How to fix login issues or error messages with your online account

How to fix login issues or error messages with your online account
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Updated on 07/06/21 by Jess_OVO


 When something’s gone wrong with your online account or OVO app login



Login Basics

Once we’ve updated our online account, you’ll only be able to log in using your email address, your Customer ID number will no longer be recognised. 

You’ll only be able to set one password per email address. This means that if you’ve got the same email address registered to multiple accounts, all these accounts will use the same password. This also means that password resets will affect all accounts.

If there's no email address registered to your OVO account, you won’t be able login. You can register your email address when you first join us, or by reaching out to the Support Team if you’re already a member.


First Steps

It’s always best to check we hold an accurate email address for you. A good way to confirm this is to see whether you’ve received any emails from us already, this could include your welcome email or monthly summaries.

Our Support Team can help correct or register your email address if you haven’t yet received any emails from us.


Error Message?





This error message usually means there’s a technical issue which is linking a failed account to your details, for example if you’ve recently moved in and your new account hasn’t been fully activated. In this case reach out to our Support Team, they’ll be able to get things corrected with the help of our Tech team.


Duplicate Emails

If your email is a used on more than one OVO account, there could be two ways to login: 

If you have multiple accounts which have all been migrated to our new billing platform you’ll just need to login using your email address. You’ll be shown a landing page, from here you can select the relevant account number which will open that online account. You can switch between the accounts by clicking ‘Account’ in the top right of the Homepage:



Exact appearance may vary

If one of your accounts is yet to be migrated, you’ll need to use the Customer ID for the one of the accounts instead of your email address. Both accounts will still use the same password. If you’re not sure whether your account is on the new or older platform, our Support Team will be able to check and advise on whether you’ll need to login using your email address or Customer ID number.

Password Resets

You can reset your password by clicking here.

  • There's no difference between ‘First time logging in?’ and ‘Reset my password’
  • Password reset emails expire after six hours or if a newer password reset is requested within that time
  • A reset email is only sent if the email address used matches a registered email address
  • If multiple password reset emails are sent, only the most recent one is valid

The criteria for setting a password is:

  • At least 8 characters

  • At least 1 upper case letter

  • At least 1 lower case letter

  • At least 1 number

  • At least 1 special character (!?£@#$%)


If you’re not able to access the password reset screen by clicking on the ‘Reset My Password’ button in the reset email, you can copy and paste the long reset link from the bottom of the email into the URL to get to the same destination. An example is shown here:


Haven’t received a password reset email?

There are no known issues with the password reset platform and reset emails are typically delivered within seconds.

If you haven’t received the email then it’s usually caused by the following:

Your email inbox hasn’t refreshed

The email may have been delivered but hasn’t synced on the member's device/browser. This could be due to a network issue or because their email client is set to refresh on a schedule, e.g. every 15 minutes. Try refreshing this manually.

The email has been filtered as junk/spam

You should also check that you haven’t accidentally marked us as ‘Spam’ or blacklisted emails from hello@ovoenergy.com or noreply@ovoenergy.com.

The email address you’ve got registered has recently been changed on our systems and hasn’t had time to update on your online account

If you've changed your registered email address it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for this to update. In this case, try and request a password rest email the following day.

If none of the above is successful

Check you’re using the most recent version of the app (try deleting and re-downloading for Android and iOS) or Google Chrome browser if logging in to your online account.

Try disabling any password managers that may be interfering with the login details you’re entering.

You should also try:

  • Logging in via the app if you can’t login via a browser (or vice-versa).

  • Using a different device or browser (Chrome is recommended).

  • Clear cache/cookies on browser.

  • Clear cache and app data then uninstall/reinstall the app.

  • Waiting a day for any changes you've made to update across all systems.


If you've followed all of these steps and you're confident there's still a login issue with your online account or the OVO App then contact the Support Team. If you can provide as much of the the following information as possible we’ll then be able to forward this on to our Tech team if required:


  • Mention all actions you have taken already.

  • The correct email address that you’d would like to use.

  • Are you trying to login using the app or browser?

  • What device, OS and browser are you using?

  • Are there any specific error messages? This does not include 'Wrong Email or Password'.

  • How long has this been occurring?

  • Relevant screenshots are always welcome and useful.


Hope we can get things sorted and you logged back in ASAP. :ok_hand:

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Hi everyone,


Looking for some help. Ever since i have changed ovo i have been unable to access my account. When i log in from my phone or laptop i just get an oops there is an issue we are working on message? Anyone able to have a look at this for me?

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Howdy @rikaka85 ! Welcome to the forums! :smile:

I think I know what the issue is, but I just wanted to ask something really quick. How long has it been since you switched to OVO?

If you’ve not yet come on-supply, your new account won’t yet be fully active in MyOVO or the OVO Energy app, but it will calm down once you’re on-supply.

