FAQs on applying for a Refund from your OVO account

  • 16 November 2018
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FAQs on applying for a Refund from your OVO account
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Everyone loves a refund!

Got some burning questions on reclaiming some of your OVO credit balance? We’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions below:


How can I apply for a refund on my online account or OVO app?



Notice you’ve been building up some credit on your OVO account and want some back in your bank account? You can now request a refund of some of this credit yourself by logging in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS).


Step 1


Click the ‘Payments’ menu option to the left of the Homepage:


Exact appearance may vary

You’ll arrive here:



Step 2


Scroll down until you see the ‘Refunds’ section:


Refunds section at the bottom of the Payments page



Step 3


Click the ‘Find out how to get a refund’ button to see this page:


Exact appearance may vary



Step 4


Here you’ll be able to check whether you can apply for a refund currently, if it’s possible you can click ‘Apply for a refund’:


Exact appearance may vary



Just enter the amount you’d like refunded up to a maximum of £1000 (making sure there’s still at least one Direct Debit amount remaining in credit). If successful you’ll see this confirmation page:


Exact appearance may vary


If not you’ll see this page:


Exact appearance may vary





How often can I apply for a refund?


For technical reasons we can only process one refund request for every 24 hour period. Want more money back? Just try again tomorrow!



I’ve just received my monthly summary and see I’m in credit - Why has my refund request failed?


Before we allow a refund of any credit you’ve got in your OVO account, we first need to make sure that your account balance is accurate.


If you don’t have a smart meter, make sure you’ve submitted a meter reading in the last 28 days. If you’ve done this and are at least one month’s Direct Debit amount in credit, you can then ask for a refund via the ‘Payments’ page of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) - 



If you’re seeing an error message when you believe you’re eligible for a refund, reach out to our Support Team who can investigate the issue and apply for the refund manually if possible.


Where’s my final refund?


Usually when you switch suppliers, we’ll receive the information we need from your new supplier and issue a final statement within 6 weeks of your switch date. If you’ve got a credit balance, once the final statement has been issued, this will be automatically refunded and be back in your bank account no longer than 10 days after you get the final statement.


More info on this process in the video below - 





Occasionally a final statement might be delayed which means your refund may take longer than expected. If you’ve still not received a final statement and it’s over 6 weeks since your switch, reach out to our Support Team, who can check what’s caused the delay and may be able to offer a partial refund in advance of your final statement.



Hope we’ve covered all your refund queries!


Got a question not covered by the FAQs? - Comment below and our community members will be able to offer some more advice on getting that refund sorted! 


20 replies

I was goig to join your company but cancelled before the swap over date and cancelled the change, however you have charged me £120 how will I get that back please !
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Hey @Scott.taylor100. It sounds like your Direct Debit wasn't cancelled but it's very likely that a refund is on it's way to you as we speak! Try raising an indemnity claim with your bank as this should get it back to you in a short space of time.

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My understanding of the refund policy is a refund is not available unless your account is in credit and that after a refund the account would still be in credit (or maybe zero if leaving).

I recently had a refund (£400 plus).

When I checked my balance and usage my balance didn’t add up.

The usage was approximately £500 and the balance was over £1000.

The refund not asked for but does reflect where the balance stood £600 in credit.

Can anyone explain?

Thanks in advance,


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You may have been billed up to date before the refund was processed, @bernie123. You can see the transaction history on My OVO, it shows what’s gone in and out of your account! :)

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Thanks Eva, 

that’s the problem, my monthly statements have been removed so I can’t see the individual transactions, only a summary, which doesn’t add up.

The initial summary was inaccurate it contained gas usage which had already been paid for.

I have no confidence in the amended summary, in fact I know it is wrong but can’t prove it without my monthly statements.

Any sugestions?

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That’s odd, @bernie123, you should be able to access the historic statements on your online account. Please reach out to the team, they’ll be able to help with this. 

You can send us a message on FacebookTwitter and our Help centre has online chat! You can reach our team on: 0330 303 5063. Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.


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Thanks Amy, have been told that my statements will not be reinstated as OVO summary is adequate. Summary shows cost breakdown for gas and electric but no meter readings.

Not sure that this is legal.

Think they have something to hide.

Best Regards,


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Can we just get to the bottom of this, @bernie123 


When you moved over to the new online account / billing system, your historic statements should’ve been added. You should be able to view these. But since the move (migration) we show daily charges, and a monthly summary. Is it this new way of showing your usage that you’re calling out, or do you not have your old statements to hand?


