Why was I told my night electric meter reading is too high, when submitting on my online account?

  • 13 September 2018
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I have recently moved into my new property middle of July and have submitted the last 2 months meter readings and been told my electricity night meter readings are too high. I do not know why this is the case as I am asleep and everything is off, besides standby items like sky tv but I have always had these on standby and shouldn't make a difference. I have a smart meter being fitted next monday 17/9/18.

Confused, any ideas?

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Hi @Jacs,

Could you have read the day rate and night rate the wrong way round? Check out our website for more information on how to read two rate meters here.

Hope this helps!
no the meter readings previously submitted figures tie in with them as I did think this as on the meter it doesn't state day/night it states low and normal.
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Post a photo of the readings here, @Jacs, we can take a look at them and work out what's going on.

We'll need to be able to see the register ID's, these are the little numbers or letters on the left hand side of the reading. 🙂
Here are the meter readings from moving in July and monthly for 12th Aug and Sept. I had a smart meter fitted last monday and the final readings were:
Elec low-37035 / normal-94197
I have found with the smart meter by the time I get up in the mornings 10am ish it says I've already used nearly £1.50 but am not sure how,besides water coming on for 1-2hours timer only standby electrical items are on.
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Hi @Jacs,

The "low" reading does seem to have gone up more. Between the two pictures it's increased by 224KWh, but the normal rate has increased by 187KWh. It's not a huge difference, but it seems to indicate your night usage is almost the same as your day, which does seem odd.

Has this meter been removed now?

Hi Nancy
Sorry I have only just seen your reply. I am concerned about the night usage for sure.
I confirm the old meters was removed on 17th September and have had a Smart meter since so keeping an eye on it, I am still finding with the hot water timer on and the heating today for example for 1 1/2 hours this morning by 10.30am my usage for both electricity and gas was already at £1.76, £1.22 for gas 23.81kWh, total 25.26kWh used by 10.38am.
Please can you review what the usage is showing now. I moved into the property on 13th July therefore usage based on previous years usage, shouldn't be massively different as I live alone and previously my landlords 80 year old mother lived here alone. I also have several radiators switched off when the heating is on, ie guest bedroom and hallways. I cannot understand what is being used at night.

Look forward to hearing from you, I will check this over the coming days.
Many thanks
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With traditional meters, when you submit your meter readings on your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS), we’ll check the reading against the ones you’ve submitted previously to make sure it looks right.


Occasionally you may see an error message if the reading is lower than the previous reading or out of line with your average usage -


Exact appearance may vary


If you’ve got an Economy 7 meter it’s important to check that you’re entering the readings the right way round - you can find out how to check this on this related topic:


Sure that you’re entering the readings in the right place but still seeing an error message? - Reach out to our Support Team who can check what’s going on. They might request a photo of the meters to help figure things out.


Once you’ve got Smart meters installed you’ll no longer have to worry about submitting the readings manually and can track your usage patterns on our handy online usage graphs, so great to hear you’ve already got a smart meter appointment booked in! :slight_smile:


OVO member but not got a smart meter yet? - Book today!


Interested but not yet an OVO member? - Check out our plans!


When I look at my usage at whatever time of the year, my nighttime usage (0.00 through to 07.30) is way higher than daytime usage despite the fact that I have no lighting or heating running at this time.

I do have solar panels and wonder whether this could be the reason? I have tried to work out if there is anything switching on overnight, but can't think of anything.

Any thoughts gratefully received.
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Hey @GillPipkin,

Take a look at the best answer on what's best to do here! 🙂
i have currently bought a very old house with oil heating. My electric supply is on economy 7 meter tariff. My meter readings show that I use more electric on the evening tariff, that apparently runs from midnight to 7am, but I have no storage heaters 🤔
Would you have any idea as to what could possibly be using all this electric, as we are sound asleep during this time ! I have been racking my brains, and have only come up with a tv that is on standby and my fridge. Confused!
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Welcome to the forum, @Tucker, I've popped your post here, check out the best answer for further assistance.


Hi, I recently moved to an apartment where the concierge sends you a meter reading upon an email request. The readings I received were : 49559 s/n 34968. 
But when I typed either one of these digits into the Ovo app, it said that the app wasn’t able to read it. 
Which exactly is the reading here? I’m not able to look at the meters in person. 

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Hi @BatrishiaRJ ,

We’ve got no way of checking via the forum I’m afraid. You may want to consider getting Smart Meters though, to avoid this problem in future.

Try asking your concierge to get immediate meter readings and submit them as soon as you get them.

Hi @Blastoise186 ,

Unfortunately my apartment is too high up and far away from the meters that a smart meter won’t work for it. The concierge will only send me the readings via a special email they use specifically for meter readings, and this was the format they sent it. I was wondering if perhaps someone else had experienced the same thing. It’s alright I’ll try to call Ovo tomorrow to see if they can help. 

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Good news there actually.

The AltHAN Solution is designed for exactly situations like yours - giant apartment blocks. It unlocks Smart Meters for giant buildings and has massive ranges so you should be able to upgrade now - especially since OVO has support for it.

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I'll echo the advice to try and get a smart meter, if you can. You might not be able to get an IHD (in home display) if the meter is a long way from your apartment but I can't see why a smart meter wouldn't be an option.


I think one of the numbers you've been given is the meter serial number. But I don't know which it is  Can you ask for a photo of the meter that shows the reading? Then there is no confusion about what the reading is.