I'm a new Economy 7 customer trying to submit opening meter reading - Why are you allowing only a single reading?

  • 20 September 2021
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Hi everyone,


I’m a new OVO customer. I have an E7 meter with night and day readings. My plan confirms my date/night tariff etc. A letter arrived asking me to submit my opening reading but only offered me one box to put my reading into.  I was expecting to submit a night reading and a day reading as I have done many times in the past with previous suppliers. Can any one offer an explanation before I seek an alternative supplier?


Many thanks



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8 replies

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Sorry to hear you’ve had a bit of a glitch when trying to enter both your day and night  opening readings. It sounds like you may have received a generic meter reading reminder letter, which is understandably confusing,  especially as your dual rate plan has been confirmed.


It’s worth checking whether your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) is also allowing only a single reading to be logged. If so our Support Team can investigate this further and make sure we get both the readings submitted in time to be used as your initial readings.


Hoping this can be resolved ASAP for you, do pop back and let us know how you get on.


We’ve also got a great guide on what to expect when you switch to us here. :slight_smile:



Hello everyone ,

Hope you all  are keeping well.

I was previously a SSE customer with an Economy 7 tariff  with  a dual rate (off peak and peak  and was switched to OVO recently.


Since the switch to OVO from  SSE  my  water boiler ( Pulsacoil 2000 )  was not powering up during the off peak hours to boil water as usual.


 Therefore I discussed this matter with  OVO and  OVO installed a new  smart meter  (ACLARA) as suggested and that resolved the issue.

The new  smart  meter also  shows two readings (TOU rate 01  peak reading ) and  (TOU rate 2 -off peak reading ).


But now the OVO app is not allowing me to submit meter reading separately instead it allows only to submit only a single reading.

My current OVO energy plan is Simpler Energy Economy 7 with dual rates 


Dose anybody know why I cannot submit meter readings  for peak and doff peak separately ?


How do I resolve this issue ?


Thanks ...





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You won’t need to submit readings anymore as that new meter should do it for you.

Hi ,

Thanks for the reply 

But the OVO app is asking me to send readings Manually..

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You may need to call 0330 303 5063 in that case

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Hey @Helarisi,


Sorry for the issues you’re having,


If you got your smart meter installed in the last 6 weeks it may not yet be updated on your account. It might be worth completing a smart meter health check if your new meter is showing on your Online Account but we aren’t in communication with it:



Keep us posted with how you get on.


I have a smart meter but because the phone signal in the village is poor I have to provide the meter readings (2 = peak and off-peak) due to previous owner’s economy 7, that we don’t have but can’t get ovo to change to one meter reading for some reason. Anyway, I have to manually enter the 2 readings into either the app or online but now I can only enter the Peak reading and not the off peak in either. I have had to ring and get the advisor to enter the readings the last two months but no explanation or fix to enable me to input both readings moving on….How do I get either peak and off-peak changed to one normal reading or failing that get the ability to enter both readings again??


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Hi @NAlbiston ,

Try Live Chat for this. They can help diagnose the signal issues and also figure out a solution for all these issues.