New home supplied by Boost but wish to change to Direct Debit, is this an option?

  • 6 November 2018
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Hi there

I have just picked up the keys to my new house and the vendors advised me that the gas & electricity are both provided by OVO. A smart meter is installed and payment is by way of PAYG using separate top-up cards.

I am eager to change the payment method to Direct Debit.

How can I go about this? I can't find any details on the OVO website and an email to customer services has been met with a particularly unhelpful response suggesting that they can't offer any advice because my email address isn't registered with them.


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Welcome to the OVO online community and your new home!

Sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve had when contacting our Support Team. Sounds like, as you’ve got prepayment meters installed already, your supply will currently be managed by Boost, the Pay-As-You-Go brand within OVO.

First things first, as you’ll need to set-up an account with Boost to cover your usage in the meantime, reach out to the Boost Support team on 0330 102 7517 or 0117 332 3728, lines are open between 8am - 8pm, Monday - Friday and 9am - 5pm on weekends. 

As Boost is the prepayment brand within OVO, a change to a pay monthly plan would require a transfer of your account to our pay monthly brand OVO Energy. This is an internal switch so can’t be requested on our Quote and Switch page or via price comparison sites and may require a change to your meters.


We’re changing the process for people who want to switch from a Pay-As-You-Go Boost account to a Pay Monthly account with OVO Energy. Previously, this was only possible for Boost customers with a medical dependency on electricity or gas, because we weren’t able to credit check internal switches. 


We’ve now set up a new process. This is on request only and you must meet certain criteria, including passing a manual credit check and setting up a Direct Debit as soon as your new Pay Monthly account goes live. In order to request the change speak to the Boost Support Team, who can explain the process and advise of any necessary changes to your meter.


Hope this helps. :thumbsup:


This evening I received an email from Robyn at Boost which completely contradicts the advice given by Mw2870.

She states "We currently can't swap meters between pay as you go and Direct Debit. The pay as you go meters are part of a sister company of OVO called Boost. As the two sides have been separated we can't change between the two modes unfortunately."

All I can say is that I'm not in the least bit impressed and am seriously considering a switch to another provider.
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That is disappointing to hear @Manicheather. Especially given that article I linked to on OVOs website probably needs to reflect that they can’t do it, even though they say:
Can I apply to switch to a prepayment meter and Pay As You Go?
Yes, almost certainly.

Sounds like your options are to transfer to an energy company that can facilitate a swap, but it might involve a change of meters and maybe a charge?

I found this article on the boost forum which seems consistent with what you were told:

It seems like seperating into two companies means they are unlikely to offer this in the future.
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Just found this too:

Seems like the official advise from OVO is to do it through a different supplier!!!!
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There is some more useful information here:

As an existing boost prepayment customer, is it possible to switch over to ovo energy credit meter? I know we will need work done on our meter, but with prices coming in averaging over £200 per month, we need to look into this asap. Thanks 

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Hey @DaveJones1403 !

Sure thing, this is indeed something that can be done. You’ll need to have a chat with Boost Customer Service and they can explore the options with you. If you decide to go ahead from there, they’ll make the arrangements to switch your account over.

If you do switch, the meters will likely be replaced with smart meters, which will make things easier in the future.

Hi, I joined OVO last month, 14th of june after recently moving into my new home. On one of the emails sent OVO stated they would start providing power to my new home from the 2nd of July. Up until today I have not been able to access most of my online profile, meter readings and what not due to the switch. I assumed that the reason no energy has been supplied is because of my profile and account not being finalized. But now that a direct debit payment has been made for the month, I have access to my online account and can see meter readings, usage there is still no electricity or gas being supplied to my new home. I phoned OVO today and raised the concern with them but from what was briefly muttered, OVO are supplying my new home and that they have not cut off the supply. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi @Azerith ,

Just want to check, is the problem that you’ve got no gas or electricity coming into the property at all? If so, would you be OK to show us photos of both meters and everything near them please? I’d like to check a few things to see if I can help figure this one out.


@Blastoise186  There is electricity and gas being provided or should I say can be provided through the use of emergency credit but I do not have an account with the energy supplier who the old occupant used (I believe it was sse) as I applied for OVO almost immediately, and as I was not moving in straight away I wouldn't need the use of electricity/gas until I do move in. But now that payments have been made to OVO and them stating from the 2nd July electricity and gas would be provided I'm just unsure as to what's happening. I'll send a picture of both of the meters aswell just incase


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Emergency credit suggests the meters are in Prepayment Mode. If you are actually with OVO, this shouldn’t be the case. Please check that you’re not with Boost. Certainly the screens you’re showing me don’t indicate Prepayment Mode being active...

