2nd final bill 8 months later!

  • 26 November 2023
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No call as yet 15:43!


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Hey @Dwyer79,


Have you been contacted yet?

I moved in 2019 and closed down my Ovo account. 

I was even owed money by Ovo. This was paid to me in 2019. I am now suddenly being chased for £166.66 They wrote to my new address on 4/1/24. To pay up. No details and incorrect Account number. I’m now with Octopus Energy. No explanation where, why, how etc! 

23/2/ 2024  I received an email from Ovo saying £20 added as a fee and despite calling the Collection Dept at Ovo, they seemed clueless and apologised. They did nothing to correct or even research it and now I’m dealing with a Debt Collection agency BW Legal a week later. The legal team for a Debt Acquisition company who seem to have bought debts of Ovo. 

The letter was dated 23/2/24 from both BW Legal and JC International. 

I am speaking to Citizens Advice soon but called BW Legal who have no information but say they will send me the last 3 bills. But there is no clarity at all on any of the above. It’s not the account I had with Ovo. They need to investigate it far better and provide references such as address, dates, account references that match. 

Im clearly getting very poorly treated and similar experience to others on this forum. I will start to make enquiries with Consumer Rights organisations to research the activity of Ovo with clients. If you want to communicate to me let me know. I’m very concerned that this company is treating people in a strange way and not doing proper research before accusations are made. 


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Ofgem have regulations about back billing 


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Hi @clarechurch12 


I’m really sorry to hear about this.


BPLightlog has left some helpful advice on back-billing, this recommendation comes from Ofgem, so we tend comply with these standards, so our Support Team should be able to look into this matter. We’ve also got a really helpful topic on this issue which I’ve linked below:



Where we've issued a back-bill for usage over 12 months old, not covered by payments made at the time and the reason for the delay in this billing is not the customer's fault, we'll apply a write-off.


We’d recommend getting in touch with the Support Team about this matter so they can look into the billing and correct anything needed.


Hope this helps.