was going to amend the system as the website account kept saying my readings were wrong and going to be 'reviewed'. I have now received an email to say my readings were wrong on 29 Dec and my bill estimated again. I am being charged for 1349 units from 31/8 when I have actually used 203! My direct debit is being increased again and remaining debt increased. Which I am now finding quite stressful.

I have taken another reading today and tried to enter them on the account,  I am being told the readings are wrong and they are going to be 'reviewed' again. What else can I do ?

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Hi @sparklesara , Welcome to the forum :)

Thanks for asking about this. I’m Blastoise186, one of the forum volunteers here. While I can’t resolve this myself as I don’t have access to your account, I can definitely give you some advice that might help you out.

Firstly, please allow me to reassure you that this can all be resolved. Once the meter readings are corrected, your account balance can be updated and a refund issued if needed, this may require the bills to be regenerated but OVO can take care of that. The Support Team can also force the Direct Debit payments back down to reflect the correction, alternatively the next Direct Debit Check-In would most likely detect this and recommend a reduction. It may also automatically apply that for you, but otherwise you can accept it yourself. Even if you can’t do this via MyOVO, the Support Team can override the system and force this kind of change through on your behalf on request.

I can also confirm that you’re not responsible for paying for any energy you didn’t actually use and OVO has a process in place to fix meter readings that are submitted by mistake. As long as you notify OVO the same day, they can purge the erroneous readings from your account so you can retry with the correct readings - they can also accept the correction in the same conversation if that helps.

It sounds like you’ve tripped the validation checks, which means you won’t be able to submit the correct readings via MyOVO right now. But as with your payments, the Support Team can override this as part of a correction and get things back on track. Please let them know you’re still having problems and someone will take a look. You can do that via any of the methods on the contact page.

If you still can’t get this resolved via the Support Team, please don’t panic as there’s still options to get things sorted out. Your next stop would be OVO’s Complaints Process, which you can find details on right here. Once you fill out the form, someone should be in touch within five working days and they’ll try to resolve the complaint for you. If it can’t be resolved on the first attempt, it will be escalated automatically to a dedicated team. They’ll do everything they can to get this fixed up for you, so please don’t stress too much over this. You came to the right place for advice and we can offer as much as you need.

If there’s anything else I can do to help, please let me know.

I moved in to this flat on Oct 2021 and I letting agent gave me a meter for this flat. I started giving Ovo meter readings and started paying but noticed after couple of months that the bill is unexpectedly higher than usual since only me and my wife live here. Upon further investigation I found that the agent gave me the wrong meter and I was paying extra for the wrong meter readings. 
After this, I started to provide correct meter readings but the bill escalated exorbitantly. So I came to know that they didnt update my account with correct meter reading (opening and current both) and sent an estimated bill. Uptil now, its been couple of months and they haven’t updated yet. *edited by moderator* the agent said that the bill is correct you are wrong and if you dont pay we will cut the electricity. How am I supposed to pay if the bill is not correct? 
With my findings I have only used about £230 worth of electricity from Jan to Mar 31 2022. They dont reply and my bill is currently standing over a grand now. 
No one is helping and my credit report is also getting hurt. Someone please help, Im really depressed because of this. 

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Hi @Junaid7991,


We’ve edited a part of your post as it contained a profanity. Please see our Community House Rules for more info on what not to post here. 


Due to the language used, this post was put into the ‘pending’ category whilst it was reviewed, so no one has been able to see it. I’ve now moved it into the public area and available for members to see. Hopefully our members can advise. If you need help from OVO directly, please use our direct support channels outlined here



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Hmm… Tricky one this…

Personally, I’d start by paying what you know you owe for the energy you used in the period. That will at least show you’re willing to work with OVO and at least clears that part of the balance off. In this case, that would be the £230 you mentioned. I say this because if the rest of the bill is wiped off, you’d then be back in the right position more quickly.

You are entitled to raise a dispute for the rest, but please avoid repeatedly emailing in, as every email you send can put the entire process on hold until it’s answered. It’s recommended to go in by phone or live chat for a faster reply.

This is an account specific issue though, so it’s hard for us to help further via the forum.

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I don’t like to be too pushy about this, but I also feel this is a very good opportunity to recommend upgrading to Smart Meters, so that you never have to deal with this issue again. Not only can this prevent confusion over which meter is which, but it would allow OVO to take meter reading automatically so that the wrong meter reading never gets sent in.