Getting to grips with the Direct Debit Calculator on your online account or OVO app

  • 18 May 2020
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Getting to grips with the Direct Debit Calculator on your online account or OVO app
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If you’re logging in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) regularly you might have spotted a recommended Direct Debit amount showing on the Homepage.


Exact appearance may vary


So you might be wondering how we work out this recommended amount, we’ve got a tool which might help.


If you click ‘Change Direct Debit amount’ you’ll be greeted by this page,


Exact appearance may vary


You can see the basic breakdown of how the recommended Direct Debit amount is worked out by clicking ‘How we work out your recommended Direct Debit amount’.


Exact appearance may vary


This shows how we use your predicted costs, current balance and remaining months left on your plan to determine a sensible monthly amount to cover your costs.


For a more in-depth view, you can access our great Direct Debit calculator by clicking ‘check out the Direct Debit calculator’ from the ‘Change your Direct Debit’ page,



Exact appearance may vary



The Direct Debit calculator gives a visual representation of the projected outcome to any Direct Debit changes. In the example below, you can see the predicted costs until the end of your current plan shown in the graph. The expected balance at the end of the period and the recommended Direct Debit increase are highlighted in the red text box. The current Direct Debit amount and recommended Direct Debit amount are also shown by the solid and dashed lines on the graph,


Exact appearance may vary


It’s possible to adjust the graph to show the anticipated costs over 12 months (based on your current rates), alternatively you can view this same information as the effect these costs would have on your account balance for the same periods,


Exact appearance may vary


You’re able to change the figure in the ‘Direct Debit’ amount box to update the graphs based on what would happen to your balance were you to adjust your payments to this amount. This helps to visualize the most suitable amount you should be paying.


As we want to make sure you’re paying enough to keep you covered, you’ll only be able to adjust your Direct Debit amount to the calculated minimum, although we understand an unexpected increase to your payments might not be affordable for you.


Is there any support available if I’m struggling to pay for my energy?


There is help available if you’re struggling to pay your energy bills – both from us here at OVO Energy and from government schemes and charities as well. There are many ways we can help – such as setting up a payment plan for you, which spreads the cost of your energy to make it more manageable. If you want to find out about payment plans, you can request one online here – we’ll take you through what you need to do, and ask you for some details.


Our dedicated team is also specially trained to support you. They can make sure you’re receiving any financial assistance from the government that you’re eligible for, and take you through payment support schemes that are available.  You can find out more about these schemes and where to seek free, independent advice right here.


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If my last DD was £120, and my current balance (since 25th April and according to the OVO app) is £135, can I expect my DD in May to be much higher than April’s, or does the monthly DD amount remain pretty constant? If much higher, by how much, approximately?

Many thanks.

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Hey @Paulyc , welcome to the OVO Forum!

Just a heads up, I’m one of the forum volunteers so I can’t access your account or make changes to it myself. Your question is a little account specific, so I’m afraid I can’t give you a full answer.

The short answer is that if you’re still on a fixed rate deal and your usage patterns haven’t changed, then chances are your Direct Debit will remain about the same as before. If your payments do need to change, OVO will notify you with at least 10 days notice. You can also use the Direct Debit Calculator anytime to see what OVO is predicting.

If you’re on variable rate though, each payment may depend on each individual bill. In all cases though, your current credit balance is always factored in whenever the system runs the numbers.

I’m afraid I can’t give you any figures myself as I’m not allowed to access your account.

Hope this helps.

That’s so kind. Thank you. PC

Why would Ovo want to increase my monthly DD when I am more in credit than they want me to pay. Tried ringing them also gave number for call back ......nothing am really getting fed up with it all

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Hi @Jennyfris ,

You might find this guide useful.

The most likely reason for the increase is that you’re using more energy than predicted and your payments won’t be enough to see you through to the end of your fixed rate deal and still be in credit, or avoid building up an excessive debit balance if you’re on variable rate. The system always factors in your current credit balance as well when it runs the numbers, so the suggested payment increase is intended to help you avoid burning through all of that credit too quickly. Don’t forget you’ll use more energy in the winter and will as a result spend more money on energy in the winter than you do in the summer!

Also, fixed rate does NOT mean fixed bills, so your payments may still need to be adjusted if you start using more energy than you reported on the initial quote. Only the tariff rates are fixed to what was agreed, nothing else is.

If you still wish to dispute this increase, you can do that via web chat using https://help.ovoenergy.com and this tends to get you through a lot faster than via phone.

The fella on messages gave me a number to ring, but once again lines are busy I think its really bad when you can't get anyone to actually speak to. Then to be messaged if you don't do anything about it they just put it up anyway.......

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You might want to try again in the morning. Let me know if you're still struggling to get through after that and I'll ask the moderators to stop by.

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The fella on messages gave me a number to ring, but once again lines are busy I think its really bad when you can't get anyone to actually speak to. Then to be messaged if you don't do anything about it they just put it up anyway.......

Yes, I had the same experience. Lots of redirection, lots of promises, absolutely no action. I raised a formal complaint that remained unanswered for 8 weeks, and now the matter is with the ombudsman. 

If you figure out how to change the direct debit, let me know. 

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I’m so sorry to hear of the unexpected Direct Debit review, @Jennyfris.


It’s worth mentioning here that our Direct Debit calculations do factor in the current balance on your account, as well as your projected usage costs to work out the appropriate monthly payment to leave you with a zero balance at the end of your plan or the 12 month anniversary of the your variable plan. There’s a breakdown of these calculations on the Direct Debit Calculator on your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS).


As you mention having trouble getting through to the Support Team to discuss this on your account, have you been using the main contact number - 0330 303 5063? The team are on hand to help advise on the options and support available if this increase isn’t affordable.


I hope this helps.