How to submit final meter readings after moving out?

  • 31 July 2022
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We moved out of our house on the 28th July but I’m struggling to submit final meter readings. I can’t submit via the app because it’s saying there are no meters associated with the account. 

I tried emailing using the email listed on the help centre page which is  but I got an auto reply to say the address is no longer in use and to use the one on the help centre page. I can’t see any other email address listed so no idea what’s going on there.

I tried the webchat option during the week but I was 44 in line and when I went back to check where I was in the queue, it reset and I had to start again. So I gave up. 

I did try calling but didn’t have much time to stay on the line because we’ve been moving. 

Any ideas how I can get the final meter readings submitted? Do I just need to grit my teeth and hang on the phone or is there an easier route?

Thank you.



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Thanks for sharing this experience on the forum, @sarahjk25 - not a great one, I’m sorry.


We have turned the email address off for home moving and billing queries in favour of online chat and phone. Clearly the result is large queues over the last few days which we need to get on top of ASAP. We’ll be working tirelessly to do that, let me assure you!


Usually we recommend you submit these readings yourself and complete the moving out account process yourself online, like Blastoise186 recommended. Our guide on this is here:



That isn’t an option for you due to that error message you’re seeing, so our Support team will need to take those readings and close the account manually. If you try online chat later this week, our response time is usually within 2 minutes, but you can just leave the chat box open and crack on with your day until an agent gets to you. 


Thanks for your patience during this busy time.


Thank you for explaining Tim 🙂 I'll try the chat option again later in the week.

Id like to submit my final meter readings.



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Hi @meihui zhou ,

if you have access to your account online then look here 

Otherwise contact customer support

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If you’re moving out, this topic may be helpful to you:



If you’re switching suppliers please remember to provide your new supplier with an opening meter reading, they will send this to the industry to be verified and to OVO so that we close your account to the same meter reading.


If you’re having any issues please pop back @meihui zhou