Indra communicating with Kaluza but still showing as offline in Kaluza web app.

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Car bz4x

Indra Smart Pro

Charge anytime has worked well for several months. However, today the history page is showing the charger offline and charging is not recorded. The charger is charging and seems to be functioning normally. Kaluza can see(show) what I’m charging, it updates when I set a charge time and switches between Solar and normal charge showing all changes in the app.

I have restarted the router and Indra charger which goes through its start up sequence and shows no errors. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


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An update. This morning the app was showing yesterdays charge and for today is back to showing ‘not plugged in’. I will keep my fingers crossed.

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Hi @Taj,


I’m sorry to hear this.


It may be worth contacting the Charge Anytime team directly so they can have a look and see if there is something going on. They can be contacted on 0330 175 9678 (Option 2) or by email at


Please let us know how you get on.