Smart meters SMETs1 or SMETs2?

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Hi @Ejclayton

Your Smart Meter is almost certainly a SMETS1 version. The later SMETS2 meters weren't manufactured that long ago.

There are a very few people in the UK who have a ADM Smart Meter, which was a design predating ratification of the SMETS specification.

SMETS1 meters can have their software upgraded to the current SMETS2 standard. I have written more about Smart Meters on this other Forum Topic, which will give you additional background information.

Please feel free to post here if you'd like further clarification. And please fill out your Forum Profile so that we can tailor responses more precisely to your circumstances.
Non Ovo Smets2 smart meters will they automatically work with all functions when switch completed? any issues known?
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This is a very important question @Middy

I haven't yet heard of any consumer with practical experience of switching Energy Suppliers once they have pre-existing SMETS2 meters.

The reason that the meters are interchangeable between Suppliers isn't so much down to the software which they run, but rather that all SMETS2 meters are connected to DCC's National Smart Meter Network.

In comparison, earlier SMETS1 and other ADM equipment was connected to DCC using the proprietary network arranged between the Supplier and the meter manufacturer. DCC were therefore not in control of the process.

You can read more about SMETS2 meters and the networks on this other Forum Topic.
Can we get an update on the over the air upgrade from SMETS 1 to SMETS 2. I'm currently stuck on the OVO variable rate and every single move I have tried has been rejected due to the smart meters I had installed. I'm hoping things will be easier after the upgrade.
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Good point @KS5150. The DCC Announcement stated that there would be three phases of migrating SMETS1 meters to their new National Smart Meter Network, the first of which would occur in May 2019. As I write, it is now June!

I will be visiting OVO next week on Monday 17th, and spending an hour with their "Smart Team"! If we hear nothing more in the next 5 days on this Forum Topic, then we can ask the question at that meeting.

I'll add it to our Question List in just a moment.
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We don't have a definite date for the remote update, @KS5150, but your meter should not restrict your ability to switch.

It sounds like your meter is on Half Hourly Settlements - which means your meter readings are submitted to the industry every half hour instead of every month/quarter, so the industry can calculate customers usage more accurately.

This is an industry wide change, so your new supplier and USwitch should be aware of this update, and be able to take over your supply. Although there are a lot of suppliers who interpret this as a business supply, which is not the case.

The forum will be updated as soon as we have more information on the software upgrade!

See you soon, @Transparent ! ☺
Considering changing to a SMETS2 smart meter. Some of the Forum comments are ancient! What is the current situation and what are the downsides encountered by other users. Help please.
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Can you please clarify this @tinytess ?

Do you already have a SMETS1 meter?

There are three stages to perform in transferring SMETS1 meters onto the National Smart Meter Network. The first stage has been completed. The "Middle Operating Capability" stage will be executed in September.

The date for the Final migration will be set once the second stage has been verified.

There are three main problems being experienced by a few customers who have had SMETS2 meters installed anew. You can read some of the recent comments here.
Which generation of smart meter do you install
I'm being pestered by OVO to install a smart meter. Twice have I booked an appointment. Twice I have been told by the engineer that its pointless installing a first generation meter as there is no mobile phone signal where I live. Apart from waiting for newer technology to arrive, is there any thing I can do to acquire one and to stop being pestered?
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Hey @Ivor Appleyard - I've moved your post over here. More info on this thread!
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And also this other Topic, @Ivor Appleyard where we have been discussing the installation of SMETS2 meters in the Northern Territory. This has been lagging behind the central and southern territories.
I am not interested i am happy with the meter i have.
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The engineers shouldn't be advising that, @kinderson. All SMETS1 meter will be updated soon so it will have the same functionality as a SMETS2 meter.

Due to the issue with phone signal in your ares, you'll need to wait for a SMETS2 meter to become available we can't say for sure when this will be.
The government as pushed back the roll out of smart meters to 2024 because of all the issues with smart meters that is why i don't want one.
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That date of 2024 is derived from a consultation document. It isn't yet an approved policy.

If you want to say something about it, then respond to the consultation being run by the Dept for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, which you can download here.
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@kinderson can you please fill out your Forum Profile. The installation of SMETS2 meters differs according to where you are. We can provide better answers if know those sorts of details. Thanks.
Not interested in having a smart meter seen all the problems on your forum and when you google it.

I was right the smart meter roll out as been put back to 2024 check the links above.
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You're right that this is what the British press has announced, @Ivor Appleyard

However, I based my statement on what the Government itself has actually published. It's a proposal in section-50 of the Public Consultation on Smart Meters beyond 2020.

Participants are asked to provide comment on this proposal as their answer to Question-3, which is printed on pages 23 and 38.

I happen to want modifications to this proposal, which is why I'd taken particular interest in the Consultation when it was launched last week (Tues 17th Sept).

It is unfortunate that the SMETS2 timetable we are working to at the moment was developed by consultees who were predominately in favour of the strategies and timescales because they were mainly from within the energy industry. I feel that has led to over-optimistic view of which parts of the implementation are concurrent, and which are consecutive.

As you are apparently not of that view (!) I think you should be responding to this consultation.

It would provide some refreshing balance for BEIS to hear from consumers who have not been persuaded by the arguments they have put forward in favour of Smart Meters.

The responses I will be sending to this Consultation have been honed precisely because I have spent time discussing Smart Meters and energy strategy with a wide range of ordinary people. I wouldn't have reached the conclusions I've now come to if I only listened to those of similar views!
Conversation is over now bye.
Is it possible that I can retain my existing meters if I have a smat meter installed so that over a period of time I can check that the Samrt meter is recording usage figures correctly, It would be good to be able to run existing meters in tandem with existing meters to check accuracy. If this was the case I would gladly have a Smart meter but if not I am very scepticsl of them.
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This wouldn't be possible, @Solothelab.

The good thing about smart meters is that you would be able to see exactly what you're using, so it will make monitoring your usage easier!
Not interested most people have problems with smart meters.
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Hi @Solothelab. There have been reports in the media of Smart Meters giving very high readings. However, if you trace back to the sources, they fall into two categories:

A. Smart Meters used in tests in the Netherlands where loads were connected which produced oscillations. BEAMA, the manufacturer's association, have confirmed that none of the meter designs in those tests passed the more stringent criteria for approval in the UK.

B. Initial high costings being given on the IHD. There are two reasons for this, both of which have been discussed elsewhere on this Forum. The IHD readings get corrected during the first month of commissioning, once your actual tariff data is downloaded by OVO. This doesn't affect the bill you receive because that is based on the cumulative measurements from the meter itself - not the IHD.

Smart Meters approved for use in the UK must achieve very high accuracy.

On the positive side, billing errors are reduced for customers with Smart Meters.