What do I have to to get EV charging for an Audi Q8 etron with OVO

  • 12 March 2023
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I am looking to purchase an Audi Q8 etron and have an OVO account what do I need to do to get EV connected and have the charge anytime tariffs available.

The questions I have are:

1. I understand I need a smart meter can anybody tell what is the size of the electric smart meter as I only have a limited space in the hall box. Once ordered how long does it take to get a smart meter installed?

2. Audi offer a pod point charger can I use this with OVO or do I need to worry? Does anybody know if the Q8 etron is a compatible EV or do I need an Ohme or Indra type charger instead of pod point? What are the pro's and cons?

3. Is there any advice for getting an EV charger setup that you know now and wish you knew before that you could share😉


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7 replies

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Howdy @KCelectric !

Sure thing. Just to let ya know, I am one of the Forum Volunteers, so my answers are in a personal capacity. Hope that’s OK with you! :)

Currently, I think your Audi Q8 might be compatible via D2V Mode. However, if you want to be extra safe, I’d suggest getting an Indra or Ohme Charger such as the ones OVO offers and has a deal on. Pod Point isn’t compatible at this time.

Smart Meters can fit in a lot of spaces. Show us some snaps of the current meter setup and we’ll take a peek at it for you! You can often get them installed in under a month.

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Hi @KCelectric and good luck with your journey to an electric vehicle!


I can see the Audi Q8 TFSI e (2021) is compatible with OVO’s Charge Anytime add on, via direct to vehicle (D2V). That means you can get any smart charger, such as Pod Point. 


A smart meter can be booked here. As blastoise says, we should be able to advise on size. Chances are it can fit exactly where your current electricity meter is (it will be swapped out for the smart one). 


Hope this helps,

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Thank you all, great forum as  I am newbie to this Electric car world so this is very helpful and reassuring.

I will get my smart meter ordered 👍



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Good to hear, @KCelectric - we’ve got dozens of EV owning forum members here, so feel free to ask any more questions on a new topic thread. I’d also love to hear how you’re finding Charge Anytime when it’s set up!


Look for the EV badge on the leaderboard to find out which members are EV drivers!

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All, I am back again. My smart meter was installed and I have had a message on the house monitoring unit it has been recognised and initialised after 3.5 weeks. So I thought I would be good now.

But it seems no. I put the Charge Anytime app on my android phone and started the process.

  1. Linked my OVO energy acount - Good
  2. Select my car - Audi, model I selected etron (my car is an Q8 etron), Year of manufacture newer than 2019 - All Good
  3. Software version above 3669, checked and yes - Good
  4. Sign in to Audi - Login good
  5. Car Found Audi Q8 e-tron (2024) - Good
  6. Give Permissions Allowed - Good
  7. Resulting in Connection successful - Good I though I was there :)
  8. But I press Complete the screen goes white - Then I get the message Unable to connect. We were unable to connect to your vehicle please try again.

I have tried this multiple times with no success. The car connect to other apps has anybody got any idea why this issue occurs??


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Ahhh that was painful reading, @KCelectric - so close and yet so far!


It’s tricky to advise from my perspective. Has anyone else had a similar sign up experience when going for ‘direct to vehicle’ Charge Anytime?


If you can’t get advice here, reach out to the Smart Home team who can take a look at things ‘under the hood’ for you:

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Hi Tim, thanks for the advice. I sent a note to The team were great they asked me to ensure some settings were correct I did that eventually, so some of the delay was mine. All my settings were fine I sent an email back to James who basically said leave it with me and give it a few days, which I did and then an email came back saying try again.  Hey presto all works great! Want to say a big thank you to James at OVOenergy 🙏

The app looks great and now I hope to make some charging savings😁

Thanks all again great forum.