I think maybe two months now, but I think your right I think something isn't right with my switch.

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In that case, I’d recommend letting the support team know about this and asking them to see if they can fix your account. You can do that right over here.

If you let them know you’ve spoken to Blastoise186 on the forums and provide a link to this thread, they’ll know that you’ve had a chat with me first.

Let me how how you get on!

I get the above message when I try and login to my account.

I have followed the tutorial.

I sent ovo an email about this on the hello@ address

I did get a call back, but, as I was driving the rep said he would call back later.

Over 24 hours later and still no call back.

The move toovo has been a dissapointment so far.


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Hey there @UncleZen !

You’re in the right place for this actually, let me see if I can help turn things around. The name’s Blastoise186 and I’m one of the forum volunteers around here. I can’t access your account, but I can offer advice. If you didn’t get the promised callback, it’s worth trying to call in again tomorrow morning, the lines open at 8am.

I’m really sorry it’s been a bit bumpy so far. Could you fill out your Profile for me please? You can do that using this link and it helps us out a lot. If I could also ask how long it’s been since you started the switch to OVO, this might provide me some extra clues. If you’ve only recently switched for example, it could be that your account is still being activated and this does take a little time.

One of the other tricks that sometimes works, is trying out the OVO Energy app as this sometimes works in cases where MyOVO isn’t quite working properly.

I’ll be right here for as long as you need me, even while OVO’s office is closed. This forum is open 24/7 and I often check in right until 10pm or 11pm, so I’ll know if you reply.


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Sorry to hear about those login issues and the missed callback, @UncleZen - not a great start, so let’s try and get things sorted out!


Not sure if you’ve seen it, but we’ve made a guide to the login process to your online account (I’ve moved your comment over here so check out the advice above). If you’ve followed the troubleshooting and are still not able to login @Blastoise186  has given spot on advice as to the next steps -



If you didn’t get the promised callback, it’s worth trying to call in again tomorrow morning, the lines open at 8am.



Hope this advice helps - let us know how you get on, we’re always happy to help if you have any other questions once you’re logged in! :slight_smile:

Ive updated my profile.


I had a “chat” with a rep via the chat system. This was their response:

The dual fuel supply started with OVO Energy on 21/06/2021. You are currently in your 4 to 6 weeks validation period. This allows both suppliers to open and close your account correctly, which will be the issue on why you are unable to look into the online account.
The online account will be visible from 02/08/2021.


I suggested that, if indeed this is the case, then they should put this message up on the screen rather than falling in a heap and saying something has gone wrong. When it hasnt gone wrong , the account is is a “mode” that is not supported by the portal.


So far, with my switch to Ovo, I am hugely dissapointed.


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Thanks for getting back to us.

Most of what you’re seeing is pretty normal when you switch supplier, except for MyOVO crashing out like this - which is definitely something that should not be happening.

I’ll ask @Jess_OVO and @Tim_OVO to flag this up with the Tech Team and see if there’s any chance of making some improvements there, especially to help clarify what’s going on during a switch. MyOVO is custom built in-house by OVO’s own teams and while it’s not quite perfect, it does get constant upgrades. It seems as if it hasn’t yet learned how to handle onboarding in edge cases like your own. Tim and Jess should be able to ask about any progress on fixing that.

Thanks for flagging this up.

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For the purposes of a bug report, I’ve drafted a summary below. I use this template to help with converting possible bug reports into a format that works for everyone. If you spot any mistakes, please feel free to let me know and I’ll update the details.

What’s the problem?

MyOVO struggles to handle cases where a new account is still onboarding and validation with the old supplier is still ongoing, especially for Dual-Fuel switches

How can I make it happen?

  1. Sign up with OVO using a Dual-Fuel tariff, where an existing supply is already active with another supplier
  2. Create an online account with MyOVO and link this to the new account as usual
  3. Wait for the two week grace period to expire and for the account to come on-supply with OVO, but while validations are still in progress between OVO and the previous supplier
  4. Attempt to access MyOVO while the online account isn’t fully ready yet

What should happen when I do this?

I should get a message that informs me that the account isn’t fully ready yet and that some information might not be available right now.

What happens instead?

A generic error message is thrown which doesn’t make it clear what the problem is

Is there anything else that you think might be useful to know?

Yes. This report is based on comments raised on the OVO Forum by UncleZen and adapted by Blastoise186 for quick reference. The original thread can be found at 

Please check the OVO Forum for further details. Device/Browser details are not available at this time. An existing case has already been raised to resolve the account specific issues separately

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Really sorry that the onboarding journey hasn’t been the smoothest for you, @UncleZen.


I totally agree that the generic error message doesn’t send the clearest message - I’m going to flag this one with the tech team (Thanks to @Blastoise186 for an excellent bug report! :bug: ). Just to help us identify the issue it would be really helpful to know if this error message was showing when using the App or browser version of your online account