Also, there appears to be a fault with your meters. I’d suggest phoning this through on 0330 303 5063 and request an emergency engineer visit to investigate further.

@Blastoise186 I will have to phone for an emergency engineer then, I would not believe that I am with Boost as when I joined ovo there was no mention of boost, or any pre payments for electricity or gas, just a monthly direct debit payment. 

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No worries. Hopefully my advice helped either way. :)

Getting the meters changed over to Credit Mode is definitely possible. From a technical point of view, it’s a simple case of pinging them with a SMETS Command which automatically does the rest in the background. However, fixing a fault with the meters themselves is another story.

It’s quite possible the meters will need to be replaced. If the replacement meters end up NOT being Smart Meters, you’ll be able to ask OVO to upgrade you back to Smart Meters again at a later date whenever you’re ready.

Hi there .I have recently just took over a property that  is supplied by boost pay as you go ...I have requested to change this to Ovo pay monthly account as my previous property was pay monthly with SSE I was advised by SSE they would not be able to take my supply with me as they had been taken over by Ovo and  that account will be closed by them when I left that property...  on my new property the agents I talk  to at boost  keep telling me that a switch to direct debit is not possible as I do not have medical needs ....I've read your forum and it states this is no longer the case..please can you advise on who can help with this ...I've been going round in circles for 2 weeks now  all I want is pay monthly account as I have done for many years before....due to working from home I can nun the risk of running out of electricity



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Sounds like one for @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO . Please wait as they’ll be back tomorrow.

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Hi @Gavbrum78,


Welcome to the OVO online community.


Firstly I’m so sorry to hear that you may have been mis-advised when contacting our PAYG sister company, Boost. As outlined in the topic above, we now offer a change from PAYG to Pay Monthly for those passing certain criteria. You’ll need to pass a manual credit check and be able to set-up a Direct Debit to pay for your energy use in future. It’s worth mentioning that your meters would also need to be capable of supporting Pay Monthly, so we’d recommend getting smart meters installed (if you haven’t already) as these can be remotely switched in to a Pay Monthly mode. 


As long as these criteria are met there should be no issue requesting a switch to a Pay Monthly plan with OVO, however this does need to be processed by the Boost Support Team. I’d encourage you to reach out the Boost Team via webchat, linking to this thread so there’s no confusion.


Let us know if you need any further help here.

Has anyone had any luck changing from Boost to Ovo DD yet ? I’m going round in circles.

We were moved to Boost by Ovo, but now it seems impossible to return to DD even if there has been no energy debt since the initial transfer (years ago).

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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I’m sorry to hear about these difficulties switching from Boost to OVO ‘pay monthly’, @charlotteh


OVO Support won’t be able to help at this stage as this process is managed by boost, their support team and operations team. Speak to them on web chat on the bottom right of their homepage


We hope to see you with OVO soon! 

I started a new account with OVO for when i moved into my new house. But when i got there the meter shows Vend Only, as the previous occupant paid the electricity by card at a local shop. The meter screen wont change from Vend Only no matter what buttons i press, so i guess it is locked. Any ideas, as im not sure who is supplying my electricity and trying to get through on the phone to OVO is a nightmare



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Hey @gpayne2508 ,

Sounds like you need to set up an account with Boost first, rather than OVO. Please call them on 0330 102 7517. Once you’re set up, they’ll arrange a key/card for you. You can then request to migrate to OVO Pay Monthly via their support team if you wish.

It also sounds to me like the meter is probably dead. Mind showing us some photos?

im at work, away from home at moment so cant get picture until friday. Regarding Boost, do i need to cancel with OVO first, then reregister with Boost, then go back to OVO after?  Its just that OVO have already taken my first payment

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Let me ask for some advice on this one then. Back in 24 hours max, hopefully!

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Hey @gpayne2508,


Welcome to the OVO Online Community,


Unless you’ve specifically requested to be changed to pay monthly with OVO, if the previous tenant was pay as you go, this means you’ll need to contact Boost Energy with any queries. 


Your meter is a top up meter, once you’ve set up an account with Boost you’ll be able to add credit to your meter using the App. You can also request to switch to pay monthly if you’d prefer. 

Thank you for the advice, now I need to get first monthly payment off OVO