How to take a meter reading and check my solar panel export reading on my SMETS 2 Landis+Gyr Smart meter? - Can I see it on the In-Home Display?

  • 23 June 2020
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I have an IHD 3 that can tell me how much electricity ive used per day, week and month in terms of actual cost and kWh. The reading is accompanied by the export icon so i assume its  trying to tell something about my consumption and what ive exported back to the grid from my solar panels. However i can't work out what its actually telling me! Is it simply the net figure of my consumption after what ive exported has been deducted? If so what  Id like to know is whether i can use the display to tell me separately what ive actually consumed and what ive actually exported.



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7 replies

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Thanks for posting, @aidank 


When you press ‘9’ on your electricity meter, it shows your total import and export register value. The export value refers to the electricity generated by your panels.


Bonus tip: When the red light is not flashing on your smart meter this means it’s exporting energy to the grid.


Here’s a good guide for the Chameleon In Home Display (IHD) :sunglasses:


Thanks Tim your bonus tip about flashing red light is helpful.

Re your other advice, I don't appear to have a ‘9’ option on my smart meter and the IHD guide doesn't explain what the various pylon symbols indicate. Im guessing its something to do with what im exporting back to the grid? So when the IHD tells me i used £0.32 yesterday is that a net usage figure after what ive exported has been deducted? The pylon symbol also appears when i select ‘Now’ and is currently telling me 2.17kw at a ‘cost now per hour of £0.00’. What does this mean? Are there any plans to update the guide with this info?


Thanks for any light anyone can shed on these mysteries. 

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Can you send us a picture of the meter @aidank? It’ll help us work out what type of smart meter you have.

Hi Ed Here is a photo of my smart meter. As you can see, it has only A and B buttons which I have pressed every which way but I’m unable to get the info you suggest. My supplier octopus have also suggested that my meter should provide a ‘total active export’ figure but no success with that either! I’m beginning to wonder if I had the correct smart meter installed?!

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Landis+Gyr  Smart Meter

Unfortunately the export reading can’t be checked using a smart meter In-Home Display. Checking the photos of your meter above it looks like you’ve got a SMETS2 Landis+Gyr smart meter there. Whilst we didn’t install these meter ourselves we should be able to communicate with them. We’ve had plenty of questions asked about these smart meters in the past:



As the guide above explains to take your import reading you’ll need to press the ‘A’ button to scroll through the displays until you see ‘R01’ which is your reading. 


For the export reading press the ‘A’ button until you see ‘Credit mode bal’ on the screen. Then press and hold the ‘A’ button for 2 seconds until the screen shows the time - you’ll then need to press the ‘A’ button a few more times until you see ‘Total Act Export’ which is your export reading.


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Thanks Ed that's helped me get the info I needed from my meter

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Really glad to hear it, @aidank!