Let me know when you can :)

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My statements from Nov2017 were removed as part of the process of an erroneous transfer.

After the ET my balance seemed wrong so I thought to check my statements and found they weren’t there. 

I asked OVO why, their response was that they had been manually removed to my account could be cosmetically adjusted.

They supplied me with a "breakdown" of my charges and payments.

On inspection the balance of £1670 was shown to be incorrect

I questioned the breakdown an OVO admitted it included charges for gas which should not have been there.

An adjustment was made down to £1102, figures are from memory but not too far off the mark.

Certainly an OVO ERROR of over £550.

I was refunded £567 1st Non 2019. Which appeared to be closing my account and opening up afresh.

My usage from Nov 2101 to end of April 2020 was £824, a discrepancy of £278.

I believe from correspondence final adjustment took me through to end of Nov, if so the discrepancy was £417.

Consequently I requested my monthly statements to be reinstated.

OVO refused and later said they were kept for “historic” reasons.

I believe I have a consumers right to them.

I would appreciate your thoughts.





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In normal circumstances if a client is refunded as they were in credit how much would be left in there balance after the refund.

for example someone’s balance was £400 credit and their DD debit was £100 how much refund would they get and what would the balance be after the refund?

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I’m going to need some expert mod support with this question, @bernie123 - they will get to this on Tuesday/Wednesday and might want your account details via social media/email if they judge we need to raise a ticket for this to be looked into. tbc. I’ll tag them @Eva_OVO @Amy_OVO @Bradley_OVO @Ed_OVO 


For now, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Tim.

I received a refund in  Dec 2017 for of approx £700 after much searching in my OVO statements that weren’t removed and my bank records my OVO account was left in credit to the tune of £11 with my DD soon to follow. Seems to make sense but does not tally with OVO’s summary after the erroneous transfer of my account.

Not sure about access to my account but will consider.

I am happy to screenshot specifics



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Hi Tim,

A question for you.

on my account summary it shows a balance transfer to Orion of -£289 on one line then on the next line a balance transfer of +£289.

My question is was my balance at that time in credit or debit?

See screenshot.



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My question is was my balance at that time in credit or debit?


This is impossible for us to answer, @bernie123 - not only do we not have access to your account, but this erroneous transfer makes it really tricky to even get my head around the concept of this issue. 


I’m sorry our subject matter expert Mods didn’t get to this last week. They’ve had a few online account related queries last week after a few issues emerged. It might be time to go down the support route, as I don’t think we’re going to be able to provide a community based answer. We’re on FacebookTwitter and our Help centre has online chat!


I would be keen to hear from you as this is worked out and resolved - could you keep this topic updated?

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Thanks Tim, you’re right it’s very tricky especially when all statements and meter readings for that time have been removed by OVO.

My thinking was that  line 1 shows a negative at that time (-£289.12) so the transfer from where ever it came from had a negative balance ie was in credit.

I will keep you informed as I think this transfer has had a negative effect on my account, ie extra charge.

If I am right and I think my analysis of statements and correspondence from OVO shows that I am right, may well have affected other customers who would also be out of pocket.

Why else would OVO remove all data for 2018 unless there was something to hide.



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can anyone confirm what balance remained after a refund. 

Was it zero or was enough left for the next monthly direct debit?



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It depends on the plan you’re on, @bernie123,  we’ll allow a refund of any credit that’s over 1 month’s payment (or for Simpler Energy customers you can have a full refund), as long as you’ve had a recent bill to an actual reading. 


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Hi Amy,

I had a refund of £565 (DD £156), this was after an erroneous transfer had been rectified and asked for opening meter readings at about the same time. 

Would would I be right in assuming the refund would take my balance to zero.

Thanks, bernie123

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We can’t say for sure as we don’t have access to your account, @bernie123. If you login to your online account you’ll be able to see the balance. 


If you don’t have access to your online account send us a message on FacebookTwitter and our Help centre has online chat,  be sure to include your name, DoB and account number so we can check.

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Thanks Amy.

I have access to my online account but my monthly statements from Nov 2017 till Apr 2020 have been removed.

The refund was Nov2019, no statement available.

I requested a DSAR, which I received yesterday.

No statement for Nov2019

My account got mixed up in an erroneous transfer and I am trying to figure out if my balance was zero when the ET was resolved, Nov/Dec 2019.