User Guide for the Chameleon IHD

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I've popped your post here, @Solarpayz, you'll find a handy guide by @Nancy_OVO, at the top of this thread.

Hope this helps!
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What edition of the OVO Guide are you referring to please @Solarpayz?

I've got three here! One is A4-size, and other two are A5. On the back of my A5 ones it has the edition number printed. I have OVOR14 and OVOR15, and they're quite a bit different.

OVOR15 is shorter, but clearer. It incorporates some changes I'd suggested in previous feedback, which is good to see!

@Amy_OVO - can you please alert @Linnea that we're discussing this here?
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I am referring to the OVO webpages.

it explains all that I need except how to pull up the main menu.

my smart meter tells me that I have a message and I’m unable to retrieve it.
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Erm... I receive messages on my Chameleon IHD.

I mean... I could go outside and read them from the meter, but any messages intended for customers are transferred to the IHD anyway.

I press the OK Button, then the Right-arrow to get to the Messages page.

Which URL are you using to get to the Guide on the OVO website?

Who sets the standing charge and unit rates used by the display to show usage as money.

If it’s done by the user … how?

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Hi@PedrosPlotThickens - this information is within the Tariff-data which [color=#009030]OVO[/color] download to your meter(s) as the final step of the commissioning process. If you can see usage data from your [color=#A00080]Smart Meter[/color] online at your personal account page, but the [color=#6010B0]IHD[/color] still shows incorrect costings, then email and tell them.