Entered wrong meter reading when I moved in - can this be changed?

  • 25 September 2017
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I could not locate my gas meter as I have just moved in and wasn't sure where it was, but I had to provide opening meter readings, so I estimated the gas reading based on the reading on the final bill from the last tenants.

I have now located my gas meter however, and my estimate was too high. Can I correct the opening gas reading I gave to you?


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Welcome to OVO and your new home!


Great work for letting us know you’ve moved in (just in case others reading this haven’t done this yet, you can do this here or by contacting our Support Team). When we create your account we’ll check the date you moved in and the meter readings on this date and create you an account starting from this point. If you’re having trouble finding your meters or opening meter readings it’s always worth speaking to your letting agency or landlord as this information should be listed on your ‘check-in’ report.


As you’ve given us the wrong readings by mistake, these can be corrected. It might be worth taking a photo of the meters showing the correct readings and sending this to our Support Team, who be able to update your starting reading. To save having to take the readings in future, we’d really recommend looking to get a smart meter installed, which will send us the readings automatically.


 The easiest way to keep an eye on your new account is by logging in to your online account or downloading our app (available for iOS and Android)


There’s more tips on how to manage your energy account when you move home on this great guide and other moving house advice on this handy checklist


Good luck with the unpacking. :thumbsup:


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