Just moved into a home OVO supplies - How can I correct the meter details on the account?

  • 31 March 2022
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Hello everyone, I am new to the UK and it’s my first time to rent a flat. And the flat is an electricity only flat. No gas. The electricity meter is Elster. Not a smart meter. Not a prepayment meter.


My property agent informed me the previous tenants’ electricity supplier was SSE/OVO. After I checked SSE tariffs on their website, they showed me one year fixed tariff (unit rate - 38.05 pence per kWh; standing charge - 50.5 pence per day) and two year fixed tariff (unit rate - 35.91 pence per kWh; standing charge - 50.5 pence per day). However SSE customer service informed me the account had moved over to OVO Energy on 13/01/2022. 


So I went to check prices on OVO Energy site. The one year fixed tariff shows the unit rate is 40.03 pence per kWh and standing charge is 50.49 pence per day and a smart meter is required. The two year fixed tariff without a smart meter shows the unit rate is 40.26 pence per kWh and standing charge is 50.49 pence per day . Are these prices reasonable? I saw other people’s tariffs seem cheaper than mine. The prices seem too high compared to others. Can I choose any other flexible tariffs? I am so confused right now. I am still not sure how to deal with electricity even though I am moving in tomorrow.


I look forward to getting some advice from you.




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After I talked to the collection team, they told me my actual meter serial number is registered as my neighbour’s meter serial number and required me to install a smart meter ASAP…


This does sound like a really confusing situation, @Nin and I’m sorry to hear you might have been mis-advised as to the best steps to get this worked out.


Occasionally there can be address mix-up on the national database which can mean the meter details registered on your account need updating. There’s more details on this process over here:



In this case we’d recommend getting in touch with our Support Team, who can make sure the details are corrected and your energy is charged accurately. The quickest way to reach this team is via our webchat which you can find here.


I hope this helps get things back on track  Do pop back with an update once you’ve been in touch with the team. 🙂

I phoned the help line and spoke with a young lady regarding my final bill from OVO

it was addressed to The occupier and it gave me account number which was not recognised by her

when I asked about my final bill She said OVO do not supply your energy, so directed me to Google and type in “who supplies my energy”

I found out my Electric is from SGN  now owned by OVO

I found out my electric is from SSE now owned by OVO



i have no account but have been using the energy since Oct 1 2022

i have now swapped to SHELL  so who do I owe the money to.

it’s not OVO as their rep said OVO don’t supply me

thank you for any information you can give me


Ken Mills




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I’m sorry, but no-one on the forum can find that out for you.

Try this tool to find your DNO:

Once you have that, go to your DNO to find the electricity supplier.

SGN is NOT your electric or gas supplier by the way and OVO doesn’t own SGN either - they’re just a gas transporter network. For your gas supplier, use 

I should mention that if you attempt to leave the active supplier without signing up with them first, the switch WILL fail and be blocked. You must sign up with whoever the current supplier is before you can switch away.

Strangely when I moved into my new property  I phoned OVO and thought I had registered with them But received a letter addressed to the OCCUPIER, there was no account number and when I phoned they said that the account had not been set up right.

I then received a letter saying another company was taking over my account namely Shell

i then received a final bill addressed to THE OCCUPIER with an account number that OVO Did not recognise

when I telephoned regarding the wrong readings I was told that they had made a mistake and would rectify them. To date nothing has been heard from OVO

I finally telephoned and I was told that OVO have never supplied my energy

so once again who do I owe the money to.

according to “who supplies my energy” it is now SHELL but they haven’t billed me either


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Hey @Ken Mills,


Sorry to hear about all this confusion,


I’ll get someone from Forum_Support to reach out to you, look out for any private messages. Hopefully they can shed some light on this.