Re-locating gas and electricity meter - can OVO help?

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I am unsurprised that your builder was incorrect in his advice to you yesterday.

They must find it very difficult to keep up with current strategies on energy matters. The Building Regulations section (Part-L) on “Conservation of Energy and Heat” is about to receive a major update in order to address Climate Change.

Please tell your builder that he/she is very welcome to ask for help here on the Forum. It doesn’t matter that they are professionally involved. Access is free to all.

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Before your Smart meters get installed on 20th @Eirida can you check if there’s an earth wire connected to the output pipe from your gas meter?

Your photo shows four earth-wires connecting to the consumer unit, but all disappear into the wall in the opposite direction.

The installer won’t proceed unless there is an earth-bond within 600mm of the point of entry to the house. So I would expect to see it connected to the vertical pipe on the far (right hand) side of the existing gas meter.